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Chapter5 presentation_service marketing


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Service marketing - customer satisfaction

Published in: Marketing
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Chapter5 presentation_service marketing

  1. 1. 1. What is customer satisfaction?
  2. 2. • Satisfaction is generally viewed as a broader concept, whereas service quality focuses specifically on dimensions of service. • Based on this view, perceived service quality is a component of customer satisfaction.
  3. 3. How’s it important ?
  4. 4. How customer satisfaction can be influenced ?
  5. 5. Product attributes and features Customer emotions Attributions for success or failure Perceptions of fairness Family members • Easy- using and meet needs • Happy or sad day can be effect on the consumption of goods • The way of staff treat customer when we don’t wear fancy clothes on the luxury store • Easy to gain trust among customer
  6. 6. 2. What is the ACSI ? Do you believe that such national indicators of customer satisfaction should be included as benchmarks of national economic well-being similar to GDP, price indicators or other customers ?
  7. 7. • According to The United Nations announced on 16/3/2016, Vietnam ranked 96 in the list of world's happiest Customer Satisfaction overall quality of life the health of the nation's economy Evaluate the quality of economic output
  8. 8. 3. Why do service companies generally receive lower satisfaction ratings in the ACSI than nondurable and durable product companies ?
  9. 9. Service offerings are intangible product offered for sale to customers Customer service can be also offered by service, such as IT and manufacturing businesses