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The work of PhotoVoice, an international charity trianing marginalised groups in photography so they can transform theri lives.

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PV Show

  1. 3. PhotoVoice projects empower some of the most disadvantaged groups in the world with photographic skills so that they can transform their lives.
  2. 4. Through establishing in-field photojournalism workshops PhotoVoice projects enable those who are traditionally the subjects of photography to become its creator.
  3. 5. Through photography these individuals find confidence in their voices and are enabled to speak out about their challenges, concerns, hopes and fears.
  4. 6. Street Vision Photography by street and working children living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Selling Newspapers Photographer: Nguyen Van Thanh
  5. 7. A Usual Scene “ I scour the streets to fetch other exploited working and street children so that they can also join the shelter like me. I am determined to be better and make myself an example of reform.” by H ap Tien Long
  6. 8. Helping Mother “ It is said that rice is more valuable than gold” Le Huu Hieu, 17
  7. 9. Flying to reach the sun Photo by Cong Than
  8. 10. The Rose Class, Nepal Photography by Bhutanese Refugee Youth
  9. 11. Roofs of Huts “ I have spent 8 years of my life living in camp and I do not know how many more years we will spend here. In Bhutan now our village has become a forest. We are becoming adults but have only distant dreams of our country.” Photo by Pasang
  10. 12. “ This old man is a pundit, he is sitting outside his hut and reading his prayers. Each and every person has the right to follow their own religion. It is a fundamental right.” Photo by Yethi Raj
  11. 13. “ These children were born in the camps. They play happily because they do not know about Bhutan - they do not have sad feelings in their hearts because they do not understand about the situation in the refugee camps.” Photo by Aite Maya
  12. 14. Bibin Project Photographs by young girls working on the streets of Kabul
  13. 15. Boy carrying oil Photo by Frozan
  14. 16. On the bus Photo by Sakina
  15. 17. Traffic in Kabul Photo by Sakina
  16. 18. Khmeye, Cambodia Photography by orphaned children
  17. 19. Photo by Lina
  18. 20. “ These are two pagoda boys, Sina and Ratana, washing the Buddha statues with the pure water.” Photo by Lina
  19. 21. Photo by Pisey
  20. 22. Transparency Photography by Young and Unaccompanied Refugees Living in London
  21. 23. Florian is Kylie! “ Florian is my best friend. He says he is my brother and that I am his teacher.One day we were listening to Kylie Minogue. I like Kylie’s music. I said to Florian to pretend to be Kylie. I told him to wear the scarf and to touch his bottom and to hold the microphone,and he began to sing a song!” Photo by Doulat
  22. 24. Homeless – Mojo’s Hands “ When I arrived in this country I was shocked to see homeless people in old and dirty clothes on the streets. When I saw these people it changed the idea of what I had imagined Britain and America to be like.” Photo by Onesmus
  23. 25. Light Bulb “ One day I was in my room and lying on my bed looking at the ceiling. I started thinking how in this country it is funny – if you want to you can get up, flick a switch and the light will come on.” Photo by Tatiana
  24. 26. Moving Lives Photography by young refugees living in East London
  25. 27. The Blue Sky Above. “ I took this photo for my story about the way life is like a journey that the sun takes every day.”. Photo by Michael
  26. 28. Baby and Legs . “ This is my sister. I wanted to take a photo to represent the beginning of life.” Photo by Michael
  27. 29. Stadium “ When I lived in Iran, I would always go to see Esteghal play football in their stadium.” Photo by Gholam
  28. 30. Positive Negatives D.R. Congo Photography by HIV positive women
  29. 31. Photo by Beatrice
  30. 32. Photo by Annie
  31. 33. Photo by Marie Jeanne