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Photo Special Effects – My honest review
First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Trick Photography and Special Effect ebook. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before purchasing the ebook.

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Photo Special Effects

  1. 1. Photo Special Effects – My honest reviewFirst and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you anunrestricted unbiased and honest review of Trick Photography andSpecial Effect ebook. What you are about to read are theESSENTIAL details you need to know before purchasing the ebook.This is a review site: Click here to visit Trick Photography andSpecial Effect Official Website.When my dad got me my first camera, I was thrilled to show it offto my friends at school. Initially, when I clicked a few shots, I felt Iwas doing an “amazing job” as an amateur, and that my pictureswere brilliant pieces of art. Well, those initial pictures were actually
  2. 2. trash, and it was only thousands of shots later that I realized whata good picture meant. Not that I could get anywhere close to getsome extraordinary shot. I kept dreaming of getting those coolphoto effects which I see in the magazines and on photographysites. I was willing to learn, but there was one thing that I lacked-patience. I wanted to learn to create photo special effects withouthaving to go through the organic learning curve. Creating photo special effectsThere were a lot of promises made on that site- along with a lot ofphoto fun effects. It also guaranteed that my pictures would changeright from the next click onwards, and that I could achieve somereally tricky photo effects like 360 degree panoramic views andsurreal images with trick photography techniques, that too withoutusing Photoshop, and with just an entry-level DSLR. Well, it allsounded like a marketing gimmick.Let me be honest. I was desperate to find a shortcut to learn photospecial effects, and this deal was coming with a bonus kit with fourother mini e-Books on Photoshop plugins, How to make money withPhotography, photography fundamentals, and a guide on lenses andfilters. It was the add on books that got me interested initially, so Idecided to give it a try. After all, I had already spent far more thanthat on my DSLR, without any improvement in the quality of mypictures, let alone the “wow” photo special effects I wanted toimpress people with. It was just a little more investment, withminimum risk.This is a review site: Click here to visit Trick Photography andSpecial Effect Official Website.My first impression when I ran through this eBook was- OMG! 196pages! Will I have to read through all of them to know about photospecial effects? It became easier when I rummaged through the listof topics. It’s like, he has started with the basics. So you learn onething, and then apply that in your clicks.Then move on to another topic, apply that one as well. And as youreach the end, you would know how to apply ALL those tricks, incombination, and get some really fun photos. And the fun, for me,
  3. 3. started right from the first chapter- which was on light paintingsand long exposure shots. There are so many nitty gritties of thecamera, but it was a lot of fun reading, and applying thosefeatures.The second section is where the REALfun lies. It is all about trick photospecial effects and in-camera illusions.Infrared photography, time-displacement photography, 360X180panoramic effects- there are so manyways you can use your camera toachieve these effects, and you need notuse Photoshop always.You just have to know some camera andlens settings, and you are there!The third section covers Photoshop effects, which you MAY use toget some other effects, like the invisible man, fake tilt-shift etc. Thechapter on Layer masks and blending was superb, and wasexplained in a very simple language.Is this guide worth it?Well, to put it bluntly, there is nothing in this book which you can’tconjure up by reading camera manuals, and resources on theinternet, and some experimenting by yourself. But then again, onlya person with all the time in the world can do that. I was not one ofthem, and as I told you earlier, I needed a shortcut to learn. Thisbook is a comprehensive guide to not just photo special effects, butalso someone who is at a beginner level, and who wants to reachthe expert level.It is a step-by step guide to photography in general, with a focus onimage effects and fun photo editing. It is very easy to read, andunderstand. Even the camera fundamentals, which are anyhowpresent in the camera manual, but I hardly care to give it a look,are explained in such a way that I wondered why had I not paid anyattention to such simple things before! Another feature which I likein this book is that it does not expect you to memorize cameraspecifications, and technical details of lens, filters etc. Rather, it
  4. 4. follows a do-it-yourself approach, and so you would obviouslyremember what worked and what did not.Since the book goes from the basics to the advanced topics, I didnot have to read the entire book before I could muster up enoughconfidence to click my first trick photography image. When did Itake my first “wow” picture? Well, the very next day, after readingthe very first chapter! And that is when I remembered theguarantee on the website, something about “1 photo improvementguarantee”. That claim did not make me buy the book initially, butit worked nevertheless.I am still on my learning journey, I can’t say I am the master of thetrade already, neither are all my pictures worth a thousand dollars,but the learning curve is definitely much better than what I hadbefore. In fact, what I learnt with my own experiments in the lastcouple of years, I could’ve learnt in a day, had I got this bookearlier. I would definitely recommend this book to those who wantto learn photo special effects with some guidance on fun photoediting. But if you are only looking for a Photoshop guide, thismight not be for you, although it does cover some highly beneficialaspects of Photoshop.And yes, this book has been just a small investment I made,compared to the thousands of dollars I spent on my camera withwhich I didn’t know what to do. My DSLR has been just a wildbeast so far, and I could only tame it with this book.This is a review site: Click here to visit Trick Photography andSpecial Effect Official Website.
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