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Write India : "Handwriting for Beginners" Training for Teachers & Mothers


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Here is a special program for teachers and mothers for teaching handwriting to beginners. A must for all to maximise good handwriting learning from the beginning.
Study material includes 3 workbooks.
Teachers and mothers can do this course across countries.
"Handwriting Clinic" available as a special paid support.
Franchisee opportunity available for edupreneurs.
The author of the study material is the 1st individual to write preparatory study material for "multiple" spelling bee competitions in India. All available at Phonics eStore, the "most" complete place for Phonics.
For queries -
whatsapp :+91 9820354672
email :

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Write India : "Handwriting for Beginners" Training for Teachers & Mothers

  1. 1. ‘Write India’ is a handwriting learning program for beginners. Training with study material available to all teachers / mothers across countries.
  2. 2. # Motor Skill development before learning to write helps # Alphabet writing learning is first advised for capital letters and then small letters
  3. 3. # Sequence of learning is not advised from A to Z # Sequence for capital letters different from that for small letters # Pattern tracing at the start helps
  4. 4. # Younger children have weak motor skills … must develop it as first step # Younger children at early stage of alphabet learning have weaker letter design visualisation … must develop it as second step
  5. 5. # For each letter there is a starting point and ideal direction to write it. # Ideal paper position helps – is different for right-handed and left-handed. # Ideal pencil grips help – wrong grip must be prevented from becoming a habit.
  6. 6. # Starting to learn writing alphabet letters # Nursery onwards
  7. 7. # Motor skill development & writing activities using workbooks, under close supervision # ‘Say It’ tests : Online and handbook
  8. 8. All are available at
  9. 9. # Guide children to ‘regularly’ identify ‘target list’ # Conduct repeated ‘Write It’ Test for the target list. # Identify ‘error(s) for each letter’ in the list, and make child rewrite till it gets corrected.
  10. 10. # Special support available to all # Send sample handwriting and get guidance to improve # Guidance available at a fee only. Online payment.
  11. 11. Write India training for Teachers & Mothers whatsapp : 9820354672 with your name / city / country email : Visit and click on box for Write India Training for teachers / mothers to pay and start the course