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Spell India SPELL BEE - a "100% Spelling" Spell Bee for your child


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Spell India SPELL BEE is a "100% Spelling" spell bee championship exam. It starts from Nursery. Each class has 3 rounds -Prelim, Final and Mega Final. Tests Books Set are made available for all 3 rounds at the start itself. No child is rejected after any round of test. We believe each child can win if given a chance. And at this 'maximise learning' age they need to be given chances rather than being prevented. Overall design of this SPELL BEE championship focuses on 'minimum stress and cost' and 'maximum preparation time and content'. Topics are wide ranged and involve words and pictures. For registering your child, your school or become an associate or any related queries do whatsapp +91 9802354672.

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Spell India SPELL BEE - a "100% Spelling" Spell Bee for your child

  1. 1. Spell India SPELL BEE Every Child Can Win Let us together help your child know the “Correct” Spelling.
  2. 2. “Spelling learning is a global need. It is every household's need. Early spelling learning helps in many ways. Spell India knows the importance of the same, and hence it was born.” “Let us together help your child know the “Correct” Spelling. Spell India SPELL BEE
  3. 3. To catalyse spelling learning in India, Spell India has the following focus : # Make available maximum number of spelling books, 24x7 at amazon … convenient access to all # Make available ‘preparatory study material for “multiple” Spelling Bee exams in India. 1st to do so in India. # Conduct a 100% Spell Bee championship, Nursery level onwards … with extensive study material … maximum preparation time … with less total cost and stress Spell India SPELL BEE
  4. 4. Spell India SPELL BEE - Exam details # 100% Spelling questions only. All topics have spelling related question pattern. 100% Spelling as the name suggests. # Starts at Nursery. # 3 rounds of championship tests for each class – Prelim, Final and Mega Final. # Each child can appear for each test. This will maximise learning opportunity. Also ‘not doing well once’ does not mean ‘it will always be so’ – child can prove this, and learn this life-rule.
  5. 5. # Test Books Set available for each Class. Get books of all rounds in one go. Enough learning/ practice material for each topic. Price of Test Books Set does not include ‘Test Fees’. # Question patterns, words and pictures will be as in the Test Books Set only. Less stress on mothers to prepare the child. Ensures ‘equal preparation opportunity’ for each child. # No paid orientation before each round. Spell India SPELL BEE - Study Material
  6. 6. # No ranks. Only grades. # Certificate will be given after each round of test. Grade will be stated on it. # Trophies and medals for top graders only. Trophies to be collected from us. Spell India SPELL BEE - Prizes
  7. 7. # Tests centers in your state itself. No out of state travel involved. Each round can be given directly or through child’s school. # Sufficient gap between two consecutive tests. # ‘Beginner Point Associates’ of Phonics eStore are also eligible to conduct the Tests. # If child misses out due to ‘proven’ illness or personal emergency in family or natural calamity, then we will explore how child can give the test on a later date. No guarantee, but we will explore. Spell India SPELL BEE - Exam Centre
  8. 8. # How to register your child directly – not through school. - email child’s name, class and school, your mobile number & attach copy of school ID card to as well. # You will then be advised to pay online for the Test fee and Test Books Set. Spell India SPELL BEE - How to register your child
  9. 9. # School to email its name and address, land line number & name of contact person to # School will then be advised on next steps. Spell India SPELL BEE - How your child’s school can register
  10. 10. # Few suggested criteria follow … let us know how to improve. - 100% Spelling topics and questions. - All books made available at the beginning. No paid orientation. - No rejection of child after a round. No cash prizes. No ranks. - Focus on ‘total cost’ control – cost of books, test fees & travel/stay cost. - No stage show, and no grand event management. - Name does not include the words National and International. Spell India SPELL BEE - Do Compare Us with Other Spell Bee exams
  11. 11. Spell India SPELL BEE Test Books Set - Nursery
  12. 12. Spell India SPELL BEE Test Books Set - Junior KG / LKG
  13. 13. Spell India SPELL BEE Test Books Set - Senior KG / UKG
  14. 14. Spell India SPELL BEE Test Books Set - Class 1
  15. 15. Spell India SPELL BEE Test Books Set - Class 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 On ‘invitation’ ONLY
  16. 16. Spell India SPELL BEE Details of individual who has designed Spell India SPELL BEE, and authored the study material for the same. Debashis Pati # Believer, Every Child Can Win # 1st individual to write preparatory books on various topics of “multiple” Spelling Bee competitions in India. # Has written the maximum number of Spelling books in India - available at amazon # Has hands on experience of Spell Bee exams as a parent. # Phonics Teacher Trainer