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Projam marketing


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Projam marketing

  1. 1. COMPANY Profile
  2. 2. Projam Marketing and media solutions Tel: 081 345 3476 Cellphone: 071 366 1475 Email : DTI Reg no:2016/344654/07 SARS Tax reference no:9899239165
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS Facebook page: Projam Marketingza Twitter handle: @ProjamMartingza Whatsapp: +2778 906 2678
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS  1. company background  2. type of company  3. organizational structure  4. management structure  5. management key employee  6. vision  6. mission  7. objectives  8. services  10. references and contacts
  5. 5. 1.COMPANY BACKGROUND Projam marketing is high performance and unique marketing, advertising, promotions and sales service provider. Our unique culture attracts accomplished professionals, empowers them to unleash their true potential, and allow them to perform at unparalleled levels, we are 100% youth and black owned company seeking out challenging opportunities and deliver best breed performance. We have newly developed prolonged of marketing that will dramatically elevate sales in your company or product. 2. TYPE OF COMPANY Pty ltd
  6. 6. Phomolo Nkoko (Founder/Manager) Nhlanhla Radebe (Ass.Manager/ Financial Manager) Petros Seleka (Representatives Supervisor) Johanna Kangale (Sales Representative) Dorah (Sales Representative) Solomon Mapoga (Co-ordinator) Bucie Moyo (Sales Representative) Malebo (Sales Representative) 3. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Abednigo Mlanga (Graphics Designer)
  7. 7. 4.MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Name and Surname Position Phomolo Nkoko Manager Nhlanhla Radebe Assistant Manager Solomon Mapoga Coordinator Petros Seleka Supervisor
  8. 8. 5. MANAGEMENT KEY EMPLOYEE Name and surname Portfolio Ability Phomolo Nkoko Founder/Manager Able Nhlanhla Radebe Assistant & financial Manager Able Solomon Mapoga Coordinator Able Petros Seleka Representative Supervisor Able Abednigo Mlanga Graphic Designer Able Johanna Kangale Sales representative Able Bucie Moyo Sales representative Able Dorah Sales representative Able Malebo Sales representative Able Lesego Sales representative Able 50% of Women and 50% Men HDI=100%
  9. 9. 6. VISION Our vision is to create a sustainable and productive business by helping our clients do the same with theirs. Elevating sales of every company. 6. MISSION To help businesses and non-profits navigate and leverage today’s online world in order to fullfill their goals.
  10. 10. 7.OBJECTIVES •To pursue marketing services to both profit and non-profit organization. •To procure and employ required resources from smme’s. •To employ, create business opportunities for unemployed. •To liaise with our clients on the dynamics of our services
  11. 11. 8.SERVICES Marketing Services •Sales representatives Direct Sales reps Online Sales reps Call centre agents •In-Store promotions •Liftlets, pamphlets, •newspaper and flyers distribution •Media advertising Radio advertising Television advertising Newspaper advertising Magazine advertising •Internet advertising Email advertising Social network advertising (facebook, twitter, googles+, Linkend, whatsapp) Gumtree, olx, junkmail advertising Video and audio advertising
  12. 12. Media solutions •Banners •Outdoor banners •Indoor banners •Branding •Vehicle branding •T-shirt printing •Corporate clothing •Corporate gifts •Signage •Business cards and flyers •Documents finishing •embroidery
  13. 13. Graphics solutions •corporate identity •company profile •logo design •branding •packaging •web design & More Contacts TELEPHONE @ 081 345 3476 Email: Phomolo Nkoko @ 071 366 1475