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Phoenix Business Consulting Capabilties Brief 1805


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Phoenix Business Consulting (Intelligent Enterprise Consultants).

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Phoenix Business Consulting Capabilties Brief 1805

  1. 1. Phoenix Business Consulting Capabilities Brief
  2. 2. 2 ‫‏‬Dear Sir/Madam, ‫‏‬ Thank you for downloading our Corporate Profile. ‫‏‬Phoenix has been helping organizations like you for over 20 years now, and we pride ourselves in being trusted advisors to our clients. You can trust us in finding you the best candidates with the right experience and track record to deliver. Our support structure is different than other staffing firms. We assign active account managers who help oversee the performance of our staff and provide any support required to deliver their work. This program which we rolled out to all our active and important support clients in the last three years, resulted in high client satisfaction. So, don't be surprised if, on a periodic basis, you will receive a call from our Account Manager to check in with our team members performance. ‫‏‬We find more success with our clients if we can be aligned with you on a strategic level. What it means is that the more we know what your organization is going through, what pain points you are currently struggling with, and anticipating what you have in your roadmap, the better it is for us to anticipate the services that you need. ‫‏‬As an example, one of our clients wanted to upgrade to S/4 HANA but doesn’t know how to go about it, how to cost out the services and what is the impact on the existing license structure. As part of our customer service engagement, we provided free of charge demos and discovery session with them. Since we know their pain points, we were able to advise them on what will be the return if they upgrade to S/4 HANA. We saved them a lot of consulting hours because we were able to share with them functionalities from that comes in standard from S/4 HANA. Message from the President ‫‏‬ Another example is the use of extensions not native to SAP Business Suite. One of our client is struggling with the volume of AP invoices not getting paid. There are several factors causing this issue -- from misplaced invoices or failure in processing the 3-way-match. Because of our strategic alignment with this client, we were able to advise them to look at 3rd party solution that works well with SAP. From demonstration to license cost negotiation, we were able to help the client saved hundreds thousands of dollars. We found the right solution for them that helps monitor the status of the invoices and get better statistical data where the issues are coming from. These are only some of the examples of what we do for our clients. We know that you've been using SAP for several number of years now. We may have one or two ideas that we can share with you on how to optimize it better. Yours truly, ‫‏‬Hanif Sarangi ‫‏‬
  3. 3. 3 ‫‏‬70+ ‫‏‬Public Sector Clients ‫‏‬Counties/ Cities/ School Districts/ Special Districts/ Utilities ‫‏‬Years providing SAP AMS, Staffing, and Implementation support. ‫‏‬20+
  4. 4. 4 Phoenix’s Domestic and International Presence Number of Staff * US / CAN – 100 ‫‏‬* INDIA – 40
  5. 5. 5 1. SAP Implementation Services 2. SAP Application Management Support (AMS) 4. Management and Other Enterprise Support Consulting 3. IT Staffing Augmentation and Training Phoenix’s Core Capabilities
  6. 6. 6 ‫‏‬SAP Functional Consulting SAP Financials SAP Sales and Distribution SAP Procurement (SRM and Ariba) SAP Inventory & Warehouse Management SAP Production Planning SAP Enterprise Asset Management SAP Project Systems SAP Human Capital Management SAP Analytics and Reporting (BI, BW, BOBJ, ABAP, BPC) 1. SAP Implementation Services ‫‏‬SAP Technical Consulting SAP BASIS and System Administration SAP Enterprise Portal SAP Process Orchestration / API/ Integration SAP Business Workflow Implementation SAP Security and Authorization / GRC SAP Master Data Management SAP NetWeaver Consulting SAP Hosting Enterprise Content Management Database Management
  7. 7. 7 2. SAP Application Management Support ‫‏‬SAP Solution Manager Deployment ‫‏‬Process Management ‫‏‬Change Control Management ‫‏‬IT Service Management ‫‏‬Business Process Operations ‫‏‬Landscape Management ‫‏‬Application Monitoring ‫‏‬Production Support Tiers ‫‏‬L1 – Help Desk Management ‫‏‬L2 – Internal Central Production Support Management ‫‏‬L3 – Support Consulting ‫‏‬Staffing Capabilities ‫‏‬Onsite/ Embedded Support ‫‏‬Remote (Offsite) Support ‫‏‬Offshore Support (Cost Control Option)
  8. 8. 8 3. IT Staff Augmentation and Training ‫‏‬Staff Augmentation ‫‏‬Project Managers ‫‏‬K-5/ Platinum Level Consultants ‫‏‬Business Analyst ‫‏‬Programmers/ Developers ‫‏‬Mobile Developers ‫‏‬Database Administrators ‫‏‬Testers Organization Change Managers Corporate Trainers ‫‏‬Training ‫‏‬Project Team Training ‫‏‬End-user Training ‫‏‬Business Process Procedure Development ‫‏‬Training Manual Development ‫‏‬SAP EnableNow Deployment ‫‏‬Customized Training ‫‏‬Onsite ‫‏‬Offsite
  9. 9. 9 4. Management and Other Enterprise Support ‫‏‬Management Support ‫‏‬Project Management Services ‫‏‬Testing Support ‫‏‬Data Migration Services ‫‏‬Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Support ‫‏‬Request for Proposal Development ‫‏‬Others ‫‏‬Litigation and Expert Witness Services ‫‏‬System Implementation Audit Services
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