Neonatal Open Care Warmer


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The scientifically designed structure of the NOC 100 provides easy all-round accessibility. The crevice-free plastic body with rounded edges and smooth contours makes it safe and very easy to clean and maintain. Even a student nurse will be able to handle it!

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Neonatal Open Care Warmer

  1. 1. Phoenix Medical Systems Warming Systems
  2. 2. Neonatal Open Care System
  3. 3. Neonatal Open Care System FeaturesThe scientifically designed structure of theNOC 100 provides easy all-round accessibility.The crevice-free plastic body with roundededges and smooth contours makes it safe andvery easy to clean and maintain. Even astudent nurse will be able to handle it!
  4. 4. Neonatal Open Care System - Alarm systemThe NOC 100 has a hybrid alarm system including visual and acoustic alarms.The alarm sound is ramped to reduce disturbance. The visual indicator identifies the patient to be attended to in the NICU.The alarm system has different electronic systems to monitor the heater and the rest of the system.
  5. 5. Neonatal Open Care System - Phototherapy unitThe phototherapy unit has three halogen lampson each side providing effective light output forneonatal hyperbilirubinaemia.
  6. 6. Neonatal Open Care System - Control Panel • The control panel has been designed for intuitive and easy use. • The infant’s parameters are displayed in large and bright characters so that the busy care giver can monitor them from even across the NICU. • The keys of the panel are positioned for maximum convenience.
  7. 7. Neonatal Open Care System - Resuscitation Unit• The unit operates from oxygen cylinders or from a central gas pipeline supply.• The maximum outlet pressure is limited by internal pressure release valves for safety, and flowmeters control the oxygen supply.• The suction bottle is mounted under the front of the procedure table for easy access.• The bottle is easily removed for cleaning and may be sterilized by autoclaving.
  8. 8. Neonatal Open Care System – Infant bed• The bed has a single-piece construction. Its crevice-free construction makes for easy cleaning and superior hygiene.• The oval shape, a Phoenix innovation, permits all-round access to the infant.
  9. 9. TO BUY Neonatal Open Care SystemPhoenix Medical Systems (P) LtdMr. V. Sashi Kumar 32/4, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai - 600 032 INDIA. Phone : +91 44 2225 1177 / 1178 / 0248 Fax : +91 44 22250194 E-mail : sashi(at)pmsind(dot)com Web page – Infant / Neonatal Warmer Unit Website – Phoenix Medical Device