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21st and Bainbridge: Removal of Damaged Pipe Sections


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This album documents the removal of damaged sections of water main from a deep washout at the intersection of 21st and Bainbridge in South Philadelphia. The break occurred on a 48 inch transmission main sending 20 million gallons of water beneath the street and causing extensive damage to the street and surrounding homes and businesses.

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21st and Bainbridge: Removal of Damaged Pipe Sections

  1. Main Break: 21st and BainbridgeRemoval of Damaged Pipe SectionsJuly 28, 2012
  2. The break occurred at the intersection of three, large transmission mains.
  3. A close-up of the break location.
  4. A variety of utilities lie beneath the street.
  5. Workers prepare to remove a section of 36” main to access the broken 48” main.
  6. A worker begins sawing through the 36” pipe.
  7. A worker slices through the 48” inch main that ruptured.
  8. The 36” pipe is strapped so it can be hoisted from the washout.
  9. The 36” main has been cut into several sections in order to be removed
  10. Machines aid workers, but this is still a very dangerous job.
  11. A broken strap could result in serious injury and further damage to infrastructure.
  12. With the 36” main out of the way, workers attach strapping to the 48” main.
  13. A good view of the blow out on the 48” cast iron transmission main.