Myth: The Setting Sun


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A short myth, which describes why the sun sets every night.

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Myth: The Setting Sun

  1. 1. Phillip Ramirez <br />October 6, 2010<br />Showcase 1<br />HWL 9<br />Ms. Hahn<br />Words: 783<br />The Setting Sun<br />Many years ago, the god Hileo, Creator of All Things, created the earth. Hileo filled the earth with birds, animals, and fish of all types. He also put plants and water on the earth so its inhabitants would not thirst or hunger. Hileo even gave the earth light from the sun, which in those days never set.<br />Hileo’s final creation was a man and a woman. He took a bit of everything he had created and put it into their bodies. Finally, Hileo breathed into them, causing the man and the woman to come to life. <br />“You shall be the guardians of earth and her inhabitants,” Hileo told the man and the woman. “As long as you and your descendants live you shall watch over and protect the birds, animals, and fish from harm.”<br />The two people then set out to do Hileo’s bidding. They had many children to help them with their mission. Eventually, the children of the first man and woman were so numerous, they could watch over all the species of earth at the same time. However, because they were so far away from their mother and father, the children began to forget their sacred mission. The first of the children to forget was a young boy named Fuego.<br />Fuego was sent to the plains of Africa after he was born so he could watch over the lions. Fuego saw the lions eating the meat Hileo had given them and became very jealous. In those days, all the human beings had to eat were the fruits and vegetables that grew from the earth. <br />“Why do I have to eat these fruits and vegetables while the lions feast on the meat of the god Hileo?” Fuego said to himself. “Perhaps I will just try one little bite.”<br /> So, after the lions were finished, Fuego went over to the remnants and took off a piece of meat. He brought it to his mouth and took one small nibble, no more than the size of a pinky nail. Instantly the sky turned dark. The Sun was covered by a massive cloud and the god Hileo’s booming voice descended from the cloud.<br />“Who dares to disobey the sacred mission I have placed on mankind? Step forward,” he said.<br />The god’s voice sounded very angry. Fuego tentatively stepped forward to face the wrath of Hileo.<br />“It was I, Fuego, protector of the lions who impeded the sacred mission,” Fuego said.<br />“Why have you done this?” asked Hileo. “I have given you the fruits from the trees and vegetables from the ground for you to eat. What more could you need?”<br />“I was only curious as to the taste of a piece of flesh. Is this so bad that you have come and blocked out the sun with your cloud?” asked Fuego.<br />Hileo was shocked at Fuego’s boldness and arrogance. He now had a proper punishment in mind.<br />“Fuego,” he said, “Since you have broken the sacred law and have questioned me, the creator of all things, I have but one choice: to take the sun away. This is the punishment that you have brought upon your race.”<br />With that, Hileo took the sun away. Darkness engulfed the land. No creature living had ever been in such darkness. In the darkness, Fuego slipped away to escape the wrath of all creation. He has still not been found to this day. <br />For many years, the earth was without light. All the birds, animals, and fish were suffering, for none of them could see their food or water. They began to prey upon each other in order to survive. The human beings were also suffering. Since they could find no fruits and vegetables in the darkness, the resorted to eating the flesh of other creatures. <br />Hileo saw how the earth’s inhabitants were suffering.<br />“Perhaps I should give the Sun back to earth so the birds, animals, fish, and humans may all live in light again,” Hileo thought to himself. “No, I cannot do that. Fuego has brought this punishment upon his people. Instead I will give the Sun back for half the day and take it away again at the end.”<br />That is what Hileo did. When he returned the Sun the entire Earth rejoiced. However their celebration was abruptly ended when Hileo told them it would only stay for half the day. Although unhappy, earth’s inhabitants agreed. From that point on, Hileo brought the sun in the morning and took it away at night. That is the way it has always and will always be, until the end of time. <br /> <br />