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Seeing is believing! State of the art IT infrastructure and facilities. A self contained (Smart) City. A jewel in the Mediterranean. Coming on line very, very soon. Contact me for all options and availability.

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Smart City Malta

  1. 1. A joint venture between SmartCity and the Government of Malta
  2. 2. The VisionIn just a few short years, knowledge-driven economies have grown exponentially around the world.They continue to fuel the future of countless companies and many countries. SmartCity is the onlyinternational organisation that provides a global network of self-sustained townships dedicated tothese industries, in which employees can flourish, businesses can succeed and local communitiescan prosper. Opening up a world of opportunities, SmartCity Malta uniquely facilitates success for thecountry’s knowledge-based companies through a thoughtful environment, an intelligent infrastructure,a responsive support system and an enthusiastic partnership with the Government of Malta. SmartCity Malta 1
  3. 3. Inspired by Success Dubai has earned a well-deserved reputation as the world’s fastest-growing metropolis, not only for its iconic architecture, but also as a model for business development. Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village are successful examples of the Emirate’s targeted industry focus. Together, they help make Dubai a burgeoning hub of innovation as well as the preferred location for Middle Eastern operations of the world’s leading information and communications technology (ICT) and media firms. All are a testament to the viability of the SmartCity concept: leading industry-specific businesses coming together, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and services, resulting in great achievement for companies and their employees alike. SmartCity leverages the vast experience of economic powerhouse TECOM Investments, a member of Dubai Holding. As the creator of the immensely successful Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village, TECOM Investments is the undisputed leader in the development and management of business clusters. For example, Dubai Internet City is currently home to more than 14,000 professionals working at leading ICT enterprises, many of them in the Fortune 500.2 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 3
  4. 4. Network of Opportunities SmartCity encompasses a network of self-sustained, knowledge-based townships, each enabling the SmartCity Vision growth of the companies based within its campus and improving the economies of the countries in which Create a global network of self-sustained business it is located. Being part of this dynamic network creates an even greater multitude of opportunities at a townships to foster the knowledge economy. global level, where vast resources, contacts and expertise are all instantly available. SmartCity Values Integrity People Inspiration Collaboration Excellence4 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 5
  5. 5. Our Mission Malta as a World ICT and Media Destination SmartCity Malta heralds the transformation of the country’s economy to one powered first and foremost SmartCity Malta’s Mission by knowledge. It forges a premier ICT and media cluster, showcasing Malta to the world as the region’s We are dedicated to the success of our business partners and new destination for high-tech industries. In doing so, it is expected to generate a minimum of 5,600 jobs the knowledge-economy vision of Malta. in these fields and to spur development across many sectors of the nation’s economy. Together, we identify and deliver values and opportunities. With the Government of Malta as a partner, local, regional and international companies can be assured of the country’s long-term commitment to knowledge-based opportunities. Over the past few years, the government’s policies of strengthening education, legislation and infrastructure have resulted in Malta’s inclusion in the European Union, a dramatic increase of foreign investment in the island and real GDP growth of more than three percent. Malta will continue to play an active role in assisting and generating business for incoming firms that locate to its shores, and to invest strategically in information and communications technology.6 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 7
  6. 6. A Strategic Gateway Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is the ideal destination for companies to become the pinnacle of their sectors. Its state-of-the-art transshipment and logistical facilities, and its modern and efficient international airport, make it easily accessible to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Known for its stable economy and pro-business government, Malta for the past four decades has been attracting foreign investors who continue to reinvest in their Maltese operations. This supportive environment, in combination with qualified and motivated knowledge workers, makes the island a centre of excellence. Europe Middle East North Africa8 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 9
  7. 7. NAn Exceptional Business Community Encompassing an area of 360,000 m2 along the picturesque coast between Ricasoli Point and Valletta’s Grand Harbour, SmartCity Malta offers a harmonious blend of office, residential and retail spaces, with fully one third of the land set aside as open areas for all to enjoy. All of SmartCity Malta’s buildings adhere to stringent LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines. SmartCity Malta is committed to sustainable development that will protect its environment and provide its inhabitants with comfortable, productive and healthy places for work and leisure. Public Commercial Residential Office10 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 11
  8. 8. A Great Place to Live and Work The thoughtfully planned elements of SmartCity Malta combine to enrich the quality of life for all who are part of the township. Generous green spaces engender a pleasant atmosphere for doing business, networking or relaxing. Residents enjoy modern, spacious homes, while exclusive hotels welcome travellers and businesspeople alike. Shopping, dining and entertainment choices enliven each day, and educational and health-care institutions are all easily within reach. Malta’s temperate weather and its many historic and cultural sites create a high standard of living and a community of excellence and convenience. Residents of SmartCity Malta enjoy the wonderful features that attract countless tourists to the country year round.12 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 13
  9. 9. A Regional ICT Cluster The many prospering IT software development and chip manufacturing companies in Malta are a testament to the country’s commitment to securing its place as a leader in the ICT field. Within its modern campus, SmartCity Malta provides ready-to-operate, modern, fully serviced office spaces that cater to the needs of knowledge-based enterprises. Key amenities include a full digital telecommunications network with high-capacity undersea fibre-optic cables linking Malta to mainland Europe, high-speed internet connections for all homes and businesses, a reliable state-of-the-art communications infrastructure and a wide range of consultancy services from global technology leaders. Locating here will be most rewarding for a broad variety of companies: • Software • Internet and Multimedia • Telecommunications and Network • IT Services • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) • Hardware14 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 15
  10. 10. Creating a Media Capital Designed to meet the needs of all types of media-related enterprises, SmartCity Malta is a focal point of the media industry for the region and beyond. It provides complete technical infrastructure for film, television, music production and allied fields, including comprehensive production and post-production facilities and support services. Malta’s picturesque locale, accommodating climate, and accessibility to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East make it an economical and attractive choice – a location where the highest levels of value can be achieved. • Above the Line and Below the Line • Event Management • Media Consultancy • New Media • Publishing • Broadcasting • Film Production / Post Production • Music and Entertainment16 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 17
  11. 11. One Smart Island Malta has many remarkable characteristics that make it the perfect venue for SmartCity. The island is at the strategic crossroads of the established European market and the rapidly growing North African market. It has a modern port, efficient distribution facilities and a proven track record in manufacturing a diverse range of quality products and services that are exported to some of the world’s most demanding markets. In 2007, the World Economic Forum ranked the Government of Malta as the second most successful government in the world in terms of promoting ICT. The native workforce is English speaking, affording seamless communication with a broad range of countries. The Mediterranean lifestyle and cultural heritage that make Malta a popular holiday destination make it a preferred location for seminars and corporate training sessions as well.18 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 19
  12. 12. Everything Under One Roof SmartCity Malta thinks ahead to facilitate innovation and productivity in cooperation with its partners. A one-stop shop that provides an exceptional array of amenities, SmartCity Malta eliminates red tape and lets companies focus on what matters – success. Enterprises can easily avail themselves of a range of consultants, specialists and services from their fields, literally just outside their door within the SmartCity Malta campus. This allows for quick decision making and entrepreneurship, while market response is made possible by regional autonomy and opportunities.20 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 21
  13. 13. The SmartCity Advantage Being part of SmartCity Malta means belonging to a powerful global network of knowledge-based townships. Igniting connections and promoting growth, the SmartCity system gives enterprises unprecedented access to a variety of important global markets. SmartCity empowers businesses with reliable state-of-the-art ICT and social infrastructure; a host of IT, media and production services; and partnership opportunities across all SmartCity sites. The synergy that the network affords between locations, companies and services provides all the components required for success.22 SmartCity Malta SmartCity Malta 23
  14. 14. Open for Business, Open for Life By offering a desirable balance between work and life, as well as the convenience of one of the world’s most strategic locations, SmartCity Malta generates unprecedented value for resident ventures. It is a vibrant, pro-business community whose people and organisations are an integral part of the thriving, global SmartCity network.24 SmartCity Malta
  15. 15. SmartCity MaltaT +356 2164 6666 • F +356 2164 6566 • malta@smartcity.aeSmartCity Malta, SCM 1001, Ricasoli, MaltaCorporate OfficesT +971 4 361 6661 • F +971 4 361 1010 • E info@smartcity.aeSmartCity Dubai FZ-LLC P.O. Box 502777, Dubai, United Arab