Global workforce and delivery strategy services


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Global workforce and delivery strategy services

  1. 1. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 1 CS Bern Plug Into the Global Workforce™ GlobalWorkforceandDeliveryStrategy The global recession of 2009 fundamentally changed the worldwide economy. For the next decade, the global business market will be defined by the following: 1. Global hyper-competition from companies in emerging markets that have not previously competed in the global marketplace. 2. Continued financial pressure stemming from global economic instability forcing companies to do far more, faster and with fewer resources available. 3. A fundamental shift in workforce from traditional markets (North America and Western Europe) to emerging markets. 4. A global shortage of skilled talent on a scale never seen before. We have entered a new business era where traditional approaches will no longer work. To succeed in this new era, companies must fundamentally change the way they approach both project delivery and project staffing.
  2. 2. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 2 Global Workforce and Delivery Strategy CS Bern helps our clients redefine how they approach project delivery and staffing in order to gain a significant edge in the global marketplace. Through our Global Workforce and Delivery Strategy offering, CS Bern provides the following: Baseline Current Resourcing and Project Delivery Model We start by baselining your current approach to project delivery and project resourcing. Each client is different and we take the time to fully understand your current challenges, strengths, business opportunities and potential future threats. Identify Delivery Risks and Deltas Once the baseline has been created, CS Bern delineates the key risks posed your current operational model and specifies the gaps that may prevent you from successfully operating a next-generation global delivery framework. Create a Global Resourcing and Program Delivery Framework Once the baseline and risk evaluation are completed, CS Bern creates a comprehensive Global Resourcing and Program Delivery Framework specific to your needs and helps you implement core components to help you succeed in this new hyper-competitive global marketplace. This framework will include: 1. Top level framework management We work with each client to ensure there is an effective global delivery and resourcing framework oversight and management mechanism. 2. 360◦ Risk Management We ensure that you have an effective risk management mechanism in place that identifies potential risks and how you can mitigate them. 3. Global delivery options Utilizing foreign delivery centers can give companies access to critically needed talent and can potentially help you realize significant cost savings. CS Bern completes a portfolio assessment and helps you identify teams, processes, functions and projects that can be moved to these foreign delivery centers. CS Bern also helps you implement a comprehensive internal management function that will improve your odds of realizing continued success. We will also take the time to help you explore potential options for developing your own captive center in a foreign market. If this is a valid option and can generate an improved ROI over engaging an outsourcing firm, CS Bern will assist in the establishment of a Captive
  3. 3. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 3 Center Development Strategy. 4. Project resourcing strategy With your unique needs defined, CS Bern formulates a comprehensive project resourcing strategy to find the best talent in the world and mobilize them for your key projects. Our global resourcing strategy takes into account your unique needs and any visa limitations specific to the project location. Through this Project Resourcing Strategy, we ensure that all future projects will have the required skilled personnel, where you need them and when you need them. About CS Bern The world is changing. To compete in the modern economy, firms must do far more, faster and for far less. To complicate this challenge, companies now compete globally for top talent. An overwhelming majority of companies around the world cite the lack of qualified talent as a top limiter to their success. CS Bern was created specifically to help you solve this problem. By bringing you thought leadership, innovative solutions, global delivery capabilities and complete transparency, we help you beat the competition.
  4. 4. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 4 CS Bern Services Created by experienced executives in the global delivery and resourcing industry, CS Bern is uniquely positioned to help companies plug into the global workforce. CS Bern strives to create highly successful, strategic and long term relationships with each of our clients. With each engagement, we bring the information, tools, resources and experience necessary to help each client be a success. CS Bern provides the following services: Global Workforce and Delivery Strategy After mapping your current project resourcing and delivery models, CS Bern will work with your executive team to outline a new direction in how you find and use talent. This new Global Workforce and Delivery Strategy will allow you to more effectively use educated workers from around the world and will give you an effective framework for delivering projects from foreign locations. Strategic Resourcing and Mobilization For large projects, CS Bern works closely with clients to plan and execute a global resourcing and mobilization program. We provide full project management and skilled talent, when and where you need them. With a network in each of the top 75 sourcing countries around the world, CS Bern has a global footprint, boots-on-the-ground experience and a proven history of delivering the largest and most complex teams. Global Delivery Framework Out of our Global Delivery Centers in Ukraine, CS Bern provides comprehensive IT and Engineering outsourcing. CS Bern takes a very holistic and client success-centric approach to all of our outsourcing engagements. We help each client fully prepare, understand and manage the entire Outsourcing Lifecycle. Captive Center Development For many clients, operating their own delivery center in a low cost market with a great supply of skilled talent is a very smart hedge against domestic talent shortages. That said, opening and operating a true Captive Center is fraught with major challenges. CS Bern has extensive experience helping companies define a Captive Center Strategy, open a successful center and operate these remote delivery teams. Strategic Workforce Development With our network of government and higher education connections around the world, CS Bern has helped several major companies implement innovative training programs. These programs provide a highly scalable and tailor-made workforce and are an effective hedge against future skilled talent shortages.
  5. 5. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 5 Why CS Bern? CS Bern was founded by thought leaders in the outsourcing and global resourcing industry. With decades of experience delivering offshore outsourcing engagements, building international client captive centers and mobilizing a truly global workforce, CS Bern is uniquely positioned to help each client achieve success. Clients turn to CS Bern for the following reasons: Holistic approach to each engagement CS Bern takes a very holistic approach to each client engagement. We provide the tools and information each client needs to be a success. Through our proprietary Outsourcing Lifecycle Management Methodology, we give you a proven framework that will guide you through all aspects of an outsourcing engagement. Transparency into our internal operations We believe full transparency is critical in all outsourcing engagements. We provide each client complete visibility into our operations throughout the engagement allowing each client to fully understand current challenges. With this transparency, we then work hand-in-hand with each client to make mutual decisions to ensure the success of the outsourcing engagement. This is not an idle promise. Working with CS Bern, you will know our costs, resource allocation, margins, etc. There will be no guess work. Again, with this level of transparency, you will have the information you need to make informed decisions. Thought leadership and experience CS Bern is a thought leader in the global resourcing and outsourcing industry. With numerous research projects under our belt, CS Bern is often approached by governments and world institutions for insight into this incredibly dynamic industry. Many large firms have relied on our expertise to help them solve the toughest global resourcing and outsourcing engagements. Over the years, we have published, co-authored or contributed to:  Over 100 books  Over 200 newspaper and magazine articles  Industry research reports from Forrester, Gartner and IDC.  Major research programs for IMF, World Bank, OECD, WIPO and others
  6. 6. CS Bern: Plug Into the Global Workforce™ © 2013 CS Bern Page 6 Executive Bios Mr. Phillip J. Hatch CEO & Co-Founder Mr. Hatch is a 15 year executive in the global sourcing, outsourcing and workforce strategy industry. As a recognized thought leader in the market, Mr. Hatch has completed numerous research projects and published extensively on topics related to global outsourcing, solutions to workforce shortages and global labor market dynamics. Most recently, Mr. Hatch was the head of the Global Strategic Services unit of the ManpowerGroup, the world's largest staffing, recruiting and professional services company. In this capacity, Mr. Hatch had oversight of all global outsourcing business and worked closely with ManpowerGroup's top clientele in addressing their various large scale global workforce issues. Over the years, Mr. Hatch has been a strategic policy advisor to many government agencies around the world. Mr. Hatch has also worked with numerous private sector firms helping them solve various labor shortage, offshore outsourcing and global operations projects. Mr. Hatch's clientele have included People's Republic of China, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Chile, India and others. Mr. Hatch's private sector clientele have included UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and other Fortune 500 firms. Mr. Martin Winstanley COO & Co-Founder A co-founder of CS Bern, Mr. Winstanley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in 1979 and a Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1983. Since his graduation, Mr. Winstanley has thirty years of operational experience, helping numerous companies grow their businesses and achieve operational excellence. He has served as a founder, director and executive officer with companies in industries ranging from soft drinks to digital imaging. Never shy to roll up his sleeves, he does what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget.