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Little penguin chick growth


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Little penguins, found only in Australia and New Zealand, typically breed in spring and summer. Little penguins lay two eggs and the chicks are fully grown and ready to head to sea between 7 and 11 weeks of age.

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Little penguin chick growth

  1. 1. Little penguins always lay two eggs. Males and females take turnsincubating the eggs. Shifts usually last three or four days, but maylast as long as 10 days if food is hard to find. The eggs take 35days to hatch.
  2. 2. Age 2 to 3 days
  3. 3. Age 1 to 2 weeksOne parent remains with the chicks until the other parent returns fromfishing. Parents alternate fishing trips during this two week guard phase.
  4. 4. Age 3 to 7 weeksChicks grow rapidly on a diet of regurgitated fish from their parents.They are now old enough to stay in the burrow by themselves.
  5. 5. Age 7 to 11 weeksChicks grow their waterproof feathers and are ready to head to sea.
  6. 6. adopt me!Help protect the little penguins of Phillip Island, Australia. Adopt a penguin at