15 Ways to Generate Traffic


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15 Ways to Generate Traffic

  1. 1. 15 ways to generate traffic50 TRAFFIC SOURCES YOU SHOULD MILK LIKE CRAZY Article by Brankica Underwood - http://live-your-love.com/Is blogging a struggle for you sometimes? I know it is a passion for most of us, and welove doing it. But sometimes it becomes a struggle. How to get more traffic, how toget more comments, how to come up with fresh topics…My struggle was if I should enter the contest. My first one. I just decided to have funand do it. There is so much to write on the topic of traffic generation that I didn’twant to miss the chance.So how about me helping you by reminding you of some usual traffic sources andtelling you about some you might have missed along the way?I will tell you about those that brought me the most traffic over the years. If you are ina niche, don’t go away – the tips are not only for blogs about blogging.Use video/image/other files to get trafficYoutube.com is an awesome place tofind targeted traffic. How can you getmore traffic besides creating great andviral videos?• Make sure to add your blog’s URL to an opening or closing “scene” of the video.• Add a link to your blog in the description (must be related of course).• Create video responses to related videos with a lot of views.Vimeo.com, like YouTube, will house your videos. Don’t forget your blog’s URL in theopening scene!Flickr.com is great not only for photographers but bloggers as well. Page | 2
  2. 2. 15 ways to generate traffic• Any time you use a photo from Flickr, make a comment under it and include a link to your post. Photographers love seeing how their photos are used. I have had great traffic results with it, especially if you use an image in a funny, non-related way (a bunny reading a book on a post about Google PR).Slideshare.net is a place where you can post slide shows to promote your blog andget more traffic. Not sure what a slide show would do to get traffic?• Turn your most popular posts into slide shows. As simple as that.Scribd.com lets you upload documents and share them with a big community ofreaders.• Write useful how-tos for your niche and make them available for download. Don’t forget to include some links to your blog. PDF files work great for this. All files I make available for download can be shared and given away as long as they are not edited (so my link is shared along with them). Great guides get shared a lot!Wikimedia.org is a great place to find new, targeted traffic.• Let’s say you have a great image of a travel destination (Rome, Italy, for example). Upload it to Wikimedia with a Commons license and go to Wikipedia. Find a project that is related to your image (Rome, Italy). Go to a project and attach your image as a related image to the Rome page. Your photo will be a new traffic source for your blog.iTunes – podcasting is a great way to get fresh, targeted traffic. With millions andmillions of users this is still a traffic generation source that is not saturated as someothers.The usual traffic generation sourcesCommenting on other blogs – we all knowabout this way of traffic generation. Butdon’t rely only on posting a comment.Answer other people’s questions as well.And visit a new blog every once in a while,don’t stay on the same ones all the time!If you are commenting on a blog thathas Comment Luv enabled, make sure tomaster the art of good blog post titles. Page | 3
  3. 3. 15 ways to generate trafficGuest posting – again, a well known traffic source, but how much of it are you reallyusing? Are you afraid of guest posting on bigger blogs? Go to new, up and comingblogs which are more likely to accept your post. You never know, few months fromnow, one of those blogs might be “the next big blog”.Round ups – There is nothing better for traffic than being included in a round up ona blog like Kikolani or NittyGriddy. But you never are… If you think you wrote a greatpost that deserves to be in a round up like that, contact the blogger and offer yourpost. Great posts are not always discovered by themselves.Social bookmarking sitesDigg.com – you don’t have much success with it? Stop submitting your posts, submitand digg other people’s posts and connect with as many “diggers” as you can. Theywill return the favor.StumbleUpon.com – the best strategy is to do the same as I wrote for Digg. An extrathing to do would be being very active as a stumbler. Seems that the more activeyou are, the more “valuable” your submissions and votes are.My biggest success with SU was a friend of mine (a pretty active one) submitting oneof my posts. Talk about 1.000 new visitors in a day (low bounce rate and long timesthey spent on the blog was the cherry on top of a chocolate cake).Reddit.com – I had great success with this site by submitting funny and controversialstuff. Funny images will bring you crazy amounts of traffic.Delicious.com – Although there were some rumors it will be shut down, it is still workingand bringing the traffic. Same tactics as other bookmarking sites. Great posts withnumbers in the title (like this one) often get a lot of traffic from Delicious.Google Buzz and Yahoo Buzz allow you to share blog posts. Any kind of sharing is apotential for traffic generation.Amplify.com is a sharing site where you can connect with people, spark conversationsand get more traffic for your blog.Bookmarking and voting for bloggersThere are 5 sites I use for bookmarking best blog posts and voting for them.BlogEngage.comBlogInteract.comSerpd.com Page | 4
  4. 4. 15 ways to generate trafficBlokube.comBizSugar.comI don’t submit all of my posts and I try to vote often for posts I like. Try to connectwith people and vote on their posts. Keep it real and don’t go “blind voting” foreverything on the home page.These sites can bring very targeted traffic to your blog considering they are prettyfocused. Not to mention that once you have a great post shared on those sites (andit makes it to a home page) you will have your blog flooded with targeted visitors.Traffic generation by writing content for other sitesEzinearticles.com, although hit by the new Google algorithm, it is a great source ofhighly targeted traffic. The bounce rate of visitors I get from EZA is always less than20%! Choosing a good keyword for an article can result in incredible amounts oftraffic. I have been receiving a lot of traffic from a single well written article for a yearand a half now!I will not list other article sites cause it would look like pumping up numbers of trafficsources in this post, but there are many of them that can bring fresh eyes to yourblog.Squidoo.com and Hubpages.com will not only bring you targeted traffic but can alsobe a nice source of income. If you don’t want to spend too much time on these sites,you can always make a single page about your blog and update it from time to timewith links to your must-read and most popular posts.About.com – How many times have you tried to do something and neededinstructions? You Google it and it brings up how-tos from About.com. Well, you cancontribute to this site with some of the how-tos for your niche and get traffic from it.Additional tip – there is an About.com Forum where you can be helpful to people inneed and get additional traffic to your blog.Never underestimate Wikipedia and WikiHow. These two sites are an awesomeplace to further promote your blog and get, again, targeted traffic. Depending onyour niche, you can contribute some great tips and bring thousands of visitors backto your blog.One forgotten traffic generation sourceThe Forums – yes, I know some bloggers are telling you that you can not get anythingfrom the Forums, but I can prove them wrong. One example: I met one of my dearblogging friends on a Forum way before I started blogging. She has been helping me Page | 5
  5. 5. 15 ways to generate trafficsince. Instead of struggling with some newbie mistakes, I skipped most of them andwent straight for success. Most forums allow links in signatures – use it!Your niche will determine which forums you will visit, but great forums for bloggers areWebsite Babble, My blog guest, Warrior forum, Blog Frog, etc.Social media sourcesFacebook.com – Do I need to explain this one? You can use your personal profile topost about your blog, you can use groups and pages. Ask your friends to share yourblog post to their wall and groups and wait for all the traffic to pour in.While on Facebook, I need to mention Networked Blogs. I use this application to postmy RSS on my personal profile wall and my blog’s fan page. You can also use thisapplication to follow other blogs in the network and rate them.This is one of my biggest traffic referrals at the moment. You should use all possibletools to get your blog shared on Facebook as much as possible because with somany users, Facebook can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.Twitter.com is one of the best ways to get your blog out there. Main thing –communicate and connect, don’t spam. Tweet relevant and quality posts anddon’t self-promote too much. Don’t forget to participate in Twitter chats. I get a lotof “fresh” visitors from those chats!LinkedIn.com is a place where you can get traffic from more than one source. Page | 6
  6. 6. 15 ways to generate trafficConnect with people you know and they will see your updates. If you are a goodwriter and post great content, you will receive traffic from them. You can generatetraffic by joining LinkedIn groups and helping people in your niche by pointing themto your relevant posts. Besides groups, there is an answers section. Answer questionsthe best you can and point people to relevant links (your blog).Yahoo Groups – join groups in your “area of expertise”. Again, do the best you canto help people.Paid traffic sourcesFacebook ads are a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your blog (landingpage, fan page, what ever). Although not a free traffic source, it is a great one. Theprice is not very high and I think it is pretty acceptable considering that you canchoose demographics of Facebook users that will see your ad. I had great successgetting traffic that converts on one of my niche sites.Google Adwords is a well known paid traffic generation source. I, presonally, didnot get too much into it since it takes some learning to make it work for you. But youcan easily find coupons for $75 to try it out, so why not? Those who can use GoogleAdwords well convert that traffic into subscribers and buyers in no time.Ads on related blogs. Most blogs are open for advertising and you can always buyadvertising space on them. Choosing a blog that is related to your niche (while notdirectly competing with you) and has a lot of visitors is a great way to get more traffic.Answer sites – Why aren’t bloggers using them more? Page | 7
  7. 7. 15 ways to generate trafficThis is one of my favorite ways of traffic generation. Using answer sites is not only agreat way to generate targeted traffic but establish yourself as a “know it all” in yourniche.The main tip about using answer sites is not to link to your blog every time you answera question. Especially if the post is not closely related to the question. Answer somequestions for the sake of answering them. You will always have links in your bio/profile,so if you answer a question like a rock star (without a link), some traffic will come frompeople checking out your profile.Vark.com is owned by Google. Interesting, right? Last time I checked, their linkswere dofollow. All you need to do is choose topics you are interested in and you willget relate dquestions that need answers. Answer the best way you can, and if it isconvenient, point people to your blog with a related link.Yahoo Answers is one of my favorite traffic generation sources when it comes toanswer sites. It has been one of my main traffic sources on a niche site for a longtime, even after I haven’t used it for months. The main thing is to give your best whenanswering. If your answers are chosen as the best ones, you will have more respectin the eyes of the visitors so… yes, more of them will come to check out your blog.Google answers is one of the great answer sites you can use for traffic generation. Imean, isn’t everything that is connected to Google something we should master?!Quora.com is a pretty new but already very popular site among bloggers. Connect,ask questions and answer them. Same “laws” apply like on any answer site.Fluther.com is great in a way that it will find questions related to your expertise. Afterusing it for awhile, the site gets “smarter” as it learns more about you and offers youquestions related to your niche.Other great answer sites you should start using today:• Blurtit.com• Wiki answers• Yedda.com or AOLAnswers.com (same site)A few more interesting sources of fresh trafficeBay.com can generate traffic in more than one way. You can sell reports ande-books you write (write some useful how-tos and sell them for very low price, thepoint in this case is the traffic, not the money). There is also an about page you cancreate, where you can put a link to your blog. Page | 8
  8. 8. 15 ways to generate trafficCraigslist.org – Yes, you can post ads and generate traffic. Depending on your nichethe ads will be different. You have a “blog about blogging” and can’t imagine howyou could post an ad? Aren’t you offering a service? That is an ad right there.Paper.li is a site that automatically creates “newspapers” based on who you followon Twitter. You can base it on Twitter lists or make other settings. When it posts to yourTwitter, it will mention one or two people who are featured in it. How about sendingtweets mentioning all the people featured in it that you haven’t connected with yet?Generating traffic by offline promotionYou can always generate some traffic by promoting your blog offline. I can think ofmany ideas, but here are just a few (depends a lot on the type of blog you have): - handing flyers to your targeted audience (University students, high school students, coffee drinkers…) - buying an ad in printed magazines or local newspapers - giving away free samples of what ever you offer on your blogI bet there is at least one traffic source mentioned here that you have not used yet,and I am sure there are some I forgot to mention.So I would like to ask a favor from you. Suggest number 51 (post a comment) andthen share this post…go crazy…tweet it every day, digg it, stumble it, vote for it, tellyour friends about it. If you like it and I win a prize, I promise to write more great postsfor you. :) Page | 9
  9. 9. 15 ways to generate trafficHOW I GOT 50K PAGEVIEWS FOR A SINGLE POST IN A DAY Article by ariff - http://ariffshah.comThis post is a case study about an accidental discovery through my blog recently. Imust say that this is one of the most uniquely tested and proven methods ever knownto me with regards to generating a huge amount of traffic over a short period oftime.The influx of visitors into a website is often associated by many with that of financialgains or profits. While this statement is apparently not without basis, the benefitsof deriving a huge amount of traffic into a website may also include the ability toreach such a nobler motives and social responsibilities by means of proliferating theawareness and spreading the information by the organizing charitable institutions orindividuals.The CaseThe recent political uproar in Egypt (#jan25) had caused quite a stir to the world atlarge. Since many Malaysian students, most of whom studying medicine, were residingin the affected Egyptian cities, their safety became quite a concern specificallyto the parents of those students and generally to the nation. The situation in Egyptturned from bad to worse when the lines of communication to the outside world, inparticular the internet, were cut down and thus instilling more worries into the mindsof the people in Malaysia.A friend of mine who was a student over there wrote me a long message in Facebook,asking for my assistance to spread the word concerning an allegedly real situationin Egypt at that time. She wrote to me on behalf of her friends who were still inEgypt and described the actual condition experienced by the Malaysian studentsthere. From the message she sent, she basically tried to inform the authorities thatthose living in the main Egyptian cities needed immediate evacuation as publicchaos and rampant criminalities were the order of the day. In addition to that, shespecifically set up a blog to spread the word about this unfortunate political chaos. Page | 10
  10. 10. 15 ways to generate trafficMy ExecutionMost people would, by default, write an ordinary blog post: briefly mention thesituations in their post, express the way they feel about that matter, and explicitly telltheir readers that the intention of that post is non-other than trying to get as muchvisitors to the blog as possible. In my opinion, such effort would work depending onthe situation and urgency of the event but in most cases, blogposts which havea cause will always fail to attract the masses. As for me, I do have the intention ofattracting visitors too but I do it in a slightly different way.The usual underlying problem in traffic generation is that when people have a vagueidea of what to do to get the most out of such a scenario. In the same vein, a senseof antagonism would be harboured by some people because they think if they wereto give this guy a retweet or share his link on Facebook, he’ll surely reap the benefitsalone.In this case, you can’t really blame those people for thinking like that because theblogosphere is a dog-eats-dog world where everyone is seemingly competingwith one another. Thus, there is always a tendency for rivalry to take place amongbloggers. So what I did in response to this was to let them copy the whole entry andrepost it in their blog (in praise of the idea of a tumblelog). I specifically told themto copy the entry, each and every sentence of it and do whatever they could tospread the news as widely as possible. It proved to be working.At this stage other bloggers would think, “hey, I’ve got the latest scoop about thelatest buzz in the internet world, free content, legit and has its own cause. I shouldpost this in my blog to let people know what’s going on so that something could bedone.” They won’t think that I’m in this solitarily for my own personal gain becausethey have a part in it.Now here’s where the magic happened. Please note that I did not ask them to giveme credit at all but being cultured bloggers themselves, those who copied my posthave had the simple courtesy of crediting the entry back to me, by way of citingmyself as the original source. Readers of those blogs would then in turn clicked on thelink which led to my site. The process did not stop here. Other bloggers would keepon reposting the entry, creating a long chain of reactions, so long as the matter-of-subject was still shining under the limelight. Page | 11
  11. 11. 15 ways to generate trafficTwitterDone with the blogging part. Now how do we get loads of people to retweet thiseven if they don’t read the post?Given the circumstances that there was a necessity to urge the Malaysian governmentto extend help to the Malaysians in Egypt at the quickest rate possible, I purposelyincluded the Malaysian Prime Minister’s tweet handle in the post title. By doing so,each retweet published will be automatically subjected to the Prime Minister at thesame time. The tweet is good that people will hit the retweet button the instant theyread it because it brings a matter of some importance and has a reputable receiver,that is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.People will also be encouraged to retweet because they will then be able to takepart in the expression of a shared sentiment to a credible audience. It is as good asit is thus gives people more confidence to retweet it as some are really concernedabout their follower counts that they carefully choose what to retweet and what not.Again, if masses know what to do they will take action.The ResultI got a whopping 500 retweets, at least 4000 Facebook shares and at least 50,000pageviews for that page in the same day it was published. The blog that I waspromoting managed to get 30k fans on its Facebook page for that day.The title says: [Latest] The Egypt Crisis – The Condition of Malaysian Student @NajibRazak. Now tell me, who wouldn’t retweet this? Page | 12
  12. 12. 15 ways to generate trafficWhat Now?For the purpose of this contest and its theme (traffic generation), I strongly believethis is one of the best ways to gain traffic. I’m not saying that this is the ultimatesuccess formula for all but what I’m sharing here is essentially an overview of howto tell people what to do and actually make them think that they should do it. Thisis as legitimate as it is and let us imagine if charity causes or donation drives on theinternet implement this kind of strategy – I’m sure they will be achieving results morefavorably.What do you think? I’d love to hear your insights on this. Don’t forget to give me somelove by retweeting this, you know you want to. I really appreciate it and thanks forreading =)Shout out to my best buddies, Amir from Project 2074 and Yuyu for helping me withthe proofreading task and final editing. Thanks a lot! Page | 13
  13. 13. 15 ways to generate traffic HOW TO DRIVE CONSISTENT BUT FREE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG Article by Brian - http://www.blogengage.com/I’ve been marketing online now for three years and managed to create an amazingsocial community of bloggers that generates more then 1200 unique hits a day withover 5.2 pageviews per visitor. I know the importance of generating traffic to yourwebsite or blog. I created Blog Engage in order to help other bloggers promotetheir blogs and generate traffic. The difference with Blog Engage and other socialcommunities is the traffic is real bloggers like you and me.I’ve managed to build this community by using many free online marketing methods topromote and market. I’ve used webmaster forums, blogs, online social communities,social media sites such as facebook, twitter and more. Today I would like to sharewith you how to take advantage of thees communities to both create value for theircommunity and generate traffic to your own. Page | 14
  14. 14. 15 ways to generate trafficWebmaster ForumsI’m a very big fan of promoting all my blogs on the most popular webmaster forums.I’ve been so impressed by the return on investment that I have come up with a “howto guide” explaining how each forum can be used to market yourself and your blog.Website Review ForumsThis was by far one of my favorite forums to generate traffic. The greatest thing aboutthis forum is when the people visit your blog they will be viewing more then one page.This means they have a good chance at seeing a few of your articles or at least alarger amount of your blogs content. Every time you change a theme, banner oranything else this thread can be bumped or even recreated to get the opinions ofthe forum members once again. Engage with the forum members making reviewson your website. Thank them for the time and respect their opinions. Try not to takeoffense you have to be able to accept constructive criticism.Domain Name Appraisal ForumsWhen requesting appraisals on your blogs domain name don’t be afraid to drop thedomain name in a link format. I did this and it generates tons of traffic. People liketo view the url because the site always increases in value when it has an operatingcommunity or content of some sort.The Freebies ForumYou know as well as I do most of the online webmaster forums have a Freebies section.This is a great place to promote your blog. Set something up on your blog that is freeand add a link to your blogs main website. Make sure to keep your ideas targeted toyour blogs niche. The freebies forum can also be used to exchange comments withother bloggers in some cases.Buy Sell and TradeThis is a great forum to buy sell and trade things such as sidebar ads, link, servicesand other random exchanges. This will generate tons of traffic because all the forumreaders will be visiting your site to see the quality of content and could in fact generatereturn visitors. Make sure to always include your blog link during these threads. Thebuyers want to view your blog for quality and content control. Page | 15
  15. 15. 15 ways to generate trafficFinal note on Webmaster Forum MarketingWhen marketing your blog in webmaster forums be sure to read the forums rules.All forums are different and some of these actions cannot be done. I wouldsuggest joining forums such as digitalpoint, webtalkforums, namepros, bloggeries,ukwebmasterworld, warrioirforums and v7n. All these forums have the appropriatesub forums to market using these suggestions and methods. Remember to engagewith the forum members and build discussions with them. You MUST keep your topicslive and active so they get seem by more of the forums audience so be sincere anddevelop new online relationships.Blog CommentingI know I know you here this all the time. The reason I’m mentioning it is because Isee it done wrong more then I see it blogged about. (Which is a lot) When you’recommenting on a blog you have to engage with that blogger. Your comment shouldbe of value and encourage that blogger to return and visit your blog.I would also suggest adding comment luv. By far it’s one of my favorite additions tomy blog. I’m always following the bloggers that comment on my blog back to theirs,commenting and tweeting. This is a must for social media marketing to work via blogcommenting. Building the relationship on a social level is key to our success. Page | 16
  16. 16. 15 ways to generate trafficSocial Media Marketing with Facebook and TwitterFacebookCreating a facebook page for your blog is a must. This facebook page spreads likeword of mouth. I set up the facebook blog engage page about a month ago andwe have 350 people that have already liked it. I should had started it long ago butlike you I’m still learning. Do as I say and not as I do, add the facebook fan page andlike button into your marketing plan ASAP.TwitterWe all know twitter is am amazing marketing tool. Add a follow badge to your websiteor blog and start marketing your articles with their community. Follow your readersand build relationships with them. In return they will eventually market and tweetyour articles. When one of your blog readers or followers tweet your article be sureto return the favor. It’s important to give back and not always be the one receiving.Blog EngageBlog Engage has a lot of great people in the community that are waiting for you toshare your content. The point of the site is to submit your written content, membersvote on it and if it’s engaged enough your article is published to the front page.For the record I am the founder and owner of Blog Engage so if this sounds bias itjust may be. Blog Engage is a social networking community for bloggers and blogarticles only. Page | 17
  17. 17. 15 ways to generate trafficBloKubeDev is a dedicated member at Blog Engage and has started his very own socialmedia marketing community. I recommend joining and participating. You will seemany familiar faces there and again it’s a community full of blogger like you andme waiting to help share and promote with one another.Feedback and DiscussionsLet me know your thoughts on the topic and suggestions. Are you already doingthis to promote your website or blogs? Have you been developing your onlinerelationships using twitter and facebook? Do you have some other ideas we canadd to the article on how to generate traffic from forums?? I would love to hear yourthoughts I’m always open to a great discussion. Page | 18
  18. 18. 15 ways to generate traffic HOW TO BEAT THE CHANGES TO ORGANIC TRAFFIC GENERATION RULES Article by MAVIS NONG - http://www.iblogzone.com/author/mnongWe all know that organic traffic generation is one of the more effective ways to attractunlimited and good quality visitors to your site or blog. After all, if your blog ranks wellin the search engine results, you’ll see an influx of visitors from search engines lookingfor some information about your particular niche or business.Achieving that kind of ranking on the major search engines used to be based onchoosing your keywords, tweaking your on-page SEO and getting plenty of qualitybacklinks pointing to your site.The Result?Now, this gave rise to far too many ‘content farms’ swiping those high-ranking positionsin the search results. These are the sites filled with barely legible content that is over-stuffed with keywords just to get a decent position on those search engine results.And people searching for real information and valuable content about differenttopics don’t like these spammy sites. So, Google decided it was time to do somethingabout this, to encourage and reward quality content and to make their searchershappy.They’ve recently changed the rules a bit about how the ranking algorithms work inan effort to get rid of those useless sites and replace them with authority sites instead.Google’s Changes To Organic Search – Facts and FiguresAccording to Sistrix, larger content farms such as Suite101 lost as much as 94% oftheir previous visibility on the search engine results. When checked on Alexa.com,Suite101’s traffic numbers had also dropped by more than 19% since those new rulescame into effect. Page | 19
  19. 19. 15 ways to generate trafficAs you can see from above, even the prominent article directories frequented byarticle marketers have suffered, with EzineArticles losing 90% and ArticlesBase losing94% of their previous high-visibility status.Yet when you compare these results to those of eHow since those changes, yousoon notice that eHow actually gained more visibility and increased in ranking forthousands of keywords across the site. This is Google’s way of rewarding those sitesand blogs containing high quality, well-researched, unique content that offers valueto visitors searching for real information.So, what does this mean to you? How do you deal with Google’s new changes andstill be able to grab high search engine rankings? Page | 20
  20. 20. 15 ways to generate trafficHere are some effective ways that you can implement to beat the newGoogle ranking algorithms and attract more high quality organic visitorsto your blog:1. Content Really IS KingI know, I know – you’ve probably heard this cliché 1001 times, but it is so true. It allstarts with great and quality content. What’s the point in generating traffic to yoursite if your content sucks?Most webmasters already know the importance of having good quality content ontheir blogs. People who visit your blog expect some kind of helpful, useful, enlighteningand entertaining content about the topic they were searching for, so be sure yougive it to them.This means spending a bit of time researching your choice of keywords and thendelivering the goods on the information you provide.Just be sure your content doesn’t go stale. Google still tends to give preferentialrankings to those blogs with fresh, unique content that is updated regularly. It isimportant to have a blogging schedule that you can stick to so that you can producenew content at least 3 times a week.2. Make Your Blog StickyWith the changes to the way Google works out searchengine rankings, it’s no longer enough to throw a fewkeywords around your posts and get a few backlinkshappening. Google is now looking closely at other factorsrelating to visitor activity on your blog.These include monitoring time-on-site and pages visited on your site.So it’s not enough to generate traffic to your blog, sign them up on your opt-in form orpage and then send them on their way. You need to make your blog sticky enoughthat visitors will want to hang around and read what you have to say.You’ll also want to encourage them to dig deeper into your content archives andsee what else they can learn from you while they’re already there.Not only does this keep those people on your site longer, but it also increases your pageviews at the same time. These are both about to become important considerationsfor how Google views your site, so keep them in mind. Page | 21
  21. 21. 15 ways to generate traffic3. Deep or Internal LinkingOne effective way to encourage readers to learn more information is to add deep-links to your content. Deep linking is simply linking to another page on your blog fromthe current post you’re writing.Not only does deep linking encourage your visitors to click deeper into your site tofind out more, but it also has the double benefit of helping the Google spiders toindex more pages from your site more easily.The next time you create a new post, think about how many related posts you mayhave written in the past that could enhance that topic and link to them using anchortext for your keyword(s).4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) IS ImperativeTraffic generation from search enginesin the first place still relies on gettingyour SEO tactics right.This means checking your title, yourtags and your content for inclusion ofthe right keywords.It should also mean keeping yourkeyword density at reasonablelevels so those search engines don’tmisinterpret them as being spammy.A general rule of thumb should be thatyour primary keywords or key-phrasesshould be at around 1.5%-2% of thetotal content amount.Search engines are also very aware of the value of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI),so you can give your existing keywords a bit of a boost by adding some synonyms foryour chosen keywords.Not only will this make your content more readable in the eyes of your visitors, but itwill help to keep your rankings at high levels in the long run. Page | 22
  22. 22. 15 ways to generate traffic5. Promote Your ContentOf course creating amazing content is not the only thing you need to do to improveyour search rankings and traffic generation.You need to boost your SEO efforts by promoting your content to put it in front of asmany eyeballs as possible. Social media is red HOT right now and it offers free “wordof mouth” advertising. Take advantage of that and create a buzz on your blog.The more people share your content on the social media sites, the more it will getmassive exposure and the more quality backlinks you will create.Creating a lot of Twitter and Facebook backlinks will help you to increase yourrankings since Google added these social media sites to their algorithm and usethem in their rankings.Next, let’s take a look at Article Marketing…What’s the Verdict For Article Marketers?Before the new Google algorithm was released, most traffic generation tips focusedheavily on the benefits of article marketing. This really did give blog owners a greatway to generate traffic quickly by submitting dozens of low quality articles to thearticle directories and linking them back to their primary blog or website.Unfortunately, it appears the rules for article marketers will now have to change tosuit these changes.While there has been a spate of bloggers pointing out that article marketing is aboutto die a quick and painful death as a result, this doesn’t have to happen. In fact, itseems quite logical that if Google is rewarding well-researched, unique content, itstands to reason that they’ll reward those marketers who comply with this.I think article marketers should consider taking more time to create better qualityarticles before submitting any old garbage en mass to as many directories as theycan find.This could mean rewriting original content prior to submitting it to different directories.It could also mean being more selective with the directories you choose to use. Page | 23
  23. 23. 15 ways to generate trafficKey TakeawayI’m sure that you’ll agree with me that you need good quality and properly optimizedcontent to generate an influx of organic traffic to your blog.You’d be turning your own site into an “authority site” that Google is more likely toview favourably, especially since the new algorithm makes it very clear that the sitewith the best content for a given keyword will be the one rewarded.So, what do you think of Google’s new changes and what’s your plan of action?Please leave me a comment below to share your thoughts. Page | 24
  24. 24. 15 ways to generate traffic FACEBOOK ADVERTISING KILLED GOOGLE ADWORDS Article by Faissal Alhaithami - http://www.faissals.com/Hi everyone, I’m Faissal Alhaithami. I’m going to share why Facebook advertisingkilled Google Adwords! I’ll share the secrets in Facebook advertising necessary togenerate massive traffic, and the endless opportunities that this system offers thatGoogle Adwords doesn’t. However, this doesn’t mean that Google Adwords isuseless or that using Facebook advertising will make you satisfied. As a mater of fact,you will still be in need of Google Adwords.As you know there are Facebook fan pages that Facebook offer, and this pagesare really like an opt-in pages. let me explain more, when you create an ad youhave the option to send your visitors to your website, your capture page or you’vea chance to set what we are called landing page, I will be explaining more aboutit, and as you know internet marketing and generating traffic is all about leads andrelationship which Facebook is the best place for that.SpecificsBefore I start, please keep in mind the “more” rule: ( more specific = more leads >> more leads = more traffic >> more traffic = more money )One of the wonderful things about Facebook advertising is that you can be ultraspecific. Users provide Facebook with an abundance of information about themselves. Page | 25
  25. 25. 15 ways to generate trafficWe’re talking about their favorite books, interests, religion, political views, favoritequotes and so on. All of this information is gold to a potential advertiser. When setting up your advertisement campaign, you’ll be able to choose whom you want to see your advertisement by targeting specific demographic information. You can target by location, keywords, likes and interests, language, education, workplace, birth date, age, connections, friends, and relationship status. For example, if you wanted to target all of the single women ages 25-30 in New york, it’s an easy task.It’s important to be specific about your audience when creating an advertisement.It helps you produce specific copy. For example, you could create an ad for singlewomen, one for married women ,and one for divorced women. This specificity helpsyou boost click through rates and maximize your budget.With more than 550 million active users ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens, youraudience is likely present on Facebook. Before you begin creating your advertisement,you decide specifically whom you’re going to target. You can always create morethan one ad, so if you have a large audience, brainstorm on how you can use theFacebook demographic options to narrow your focus. Facts : research says people between the ages of 35-45 are more likely to click on your ads. Page | 26
  26. 26. 15 ways to generate trafficFacebook Double lead strategyHere is the best about part about the Facebook advertising system: you can generate2 leads at the same time!! With the double lead strategy, you can get an Email anda like.When you create a Facebook page, you will have the ability to set a landing page.In addition, the landing page is where people or the visitors go when they click onyour ads. Furthermore, you can design this landing pages as you like, so you candesign this landing page to truly capture leads. Moreover, when people land on thispage you, can ask them to take 2 actions. Firstly, to like your page. Secondly, to giveyou their name and email to get your E-book or what ever you have promise them inyour ads. You can generate 2 leads with 1 price.Building relationships You all know that social media has largely effected the way we do internet marketing due to it’s ability to help us build a relationship between us and the prospects. Furthermore, this task is really easy when your page visitor clicks on the like button, because you will have the ability to send updates to their Facebook news feed. This helps Facebook advertiser sto build a strong relationship with the prospects very easily. In a nutshell, we conclude that Facebook is playing with the cord of specificity and thedouble lead strategy. They are the #1 social network for helping advertisers togenerate massive traffic and build relationships more easily than ever. Page | 27
  27. 27. 15 ways to generate traffic HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME Article by Stacy Claflin - http://growwithstacy.com/Every blogger, whether new or seasoned, wants to know about traffic generation inorder to bring the most traffic as possible to the blog. There are always new strategiesto learn and old strategies to unlearn because they don’t work anymore.Many new bloggers are intimidated by the process because it seems like amonumental task as there is so much to learn. Often, they feel that they don’t haveenough money to generate any real traffic because all they hear about are paidmethods.You can pay for all of the following:• Hire someone to optimize your blog• PPC Advertising• Traffic generation tools and products• Hire a mentor• Purchase an ebook on the topic• Affiliate products recommended by other bloggers• Hire someone to optimize your Facebook page• Autoresponder• Much more – if someone can think it up, they will sell itBut the truth is, You don’t have to spend money to generate traffic!There are many ways that you can bring in new traffic on a budget, even if yourbudget is free until your blog is bringing in enough money for you to purchase thepaid products that you desire. Page | 28
  28. 28. 15 ways to generate trafficWhen you give an honest effort at the following free methods ,you will see real results!I suggest you take a screen shot of your Alexa ranking and site statistics before youstart. Then you can compare the results by taking another screen shot every monthor two.Blog CommentingCommenting on other blogs is a very effective way to bring traffic to your blog. If youfollow some basic rules, you will find others drawn to your blog from your commentson other blogs:• Leave valuable comments by adding value to what the author has written. When people see that you have a lot of value to offer they will want to see what other gems you are sharing on your blog.• Respond to the post content. If you haven’t read the post it will be obvious to everyone who reads your comment. You will look bad, and people will be repelled from your blog.• Be respectful with your tone and words, especially if you have a differing opinion from the author – it is acceptable to disagree.If you are serious about generating traffic, you will want to comment at least 8-10times a day or at least 40-50 times a week. Comment on blogs in your direct nicheas well as blogs that are in similar niches. You want people to recognize your nameand your face! Page | 29
  29. 29. 15 ways to generate trafficBe sure to get around to different blogs, not always commenting on the same onesday after day and week after week. Though it’s perfectly fine to have regulars – thatis a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. You want to have a goodbalance between regulars and new or less frequent blogs.Join Social NetworksJoin as many of the social networks as you can keep up with. Try some new ones,because they all offer something different and you may end up really liking one thatyou didn’t want to try. If you find that you really do not like one then try another. Usethe ones that work best for you! Social networks are a great way to promote yourposts and meet like-minded people.There are many that you can join. Some of the bigger ones are Facebook, Twitter,Digg, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. Look around. There are a lot of social networksthat you can join and many niche-focused networks are becoming popular as well.Voting sites are a great way to network with others as well, and they often offer a lotof ways to build community. Two voting sites that I really like are Blokube and Serpd.Both offer voting buttons that you can put on your posts so that your readers canvote for your post. They also offer commenting on the site and a sense of community.Create a Free ReportA quick way to make a free report is to gather some of your best material from yourblog and combine them into an ebook. Put links to your blog into the book and giveit away on your blog, sharing the link on your social media sites. You can also addyour ebook to one of the many free ebook sites which accept submissions.Learn Basic SEOLearning basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not nearly as intimidating aslearning all the ins and the outs of SEO. Once you learn the basics then you canmove on to learning the more complicated and intimidating aspects.Use the Google Keyword Tool to research your keywords for free. Use the free SEOplugins that are available in your WordPress dashboard such as the All in One SEOplugin and the Clean SEO Slugs plugin. Using these plugins will help you to optimizeyour blog for SEO simply and easily until you learn more about it. Page | 30
  30. 30. 15 ways to generate trafficForum MarketingEstablishing yourself as an expert in your niche through the use of forums or messageboards can be a valuable tool in bringing people to your blog. You should havethe goal to start one new thread a day or five throughout the week in addition toreplying to other posts.If the forum allows links in your signature you can have a link directly to your blog, butdon’t blatantly promote your blog in the posts. You want to instead establish yourselfas an expert through the posts that you write. Direct people to your signature whichshould have not only the link but a little blurb about yourself and your expertise.Other Free Generation Methods• Create videos on Youtube• Write guest posts on similar blogs• Join a tribe• Link to other blog posts in your posts• Answer questions at Yahoo Answers directing to blog posts• Join a blogging challengeI would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to share thiswith your followers! Thank you!To Your Success, Page | 31
  31. 31. 15 ways to generate traffic USE FACEBOOK TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE Article by James Johnston - http://www.evolutionarydesigns.net/blog/One of my favorite parts about generating traffic and managing an online communityis using social media. Some will say that building traffic with social media isn’t all thatgreat or you can not get a large increase in traffic because of social media. I haveto disagree with this thought. With social networks such as Twitter with its 200 millionusers and Facebook with its 600 million active users, a website owner/business wouldbe crazy not to tap into that.When I first started out building and designing sites, I had no clue what SEO andsocial media marketing was and thought I didn’t need it. I thought all I needed wasgood content and a great design. After I started working at my first design firm, I wasasked to learn SEO and social media marketing. After a basic crash course in SEO, Istarted researching and teaching myself SEO. I found the research alone took up agood part of my scheduled day. So adding social media marketing was really out ofmy reach and besides I am not trained marketing.At some point, I realized that I was going to need to learn social media marketing,but I wasn’t sure where to start. So when I first started out with social media trafficgeneration, I had no idea how social media would work for me. After some research,I came up with a game plan and jumped right in.After a few months of working on my first traffic generating case study, I found thatcreating good content and SEO wasn’t enough. SEO is great for steady traffic, but itsnot good enough if you want comments on your blog and people purchasing yourproducts and services. Through research and testing I found social media seem to dobetter at converting readers into clients and customers. Page | 32
  32. 32. 15 ways to generate trafficMy History With Social MediaBefore I got into social media as another avenue to generate traffic, I had onlyused Facebook and LinkedIn for personal use. After some time I added Twitter andFacebook as my main tools for traffic. At first I could see why people say socialmedia doesn’t bring traffic to a site. After a few months of research I started gettingtraffic from Twitter and after reading Twitter Dummy, I learned that you have to haveengage with your followers. So I took that advice and used on several other socialnetworks. Within a few months, I saw a dramatic increase in traffic from these socialsites.Now I use a variety of social media sources to get traffic. I use social media bookmarksites and micro blogging sites along with other social media networks like Facebookand Twitter to get traffic from. But my favorites social media networks are Facebookand Twitter.Using Facebook To Generate TrafficSince there is so much talk about Twitter how to get traffic from that site, I decided Iwould talk about my second favorite place to get traffic from and that is Facebookand Facebook fan pages.Facebook – PersonalAs I mentioned before, I mostly used Facebook for personal use and did not mix itwith business. After some research and getting to know how Facebook settings andprivacy worked, I started using Facebook as a way to generate traffic. Page | 33
  33. 33. 15 ways to generate trafficFirst thing I did was let the world know I use Facebook. I sent out messages on differentsocial media sites, I added my Facebook profile links to whatever profile allowed meto add it, and finally I add links to my Facebook profile to my sites. At one time, Iuse to have a message letting my readers know they could connect with me onFacebook.Once I started getting more bloggers added to my list, I created filters (groups forfriends) so I could seperate family/personal/work friends from my blogging andnetworked friends. I found very quickly that your friends and family may not beinterested in your niche blogging promotions as your network friends are. So I setupthe filters to only let certain status’s be seen by certain people.After getting all this setup, I started engaging with my followers. I responded to statusupdates with useful and helpful comments, add likes to any link that I Liked, and Ishared content from my sites and some of my favorite articles I read through out theday.Once I started engaging with my followers, I started getting traffic to my sites. I donot engage as much as I use to and I can see the difference. I still get the traffic, butI do not get that many comments and likes as I would like. So its important to keepup with your Facebook friends. Some of them like communicating with others. Justdropping links to your sites and others is not being social. Eventually you will looseyour blogging friends and your traffic.The one draw back to Facebook personal, at least for me, is that my privacy is setso only friends can see my information and wall. I do this to keep unwanted eyesfrom seeing what I am sharing. But at the same time, it keeps others from finding andseeing my content that I am sharing.Facebook Groups Page | 34
  34. 34. 15 ways to generate trafficAnother potential place to generate traffic is from Facebook groups. Facebookgroups are still pretty new and a lot of people do not like them. I think its mostlybecause setting up this new feature where anyone can add any of their friends toa group even if a user doesn’t want to join that group, could be a new to spampeople. Also, I found it very annoying getting hundreds of update emails from thesegroups. But once I figured out how to remove myself from these groups and filter outthese emails, I started liking these groups.Although I am still testing this traffic building method, I see a fair amount of traffic andsome of it is from the groups. My recommendation is to look for small groups such ascool bloggers, that was Setup by John Sullivan, and was setup for bloggers to share theircontent and to hang out. If cool bloggers isn’t your thing, look for groups that matchyour niche or groups that might be interested in your content and join those groups.If none exists, then create a group for your niche. Do not invite everyone to yourgroup without asking them. Send them a private message and explain to them whatthe group is and ask them if they want to join. Second, when sharing content in yourgroups, only share your best content, keep the asking to a minimum, never doublepost an article, and always reply and send out tweets, diggs, and stumbles wheneverpossible. When not helping out with others, try and engage with the group, andspend some time on there.If you want to join cool bloggers, join my network on Facebook and just ask, I willinvite you.Facebook Fan PagesWhen working with Facebook to build to traffic, do not overlook Facebook fan pages.When I first started out, I did. Because of that it has taken a little bit of time to build upfan page fans and I am still working on getting more. But with the 130+ facebook userfans current as of March 30th, 2011, I am getting a good amount a traffic from this site. Page | 35
  35. 35. 15 ways to generate trafficSince my data is a bit limited, I am working on projection and a gut feel that thefan page is going to be great way to build traffic. From everything I have read andmajor corporations creating and being active with facebook fan pages, I can seethe chance to get traffic from the fan page.I learned from research and testing with my fan page to back up those findings, youcan easily get traffic from the site. You need fans that are interested in your company,website, or services and good content to get users interested in your fan page andwebsite. If you do not have the fans or content, your fan page will stay a ghost town.The first thing I did was update my fan page information. I made sure to add keywordsand topics and services offered on the website. If you haven’t already created a fanpage, think carefully about what you name it. I have seen some sites that have thecompany name and then they add keywords after the name.Looks like: Your Fan Page | social media | SEO | Blogging | Design | Services andResources. But I haven’t found any evidence that this helps. Just make sure to fill outall of the basic information fields and make sure to add your keywords so the searchengines and Facebook search can find your site.Next, I started adding content to my fan page. Originally I just feed in my own blogarticles, and I got a small amount of traffic but not worth the mention. So I decidedthat maybe if I started adding articles that would be interesting and useful to my fans,this might get more traffic back to my site. I started small and got a small increase.After realizing that I adding useful content from other blogs to my site was helping meget more fans and more traffic to my site, started looking for ways to add morecontent. I realized real fast, that I could not physically add all the great content to thesite to the fan page without help. So I found a service called Dlvr.it to feed contentinto my Facebook wall. Dlvr.it uses a website’s RSS post links to the Facebook, Facebookfan page, Twitter and several other social networks as well.Once I found Dlvr.it, I configured ten of my most trusted and favorite sites that hasa great track record of producing killer and useful articles feed into my Facebookpage. I ended up sharing articles in design, SEO, social media, and blogging since myniche is new media and I have a mixture fans that like only a few of the topics I feed Page | 36
  36. 36. 15 ways to generate trafficto my blog. Having a variety of useful articles to read will attract more fans, just keepthose articles related to niche or would be helpful resources for those in your niche.After selecting my favorite blogs, I configured Dlvr.it to share links from each site only oncea day and grab the latest article. I then set Dlvr.t to check the site once a day and someto check every 12 hours and post the newest link if available. On several of the moreimportant sites, I configured them to post links at the high traffic times for the fan page.Now all you have to do is monitor your fan page for activity and respond to anycomments, shares, and likes.The last thing I did was create a welcome page for the site. This is actually pretty easyto do, but if you do not have the design skills to create your own welcome page,you can always look for a Facebook fan page welcome page theme. Then add thecode to your fan page. For me, I could of use Dreamweaver to create the cod toposted it Facebook.But, Francisco Rosales of SocialMouths created a great tutorial on how to create abasic welcome landing page for Facebook even if you are not a designer.Basically all you have to do is come up with the welcome page image and headover to image-maps and create an image map. Once you have the code for theimage map copy the code over to your Facebook page. Page | 37
  37. 37. 15 ways to generate trafficNote: When creating your welcome page, make sure to add call to action buttonsand links to your website other important social media profiles. Please refer to thearticle for the complete tutorial.After completing your welcome page, you may want to create resource list toniche related freebies and premium resources. Although I haven’t implemented thisfeature yet, I have seen several sites offering resources only to those that “like the fanthe page”. I think this would be a great way to get new facebook users to like yoursite and become a return visitor that also visits your site.Facebook is always adding new features to personal profiles and fan pages. Soalways check Facebook and your favorite social media sites for the latest news andfeatures for Facebook.Final ThoughtsThere are so many social media networks out there and I use quite a few sites. I use alot of different social media network types, everything from social bookmarking sitesto reblogging sites such as Posterous and Tumblr to share content and build traffic.But out of all the social media sites I use, Twitter and Facebook are the best.What social media sites are you using and what are the best sites for you and niche? Page | 38
  38. 38. 15 ways to generate traffic ZEN AND THE ART OF WEB TRAFFIC Article by Khalid Hosein - http://www.gizmosforgeeks.com/ What do the philosophy and teachings of Zen Buddhism have to do with web traffic? Everything and nothing. We’ll start with nothing. Nothing, because there is obviously no direct link. But everything, because if you can calm and clear your mind, you can approach any problem with clarity and purpose of thought. And whether it’s Zen or any other schoolof thought, meditation has been repeatedly proven to give humans an edge—evenarguably a significant advantage—when it comes to any of our endeavors.A MetaphorTake Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, for example. He practicesZen and apparently applies it in his coaching methods as well. Perhaps you’ve seena Lakers game where they’ve been struggling and instead of calling a timeout, Mr.Jackson has let his team play through these moments. Many a commentator hassaid that this is an example of his Zen approach to the game. Maybe. Maybe not.And what does it have to do with you? More specifically, what does it have to dowith web traffic?What Mr. Jackson has done (that is not obvious when you watch one of his teamsplay basketball) is mapped out a strategy for victory and prepare his team well forthe contest ahead. After that, the game is but a matter of putting that strategy andpreparation to the test. Tweaking the strategy in the middle of the game is allowed,and sometimes encouraged, but when you see him apparently ‘doing nothing’, heis merely letting the chosen strategy play out. Is this the right approach? Does it resultin wins? Not always, but it does more often than not, and the proof is that he has thebest coaching record in NBA history. Page | 39
  39. 39. 15 ways to generate trafficBut what about Web traffic?Let’s take a page or two out of Mr. Jackson’s book.Strategies and TacticsFirst of all, you need a strategy. What that strategy is depends on a few factors: whattype of website you have, what type of content you have, what type of audience youeither hope to draw in or will visit, how much time you have to devote to implementingthe strategy and its associated tactics, whether or not you are prepared to pay forany of that traffic, and whether you plan to pay anyone else to implement any ofyour tactics.Secondly, you need to implement that strategy, putting in the hard work while havingpatience for the results. In the case of Phil Jackson, putting the strategy into practiceis the actual basketball and the hard work is done by his players on the court. In yourcase, you will be performing actions (tactics) such as blogger outreach, commenting,guest blogging, article marketing, social networking, buying PPC and/or other traffic,reaching out to the media, social bookmarking, building your mail list, etc.So, which of these tactics do you employ? Sit down for an hour or two or howeverlong it takes to ask yourself and decide on the factors that will drive your strategy(outlined above). Is your website a blog or a sales page for a product? Is youraudience young and male? Older? Students? Music fans? How much time per daydo you have to spend on traffic building? Ten minutes? One hour? Four hours? Doyou have a budget to spend on paid traffic?Write it all down. Mindmap if it’s notcoming to you easily.Now you need to decide on a strategy, which is reallya combination of tactics. Your general strategy maybe a combination of social networking and building amailing list, because perhaps you are selling a producton how to become a social media expert. Or perhapsit’s using paid traffic in conjunction with infrequentblogging to drive people to your sales page. Whateverit is, start with a list of possible tactics, rank them byeffectiveness and appropriateness, then estimate thetime it would take per day to work on each, and fitthem into your daily time budget. Page | 40
  40. 40. 15 ways to generate trafficAnd remember, all traffic is not created equally. The quality of the traffic is somethingvital to be aware of at all times when you’re deciding on your tactics and methods.Why? Simple – if your visitors don’t convert very well in the way that you’d like (buyingproduct, for example), then that traffic may as well be near zero.Now you have a strategy and a plan. Your plan is a set of tactics you are going toperform each day in conjunction with how much time you will spend on each item.Have patience. Set yourself a window of time to let the strategy play out, then reviewit. Evaluate the results, see what new tactics and/or markets and/or vectors haveappeared since you started, and determine whether you should adjust your strategy.What strategy, tactics, and time commitment you use is dependent on you and yourwebsite. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Think about the real world for a second.How does Coca-Cola’s approach differ from that of Facebook? Or Microsoft’s fromGoogle’s? None of them have the same approach, and they have the successfulresults to show for their varying strategies and tactics.Final Thoughts Without traffic to your website, you may as well have no website at all. Surely, you built it to either generate some revenue from it and/or to get noticed. You can’t do either if you don’t have any traffic. One final Zen ponderance — can you meditate your way to more traffic? Yes and no. Yes, if your meditation helps you think of working strategies, tactics, and methods that can generate traffic. But sadly no, if meditation is all you do!May the Universe be with you. Page | 41
  41. 41. 15 ways to generate traffic TRAFFIC GENERATION: USING THE OLD AND BORING HOOKS CORRECTLY Article by JANE | FIND ALL ANSWERS - http://www.iblogzone.com/author/janesheeba We all want traffic. That is the whole point of this traffic generation contest. Our blogging success is measured by our traffic. The money we earn, the popularity, the number of sales we make- all depend on one thing – TRAFFIC. That is why people from successful blogs are conducting this contest by offering their time, effort, hard work, support and money – for us to learn the best trafficgeneration methods out there, put them to work and succeed with our blogs.Every blogger is looking for new tips and techniques everyday to generate webtraffic to their site. But in this process they either completely forget what they alreadyknow or they are not interested in doing the old stuff! That’s pathetic.So what you already know about Traffic Generation methods?1. Provide quality content – you have probably heard (or read about) that a million times at various places, but is still the King of all tips in this direction.2. Do a social promotion of your blog posts – This again is the most commonly talked about and the most boring tip, but works.3. Network with other bloggers – A potential tip, not only for traffic generation, but for your overall and long term success.4. Do guest posting on big blogs – Again, a very potential tip to consider.5. Comment on other blogs - Most of you will be already doing this. Good for traffic, networking and building backlinks. Page | 42
  42. 42. 15 ways to generate trafficWell, I would say that every blogger would know all of these (and even more) fortraffic generation. But the point is, if you are one of those bloggers who knows thesewell-known tips for generating traffic, are you doing them with your blog? I am sureyou will do some but not all of them. And, even if you are doing all of them, I am notsure if you are doing it correctly.In the following I am going to tell you certain things that you either(i) probably don’t know already (or)(ii) already know them, but are not trying them out (or)(iii) you are not doing them correctly.For (ii) the reasons may be that you are busy or lazy, in other words, you may beafraid to try something out new, you may not have the expertise to do them and soon.I can help you out with (i) and (iii) in the following. I am going to give you an insidescoop. Fine, now before telling you the hooks that work, I want to explain thecorrectness of certain things.Comment on Other Blogs:I know what you are thinking. You are doing it already. But are your doing it correctly?So you have a list of interesting and potential blogs in your niche, which you readeveryday and leave comments on them on a daily basis, very sincerely. But on whatbasis do you choose blogs to comment on?You have to make your choice based on the following factors:1. The blog is quite big or has a very big readership.2. The blog has a very good PR; well, that is old and many are not happy with the little green thing on the toolbar. Neither am I. Even with the actual PR at the Google PR checker page. What you can look into is the Mozrank for a blog. A good mozrank = an authoritative blog, I can say that much.3. The activity throughout the blog. Number of comments, tweets and other social shares. Page | 43
  43. 43. 15 ways to generate traffic4. The accessibility of the blogger. The blogger should be friendly and at least return 1 in 1000 of a favor leaving a comment at your blog or press the Tweet button once. You know that’s a lot of traffic when the blogger is having a big social background.So commenting on such blogs should return you a lot of traffic. I just say “lot” becauseit depends on how frequently you comment and how regular you are at it. But I canguarantee that it will be a lot.Deep Linking:Deep linking your blog posts is very important for SEO. For traffic? Yes it is important forsearch engine traffic. The more you deeply do your internal linking the more pagesget crawled by the bots, the more authority and more visibility in search engine resultspages (SERPs).You can do deep linking in two ways:1. It is a must that you should relate any blog post of yours to at least a couple of previous posts in your blog. This way you see that almost all the pages are linked and none of the pages are left abandoned in a rusted cupboard.The plugins SEO Smart Links and Insights will be of great help.Word of caution: Don’t overdo this! If you supply too much links within post pages,every page has a drain of the link juice (even if it is to another page of your site). And,it is not good in the eyes of Google! So a couple to a maximum of 4 links per post isfine.2. Use CommmentLuv Plugin for deeplinking your own blog posts. When you leave a comment on your blog, don’t forget to choose from any of the recent 10 posts and leave the link. Do this for all your comments and you have a nice pitch. Again the word of caution applies here too! If you have the habit of replying to every comment on your post, you might be at risk.Provide Quality Content:Your content needs to be unique, cutting edge stuff. This will automatically attract alot of traffic. And your posts will be easily promoted by word of mouth (or clicks). Makesure you are not writing theories always (although you can write some occasionally).Give practical and usable tips (ya I have underlined “usable” to emphasize it). Helppeople to solve their issues, revisit a problem. More importantly, find your own writingvoice. And this will brand you among the crowd. Page | 44
  44. 44. 15 ways to generate trafficRemember quality should go hand in hand with uniqueness; that will help yougenerate a lot of interested traffic and fans.Provide Findable Content:Provide findable content or concentrate on search engine optimization, in otherwords. If you don’t know about SEO, you gotta learn it. You cannot leave your blogposts without optimizing them for search engines. If you do so, you are not producingcontent that is findable.If your content is not findable, how could you expect the traffic to come in? I am notgoing to tell you the basics or details of SEO; that is a separate topic. But that needsa mention here. So what are the old but valid hooks when it comes to traffic generation?Hook 1:Quality Content- the type of content as I have explained above. So thesaying “Content is King” is still one of the vital aspects fortraffic.Hook 2:SEO- Ya you need to make it easier for people to find your content. Don’t lock yourcontent down a pit and expect people to find it. You need to do interlinking, buildbacklinks and do all nifty things to optimize your posts for search engines. I think Idon’t have to mention about keyword research!Hook 3:Social Promotion- Ya the same boring stuff still works great when it comes to traffic. You may be sickof hearing it, but it works! So you gotta do it!Apart from doing the promotion yourself, you have to make it easy for your readersto promote your stuff too. Make sure you embed Retweet, Facebook Share/Like and Page | 45
  45. 45. 15 ways to generate trafficany other potential social sharing buttons. If you are into videos, create some anddistribute them via the various video streaming sites available.I auto tweet the post once immediately after it is published and do a manual tweetalso. I also use the Tweet Old Posts plugin. OnlyWire is great if you want to do a masspromotion at one go.Hook 4:Networking- Connect with as many as possible. Here is a list of 8 kinds of tribes you need tonetwork with. Your networking capacity is your asset.Hook 5:Keep it clean and fast- This could be something you never worry about. A clean and fast site is good inthe eyes of search engines. If you could please the search engines, you could rankhigher in the SERPs. This means more eyeballs will see your content!Check you site’s loading time. Fix those issues that cause slow loading. Keep your sitefree from errors and broken links (I use the Broken Links Checker plugin). Opt for goodquality themes; I personally use Thesis Theme at my blog – Clean coding and hasslefree.My traffic has almost doubled since I started using Thesis.Hook 6:Guest posting- If you are not doing it already, you gotta consider it. If you are doing it, see that youare doing it effectively. Guest posting puts your face everywhere on the internet.You easily become popular on other people’s (usually A-Listers’) platform. Your bloggains good exposure to a lot of people (which translates to a lot of traffic). And, youget very high quality backlinks, boosting your authority, SEO and findability.In summary, I know that the most trivial and boring solutions still work when it comesto traffic generation. The key lies in identifying and implementing the right hooks inthe right way to get a big catch of traffic. Page | 46
  46. 46. 15 ways to generate trafficIf you want traffic, don’t wait. Don’t be lazy. Start to correctly implement the stuff youalready know before going on a hunt to find new tips and techniques.PS: I very much hope I have provided something of use to you here. I am sure that Ihave made you think and revisit the well-know traffic generation techniques.Now, will ya promote me as crazy as you can? I am sure it is easy for you to promotethis post with the social sharing buttons. You can also promote my post with OnlyWireat one go. All I need is your support; nothing else. You can promote everyday too; Iwill love it! Page | 47
  47. 47. 15 ways to generate traffic HOW BING, SOFTBALL AND YAHOO GOT ME BLOG TRAFFIC Article by LISA - http://www.iblogzone.com/author/lisa When I started thinking about writing an article for this contest in regards to traffic generation, I thought, “man…what else can we say about it already?!” We have read article after article about how to drive traffic to our blogs and websites. The standards are always blog commenting, linking to others, forums, social media involvement, guest posting…and lions and tigers and bears!I wanted to bring something a little different to the table and outside the box so tospeak. And here’s the thing…what I did was outside the box for me, but maybe youhave done this already. If so, kudos to you. But I found 3 things in the last two weeksthat have driven fresh, new, targeted traffic to my own blog.SoftballBut first, a story. Yes, I know you all love stories. When I was inhigh school, I played softball. I actually played in grade schoolup through college. But back to high school… sophomore year,my team went through some growing pains. A new coach andnew philosophies.What we as a team did was basically resist the changes. Look,every coach has the same mission…to win games. It’s how toget there that each coach is different. So, after some humiliatinglosses, we realized collectively as a team, this guy might justknow what he’s talking about. And what he is talking about isgetting back to basics. Page | 48
  48. 48. 15 ways to generate trafficNo matter what level you are at, the basics are never far behind. You can’t turn proif you don’t know how to break up a simple double play at second. The same goesfor your blog or online business. There are times when going back to basics will propelyou further than you ever thought possible. We try so hard to re invent the wheel, thatwe forget the wheel works just fine the way it is. We just need to grease it every nowand again to get it moving.Traffic generation tactics are the basics. We can always expand the basics to makeit work for us and give a new twist. So while I was racking my brain to come up withsome ingenious strategy to bring to you, I realized going back to the tried and truemethods would help me….if I could give it my own twist.Google Real-time SearchSo, first things first…run for the Google love. As I began playing around with Googlesearch, I found Google Real-time search. I wrote a guest post about it for ComLuvwhich will give you more in depth information, but here is what I can tell you. If youare looking for the most up to the second results, real-time search is it.If you type in real-time, “help with blog traffic,” you will be served up people rightthen and there looking for help with getting blog traffic. What do you do with that?Go to them!! Go help them…give them your words of wisdom and get yourself a newreader, hence drive this targeted traffic to your site. Read how it helped me morehere:• Find Blog Traffic In Real-time: Google StyleBing SearchThen, I decided to try and expand on the basic search engine traffic strategy. I thenwent to Bing. WOW is all I can say about this. Let me try and explain this as easily aspossible. Say you are in the dog lover niche and are looking for blogs to commenton. So, you go to Google (as close to 90% of people do) and type in “dog lovers.”Google will return you their most relevant results. Well guess what, so will Bing. ANDALL SEARCH RESULTS ARE NOT EQUAL. Sure, there are a few sites that are the same…but in general, Bing will return results to you that are buried deep on Google SERPS….like pages 10 and 11 or more. It’s a known fact that most people don’t search muchbeyond page 2 of results.Are you seeing the potential here? You are going to find blogs that are fresh bloodvisitors to your own blog. These are sites that are not being bombarded by peopleusing Google for all their search results. And when we search the same keywords,we tend to come upon the same sites over and over. I did this for the term “traffic Page | 49
  49. 49. 15 ways to generate trafficgeneration” and I found blogs that were amazing, but were virtually untappedsources of traffic for me.I only tested this for a week, but out of using this strategy, I gained 4 new opt ins and15 RSS subscribers. All from leaving comments on these blogs I had never heard ofor seen before. Now, will it drive 1000′s of visitors a day? Maybe eventually, but moreimportantly, it drove laser focused, targeted traffic to me. Boo Yah! That is and shouldbe, your ultimate traffic goal….conversion.Try it for yourself, type your keywords in Bing and Google and analyze the results. Youwill see some similarities, but you are going to find new places to go, I guarantee it.Go and make readers out of these people!Y! TrafficAnd finally…I know you are thinking, thank God, sheis about to shut up. This one is simple as well and one Ijust tried a few days ago. However, in 3 days, I pickedup 3 opt ins from this, so I’m okay with that, becauseI know it works and I can grow that by continuing toimplement this strategy.If you go to Y! Contributor Network, formerly Associated Content, you can searchkeywords as well. Search “blog traffic” and a ton of articles are returned to you. Then,you can filter the results by publication date. Filter them so that you are returned themost recent articles from 2010 and 2011.Now, you can comment on these articles AND leave your blog link as well. Mostarticles will have the author’s own blog linked and you can then go off and visit andcomment there. I am sure this works with Ezine as well, but for me, I wanted to go toplaces not so saturated (my opinion is all.)The Bottom LineI think I have rambled on long enough. My hope with this article is that while you tryto think outside the box, keep the basics in mind. Try to expand on what others havealready succeeded with and you will find new traffic generation methods. There is noneed to make this process so difficult on yourself.Your turn…..did you search Google and Bing? What did you find?Appreciate so much if you share this with your readers! Page | 50
  50. 50. 15 ways to generate traffic VIBRANT WAYS TO GENERATE TRAFFIC AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Article by Cheryl Ragsdale - http://thatgirlisfunny.com/We’re all in a hurry for the world to beat a path to our door. Traffic is King!We blog because we want to serve other people in finding the knowledge they’reseeking or to help them find an entertaining place to spend their time.We want our hard work acknowledged by people visiting our blog on a regular basis.We want to see growth in traffic over time to feel like our blogging efforts are working.What most of us need is a plan that works to keep us motivated.I’ve found something that helps me to meet those needs. Page | 51
  51. 51. 15 ways to generate trafficWP Plug-In That Tweets Your Oldies But GoodiesA tool that I’ve just started using – that is working beautifully for me – is called TweetOld Posts. It’s a wordpress plug-in. It’s easy to install through the wordpress panel.What’s a little more complicated is deciding which posts you want to exclude.This ends up needing some tweaking as you go along. I set up my plug-in to tweetposts older than 45 days. No problem so far.I soon realized that some of my “old posts” posed a problem for me. I needed to dosome blog maintenance to update the old posts that were being tweeted. Plus, Ineeded to exclude anything related to holidays – like Christmas, for instance. Oops!It’s best to keep a sense of humor in the beginning. In addition, if you are too busy tokeep up with freshening old links or making necessary changes to content, don’t getyour knickers in a knot. If the post hadn’t been “retweeted” by Old Posts, you wouldnever have known the changes were needed.I’ve noticed:• an increase in traffic• an increase in retweets• an increase in my self-appreciation for the body of work I’ve created on my blogI check my twitter stream every day to see which random posts have been tweeted.I click the links and allow myself to feel pride in the words I’ve written and thecomments I’ve received. Very rarely do I visit one of my posts and think “maybe Ishould delete this”.Give Tweet Old Posts a try to increase your traffic immediately. Your Golden Oldieswill warm your heart too.Build Community To Drive TrafficCreating relationships and building community online takes longer than activatinga new plug-in. Let’s use twitter for our next tool. To generate traffic through twitterrequires that you have followers and that you follow people.It took a few weeks for me to get the hang of twitter. I really didn’t understand howpeople could parse out a conversation with everyone twittering at once. Now, I useHootsuite to help me sort through the babble to discern patterns so I can follow theflow of the conversation. Page | 52
  52. 52. 15 ways to generate trafficThat sounds harder than it really is. Just imagine being in a room full of teenagers.Everyone is talking at once – especially the girls – yet, those kids can follow eachother’s trains of thought very easily. We all know how to do this.Here’s a fun video about why we love twittah…There are endless ways to build community online. Social media sites like facebookand twitter are familiar avenues to build traffic by promoting your posts and buildingyour friend lists.By virtue of the fact that you are on the comluv site, I know you understand thatcommenting is a great way to drive new visitors to your blog. What about some newways that you might not have tried yet to establish new connections? Page | 53
  53. 53. 15 ways to generate trafficHave you tried any of these other ways to meet other bloggers?• Find a commenting group to join or create one yourself• Search #bloghops or just blog hops on twitter to see who is offering an opportunity to band together with other like-minded souls in search of more followers or fans• Do the same thing with facebook fan page “like”. I just started participating in a Wednesday facebook fan page follower group. I found them by searching for #bloghop on twitter.• I run blog carnivals on my blog each week. I have a badge on the post that directs bloggers to submit their relevant posts through blogcarnival.com. I find this useful for developing relationships more than it really drives traffic.Vibrant Ways To Generate New TrafficWhen I first started blogging about a year and a half ago, I bumped into anopportunity to participate in an ebook collaboration for a good cause – breastcancer awareness. All I had to do was to submit a post I had already written. The twoauthors combined over 100 blog posts into one ebook that was then sold to raisemoney for Breast Cancer Research.I was quite pleased with myself for being included and for helping out with a worthycause.Looking back, I’m even more pleased with how things went after the ebook went live.As part of my goal-setting, I wanted to make connections with other bloggers. Ineeded to learn EVERYTHING and I was in a big hurry (per usual).I decided that I would contact everyone in the book who looked interesting to me tosay hello and to see whether they would like to guest post on my blog. My reasoningwas – if they say no to a guest post, maybe they’ll leave a comment instead.It worked! People are amazingly generous in the blogosphere.Many of those guest posts continue to gain views and appear on my Top 25 Hot Postslist. Not only that, I am still very much connected to those bloggers.Joining in with people’s projects has generated traffic for me – yes. But even greaterbenefits have arisen.• I’ve met many of my virtual friends in real life• I’ve been the leader on video projects or have contributed my smiling face to other people’s video projects• I’ve run contests on my blog and participated in other people’s contests Page | 54
  54. 54. 15 ways to generate traffic• I ended up being featured on the cover of a book called “50 Athletes Over 50 Teach Us To Live A Strong and Healthy Life”That last one is importantBecause I was on the cover of that book, Kristen from Yahoo (yes, that yahoo) starteda conversation with me that led to her bringing a film crew to Boston (from California).Kristen creates and publishes videos for a show called Second Act – Vitality on YahooNews If I hadn’t started blogging, this opportunity would never have happened. My show is scheduled to be published during the first week of April. Look for it to appear on the Yahoo homepage. (What?!) You’ll know it’s me because I say, “My name is Cheryl Ragsdale and I’m a Mixed Martial Artist“.Zou never know who you might meet – inside that ever increasing flow of traffic aroundyou – because you left one more comment than you usually would or retweetedsomeone’s post or followed someone who provided a timely piece of information.Keep your eyes open. Keep moving forward. Opportunities are everywhere.Don’t be a stranger – tweet me! Page | 55
  55. 55. 15 ways to generate traffic HOW TO TWEET YOUR TRAFFIC? Article by Jeevan Jacob John - http://www.techpupil.com/ Traffic is the art of getting people to click on your site. Most of us have talked about traffic generation in a generalized way. In this blog post, we will focus on Twitter. We will discuss how Twitter can get us more traffic and how we can use certain strategies on Twitter to get more traffic.Twitter and Traffic GenerationTwitter is one of the most important social media sites present today. So, we can use(we should use) twitter to get traffic from it. Most of us are not using Twitter to its fullestcapabilities. What I see is this prevalent trend of promotional tweeting (tweets with links).But Twitter is far more than that. Just because you tweeted it doesn’t make it soimportant that you will get more traffic. Moreover, only a small ratio of twitter users arethe audience of your tweets, because Twitter is updated every second. In this blogpost, we will talk about target/audience specific tweeting techniques, rewording &retweeting techniques, messaging, give and take love techniques and lots more.Many of these techniques might be familiar to you.Rewording and Re-tweeting !Just Re tweeting your links is not going to be fun. You could do it, but rewordingand re tweeting is much better. You could reword the tweet to be something elseand retweet it. Think about it. Rewording and retweeting is much better than plainretweeting. You will find out more about this in the next paragraph. Both of the tweetswould look different even though they link to the same page.Target/Audience Specific TweetingLet’s say that you are on twitter, and imagine that you are going to share one of yourlinks. Instead of tweeting it, you could reword it to be “audience specific” so that thepeople who are in your group will click your link. Using audience specific retweetingwill help you to get more traffic from a specific audience. Page | 56