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InfinityHR Overview and Case Studies


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Describes InfinityHR solution and provides examples of why clients and health insurance brokers utilize the solution

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InfinityHR Overview and Case Studies

  1. 1. 1<br />Effective solution for key HR activities<br />InfinityHR is a complete and secure web-based HR Management System that provides online benefits enrollment and other HR functions as needed<br />Employee Portal<br />Benefits Mgmt<br />Time Off Tracking<br />Time & Attendance<br />Applicant Tracking<br />Performan Mgmt<br />Employee Surveys<br />Wellness Tracking<br />Workflow Mgmt<br />Advanced Reporting<br /><ul><li>InfinityHR can be implemented quickly, and does not require client to invest in any hardware or software
  2. 2. Centralizes HR and benefits data into a single system, and provides powerful reporting/exporting capabilities
  3. 3. Allows employees to enroll in and change benefits information on their own, reducing errors and time spent gathering data
  4. 4. Automatically and electronically delivers benefits information to each carrier and payroll provider, eliminating the need to manage multiple forms and manually enter data into multiple systems
  5. 5. Remaining HR features available at no additional charge, may be implemented over time</li></li></ul><li>Improve enrollment and other HR events<br />School District utilized InfinityHR’s employee portal, enabling a more efficient enrollment and communication process between employees, payroll and carriers.<br />Key benefits<br />Client profile<br /><ul><li>Streamlined Reconciliation Process – reduced process from 5 days to less than 1 day
  6. 6. Interfaces with carriers previously required IT involvement, data is now exported automatically from system on scheduled basis
  7. 7. Streamlined Retiree and LOA Processes – reduced processes from 2 days down to a couple of hours
  8. 8. OE now completely internet based with flexibility to allow either employee self-service or guided enrollments
  9. 9. Dramatically improved the accuracy of deduction data provided to payroll
  10. 10. Employees: > 1,000
  11. 11. Utilized paper-based enrollment process and carrier eligibility process
  12. 12. Seeking:
  13. 13. more efficient enrollment process with fewer errors
  14. 14. Ability to audit and reconcile premiums electronically
  15. 15. COBRA Processing and Billing
  16. 16. Retiree Processing and Billing
  17. 17. LOA Processing and Billing</li></ul>“Just wanted to say "Thank you" for such a great enrollment”– Client HR Administrator<br />
  18. 18. 3<br />Attract, Retain and Grow Key Clients<br />Broker utilized InfinityHR to attract key client-- employee portal enabled more efficient enrollment process, increased overall participation<br />Key benefits<br />Client profile<br /><ul><li>Employees: ~400
  19. 19. Locations: 10+ nationwide
  20. 20. Utilized paper-based enrollment process and a competing HR system that cost $50k+ annually
  21. 21. Seeking more efficient enrollment process with fewer errors
  22. 22. InfintyHR helped broker differentiate its offering to win the business
  23. 23. Participation increased by 20%+, equating to $40k in monthly premiums
  24. 24. Voluntary coverages increased by 25%+
  25. 25. Client utilizes most HR modules, promoting long-term retention by broker
  26. 26. Broker is able to purchase InfinityHR at rates 50% - 70% lower than competing products (<10k annually)</li></ul>“I am very impressed with both the individual efforts and team efforts to make this year’s enrollment the smoothest ever.”– Client HR Administrator<br />