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CAT Presentation


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Overview of Community Association Technologies

Published in: Business, Technology
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CAT Presentation

  1. 1. c<br />a<br />t<br />community <br />association<br />technologies<br />April, 2010<br />Innovative. Profitable. Yours.<br />
  2. 2. Community Association Technologies<br /><ul><li>Leading management companies now have access to customized solutions built on best of breed technologies
  3. 3. Associations benefit from multiple payment options, real-time information, and customized solutions for reserves and loans
  4. 4. Management companies gain control of their financial service offerings and maximize their service-levels and profitability</li></li></ul><li>Lockbox<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Loans<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Software<br />Insurance<br />Technology Consulting<br />99<br /><ul><li>Homeowners able to pay by:
  5. 5. Check or coupon
  6. 6. One-time or recurring ACH or credit card
  7. 7. Telephone payment
  8. 8. Accurate payment processing includes “check onlys” (e.g., bill-pay)
  9. 9. Management company enjoys favorable earnings credits with no risk of service charges</li></li></ul><li>Reserves<br />Reserves<br />Lockbox<br />Loans<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Software<br />Insurance<br />Technology Consulting<br /><ul><li>Multiple banks in CAT network enable 5x+ FDIC insurance
  10. 10. Banks regularly monitored for financial stability
  11. 11. Competitive rates for operating, money-market and CD accounts
  12. 12. Management company benefits from earnings credits on reserve accounts (not just operating accounts)</li></li></ul><li>Loans<br />Loans<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Software<br />Insurance<br />Technology Consulting<br /><ul><li>Up to 3 proposals within 72 hours of basic application submission
  13. 13. CAT consults on key terms and rate comparisons
  14. 14. Ability to generate some incremental revenue to management companies, as appropriate
  15. 15. CAT assists with documentation and closing process</li></li></ul><li>Automated Re-sales<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Loans<br />Software<br />Insurance<br />Technology Consulting<br /><ul><li>Industry-leading web site fulfills condo certification and re-sale/demand requests, may be private-labeled by management company
  16. 16. Management company has opportunity to purchase software over 3 year term
  17. 17. Integrations with industry-leading software providers
  18. 18. Full service call center reduces work-load for management company</li></li></ul><li>Software<br />Software<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Loans<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Insurance<br />Technology Consulting<br /><ul><li>CAT is a value-added re-seller for industry leading software solutions
  19. 19. Proprietary cash management utility enables key banking capabilities within the software program itself
  20. 20. Full integration with Automated Re-Sale solution
  21. 21. Discounts and packaged pricing available</li></li></ul><li>Insurance<br />Insurance<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Loans<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Software<br />Technology Consulting<br /><ul><li>Customized programs for condos and planned unit developments
  22. 22. Underwriting guidelines provide for improved coverage and competitive pricing
  23. 23. Detailed quotes delivered promptly to community managers</li></li></ul><li>Technology Consulting<br />Technology Consulting<br />Lockbox<br />Reserves<br />Loans<br />Automated Re-sales<br />Software<br />Insurance<br /><ul><li>Full technology consulting capabilities
  24. 24. Develop a strategic plan for key technology initiatives
  25. 25. Receive CAT input and peer review on most important issues</li>