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Recent advances in the project EXCITE – Extraction of Citations from PDF Documents


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Workshop on Open Citations
Presentation of the EXCITE project

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Recent advances in the project EXCITE – Extraction of Citations from PDF Documents

  1. 1. Recent advances in the project EXCITE – Extraction of Citations from PDF Documents Philipp Mayr GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences 2018-09-03, Bologna #opencitations #WOOC2018
  2. 2. EXCITE team • PI: Steffen Staab (WeST), Philipp Mayr (GESIS) • Researchers: Behnam Ghavimi, Zeyd Boukhers • Developer: Azam Hosseini • Collaborators: Heinrich Hartmann, Martin Körner 2
  3. 3. EXCITE: Background 3 • We run productive search systems and research in information retrieval, recommendation systems and knowledge discovery − SSOAR (48K full texts) − GESIS Search (242K data sets + further materials) • National literatures are not well represented in major citation indices (like WoS, Scopus) • Shortage of citation data for the international and German social sciences (Social Science Citation Index is not enough) • Open availability of citation data is improving but still very limited
  4. 4. EXCITE: Main objectives • Develop web services to allow third-parties to extract citation data from arbitrary publications • Develop a toolchain of reference extraction and matching software • Integrate and publish the extracted citation data in reusable formats • Narrow the supply gap of citation data in the social sciences 4
  5. 5. EXCITE: toolchain (1) Extraction of text from source documents (PDFs), (2) Identification of reference sections and other forms of embedded reference information within the text, (3) Segmentation of individual references into its constituent fields such as author, title, etc., (4) Matching of reference strings against bibliographic databases, (5) Export and publication of matched references to reusable formats (convert to OCC) 5 Training data
  6. 6. EXCITE: recent advances • All components are available as reusable components, see • EXparser – tool to extracting and segment references (see talk by Zeyd Boukhers: “A Generic Approach for Reference Extraction from PDF Documents” tomorrow) • Annotators and Gold standards – tools to annotate references and different gold standards to train and test the tools • EXmatcher – tool to match references to bibliographic databases which base on solr, elasticsearch • EXpublisher – tool to convert EXCITE data to JSON-LD • Public demo • Extracted and matched data in productive systems, e.g. 6
  7. 7. EXAnnotators: Reference Identification 7
  8. 8. EXAnnotators: Reference Segmentation 8
  9. 9. EXCITE: Demo 9 DEMO
  10. 10. EXCITE: Demo 10 Uploading File Display References Result
  11. 11. EXmatcher • Input are segmented reference strings with probabilities for each segment • Output are matched document ids 11
  12. 12. EXmatcher hybrid approach - combination of blocking techniques and a classifier algorithm Input: strings, segments, probabilities 12
  13. 13. EXPublisher • Converting extracted and matched data to the OCC ontology (incl. EXCITE Identifier in the OCI) • Enrichment of the reference information by external metadata 13 EXMatcher and ExPublisher will be included in the demo soon!
  14. 14. Next steps in EXCITE • EXCITE references to be published in OpenCitationCorpus • Public EXCITE API for testing (to be public soon) • Reference Matching to Crossref to be added in the demo/API • Gold Standards (German/English/Reference Section/Footnotes) to be completed • Extractions models for German and English texts • More Social Science data to be processed and released • We try to process ArXiv for OCC 14
  15. 15. Thank you Contact: Dr Philipp Mayr GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany Email: Twitter: @philipp_mayr • Project website • EXCITE mailing list: Subscribe to our Newsletter. • Demo • GIT 15
  16. 16. EXCITE: Toolchain 16