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Reduce employee turnover - Help your employees quit their day job


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In this presentation I'm going to take you through a key leadership approach that allows respected leaders like Tony Hsieh and Gary Vaynerchuk to reduce employee turnover.

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Reduce employee turnover - Help your employees quit their day job

  1. 1. Yeah, You Read That Right.
  2. 2. Let’s start with why you’d want your employees to quit on you.
  3. 3. Let me explain…
  4. 4. Wouldn’t you be?
  5. 5. Then I was asked to reenlist.
  6. 6. I was surprised when my supervisor wasn’t keen on my interest in the last part of the Navy’s sales pitch.
  7. 7. I had a goal and a plan.
  8. 8. I was there to do good work and then…
  9. 9. Have you experienced a similar situation?
  10. 10. This event helped me craft five retention keys that helped me retain some incredible employees for many years…
  11. 11. Openly talk to employees about their personal goals and dreams,
  12. 12. Employees who feel safe, valued, and aligned with a company stay longer.
  13. 13. Tenure shouldn’t result from “pressured loyalty” to the company...
  14. 14. A feeling of safety is key to reducing employee turnover. They can stop worrying and start working!
  15. 15. But BEWARE of defaulting to this conclusion too often.
  16. 16. I’m not the only one who’s crazy…
  17. 17. “I don’t care what your agenda is[...] I just wanna know what it is so I can help us get there, because the truth is…
  18. 18. An authentic relationship with your employees is the granite foundation that reduces employee turnover, and on which you’ll build a successful business.
  19. 19. VaynerMedia has gone from zero to 500+ employees in 6 years.
  20. 20. the CEO sitting down and making investments in, and commitments to, the dreams of his or her employees…
  21. 21. When CEOs help employees pursue dreams that don’t have anything to do with the job or business they’re in at that moment, people love it!
  22. 22. Zappos brought in a life coach that helps employees work on any goal related to Zappos, or not.
  23. 23. And they want their employees to be able to be themselves when they’re at work...
  24. 24. In 2013 Zappos boasted a 0% voluntary turnover rate!
  25. 25. Obviously there’s a lot more to how you execute this approach.
  26. 26. The Author: askPhilipWilliams askphilipwilliams @askphilipw