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So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? These Are Your First Steps.


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Philip Ward overviews the first steps an aspiring entrepreneur will need to take on the road to success.

Published in: Business
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So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? These Are Your First Steps.

  1. 1. These are your first steps. PHILIP WARD SO, YOU WANT TO BE AN  ENTREPRENEUR?
  3. 3. Committing to entrepreneurship means agreeing to hard work, long hours, and absolutely no guarantees. However, if you have a passion that keeps you up at night - one that drives you, and makes you want to risk everything in its pursuit - the life of an entrepreneur might be for you.  Take your first steps towards success. 
  4. 4. 1. Lay out your ideas. PHILIP WARD You can't quit your job and decide to start a business just because you want to work your own hours. You need a passion, and a rock- solid business idea. Take the time to sit down and write out your thoughts on what the foundation for your business will be. If all goes well, you'll be spending years of your life on this venture - you want your root idea to be strong!
  5. 5. 2. Do your research. PHILIP WARD Small businesses fill a need in your community. Do your research - does your idea suit gaps in the local market? Will there be a consumer base for your service or product? Find out quickly - the last thing you want to do is watch the business you’ve poured time, effort, and money into flop because the community has no need for it. 
  6. 6. 3. Build a support system. PHILIP WARD Let your friends and family in on your plans. Even in the best scenario, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time and energy on your entrepreneurial efforts, and need the understanding support of those closest to you. Give them an honest outline of what you expect to be doing, and explain that you may have less available time as you commit to launching your business. When you inevitably face business setbacks, you will need a sympathetic support system to help you bounce back and tackle the problem. 
  7. 7. 4. Commit. PHILIP WARD Building a business takes time. You’ll work long nights, face difficult tasks, and wonder when you’ll see returns on the time you’ve invested. On the hardest days, you might even worry that you should have kept to the security of your previous job. But if you have the passion and grit to keep on, you'll find satisfaction in the victories, and hold on to your drive even through the worst setbacks. 
  8. 8. A TRUE ENTREPRENEUR KNOWS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IS WORTH THE RISK. PHILIP WARD Despite the risks, I wouldn’t trade being an entrepreneur for all the job security in the world - and if you have spirit enough to build your own business, neither should you.