Oral Health: The Effect of Your Diet


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Many different kinds of foods can affect in good or bad ways. This article describes some foods that you should keep in your diet and avoid to have a healthier smile.

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Oral Health: The Effect of Your Diet

  1. 1. Oral Health: The Effect of Your Diet Brushing your teeth several times a day and making sure to floss are huge when it comes to your oral health and keeping your pearly whites squeaky clean but chances are you didn’t know too much about how your diet and what you eat can affect your oral health and your teeth. Many foods can affect in a good or bad way. Below are some of those foods that you should keep in your diet to keep a healthier you, and a healthier smile. Diets: What is Really Good? It can be tough when you are trying to choose a diet to know which one to choose. You might want to keep a good diet to lose some of the holiday weight. Maybe you are looking for a diet to help you have more protein. Whatever the diet that you choose, something that you should keep in mind is a diet that will also be good for your oral health. Not all foods will you help you in this aspect so being a smart when choosing a diet can help you with your oral and overall health. The Good List There are many foods that actually act as a sort of tooth brush to help clean your teeth. Fruits and vegetables that are stiff such as celery, carrots and apples are prime examples of this. Perhaps you have heard of people going on diets where they juice everything. Although these types of diets may have their good aspects to them, you will lose out on the benefits from chewing on fruits and vegetables such as these. The actual motion of chewing your teeth can help whiten your teeth and leave you with a healthier smile. Your gums and mouth need vitamin B and iron. A great way to get these is through foods such as whole grain bread or cereals. You may be trying to avoid these extra carbohydrates but something you can do is just eating them in the morning and throughout the day your body will burn off much of these carbohydrates. This can be a great way to keep your carbs low but still getting the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to promote healthy oral care. Shun the Sugar Foods that tend to have a negative effect on your oral health are foods with sugar. Sugar is absolutely bad and consequently can have a poor effect on your pearly whites. The sugars can hang around in your mouth after eating the sugar filled foods and are a large factor in causing harmful plaque or other types of erosion that can happen in your mouth. Enamel can even be slowly taken away by having a sugar filled diet.
  2. 2. The Need to Know No matter what diet you decide to have, trying to keep a rich diet in fruits and vegetables will help you in your quest to achieve better oral health. Consult your dentist in West Jordan to know what would be the very best diet for you. Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healthy_diet Photo Credit: http://redsoxwife.blogspot.com/2011/04/no-sugar-fast.html