Old toothbrushes the ultimate cleaners


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Old toothbrushes the ultimate cleaners

  1. 1. Old Toothbrushes: the ultimate cleaners Most people just chuck their old toothbrushes. Why else would you keep them if you’re not going to use them to brush your teeth anymore? Well, there are actually lots of reasons to keep your old brushes around. And here are ten of them: Clean off Crayon Marks The strange mix of shaving cream and your old toothbrush will get crayon marks off the walls if your kids (or your inner child) decide to use the nice white walls as a drawing board. It’s a neat little trick that will keep your stress down, your walls sparkling, and your landlord happy. Beauty tool Rather than buying expensive beauty tools, you can use an old (preferably sanitized) toothbrush as an eyebrow brush. While this tip is most useful for women, men could potentially use them for sideburns or mustache brushes as well. Nail Brush Old toothbrushes are a great tool to use to clean out your fingernails. Just add a little soap and water and you’ll have beautiful sparkling nails! And it feels good too. Cleaning Tiles Borax, baking soda and water make the perfect scrubbing solution for tiles anywhere in your home – usually the bathroom and kitchen. Scrub away with your old toothbrush and get those tiny cracks clean! Cleaning Shoes Get out the caked on grime off your shoes with your toothbrush. Use just water or add a little soap and scrub away. This is a great way to keep white shoes white and the bottom of your soles clean. Hair Dye Old toothbrushes are a great way to apply hair dye if you like to dye your hair at home. Another excellent tip for touching up grey or white roots is to put mascara on a toothbrush and gently rub it in to your roots. It blends in very well and keeps your hair looking great from top to bottom. Clean Appliances Toothbrushes are a great tool to clean out the tiny crevices and crummy cracks of your toaster, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot. Let those little bristles sweep through the cracks that nothing else can get into. It will work wonders.
  2. 2. Cleaning Electronics/Mechanics Cleaning out the dust from computer fans and other small crevices on your electronic devices is made easy with toothbrushes. They even work great for cleaning out mechanical parts under the hood or crevices on guns. Cleaning Pets If you have a small, furry pet, toothbrushes work at great, gentle groomers. For brushing or bathing, old toothbrushes are your friend! Decoration For the creative mind, you can use old toothbrushes for decoration. They can be melted and bent into bracelets or toys for babies. You could also use them for picture frames, magnets, or any other craft you can think up. You can also create unique paintings using old toothbrushes. So next time you visit your dentist in Sandy, UT, and get your new toothbrush, make sure you hang onto your old toothbrush and take advantage of its versatile uses!