How to be your own physical therapist


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How to be your own physical therapist

  1. 1. How to be your own Physical Therapist When you are sore, tight, or your body just feels out of place in some way or another, you may think about a going to a physical therapist. This can take lots of time and more money than you are often willing to put down. Here are some ways to do some self-diagnosis and ultimately some self-therapy as well. Understand where the pain is coming from Pain, tension, pressure, whatever it is you are feeling, you need to go to the root of the problem. When you start to understand where the problem is stemming from, you can start to do your self-diagnosis. Research There is so much on the internet nowadays, so there is really no excuse for you not to use it to your advantage. Many people glean a lot of their information off of Webmd which has very well researched medical content for those looking to find out what is going on with their bodies. Free advice There is no reason that you can’t just ask your uncle who is a physical therapist what he thinks about your back. If you don’t have an uncle who is a physical therapist, then try elsewhere. Odds are that you know at least one person who you can get some advice from. Make sure you aren’t taking too much of their time just talking about your problem because that gets old and they will start too look at you as a parasite. It is a good idea to have a casual conversation as well and not just make it like a doctor’s appointment. No one wants to feel like they have to work even when they left the office. Fundamentals You should always focus on the fundamentals. This means that you need to check and see if your diet is ok. See what is missing and how you can change it in order to help with the repairs you need to undergo with therapy. Become a Detective If you sustained an injury while playing football it is a good idea to see what exactly happened on camera. This can give you a lot more background when you are trying to give your self therapy. Really
  2. 2. you become much like a detective when you do your own physical therapy. You need to ask yourself all sorts of questions. Where is the pain coming from? How long has it been there? What makes it go away? What makes it hurt the most? How does the pain actually feel? All of these questions will lead you closer to a solution in the end. Make sure you take your health serious. If you are truly injured and you feel like you don’t have the money to go see a therapist, there are some things that you can do to figure it out on your own. But in the end, you need to remember that this is your health and it is important. Working with a physical therapist shouldn’t always be your last option so if you aren’t doing well, visit the Florham Park, New Jersey physical therapy clinic.