7 creative uses for dental floss


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7 creative uses for dental floss

  1. 1. 7 Creative Uses for Dental Floss Did you know that if you brush without flossing, you’re missing 35% of the surface of your teeth? When it comes to a healthy smile, dental floss is irreplaceable. As bad as you want the need to floss to just disappear, you’re going to have to continue using it every day, unless you want cavities to develop. And since you already have some dental floss handy around the house, it can come in handy for other, less vital uses. Here are 7 creative uses for floss that go beyond cleaning your teeth. Slice Pastries and Cheese Slicing a cake or pastry can be tricky with a knife—it sticks to the blade, and you’re left with mushed slices. Want to make the perfect slice of cake? Try un-flavored dental floss. Pull a piece of floss tight between your hands, and press it down into the cake or pastry. It will cut you a straight, accurate slice, without the challenge of cutting with a blade. Try it with cheese, too. Silence an Annoying Dripping Faucet Is a dripping faucet keeping you up at night? Dental floss won’t exactly fix the problem, but it can eliminate the annoying “drip…drip” before you go mad. Just tie some floss around the faucet and dangle it down into the sink. The drops will flow down the string without a peep. Hang Clothes up to Dry Dental floss is stronger than you might think. It’s definitely powerful enough to hold up wet clothes. If you’re out camping, or maybe you want to save on your electricity bill, make a quick dental-floss clothes line.
  2. 2. Unstick cookies from a tray Are you notorious for getting your cookies stuck on the tray? Well, there’s an easy trick for unsticking those delicious chocolate chip cookies: just get a piece of dental floss and slide it under the cookies. Voila! Problem solved. Hang Pictures on the Wall Do you have a picture you want to hang on the wall, but you can’t find any string or wire? Guess what, dental floss works just as well. Don’t stop with pictures: use dental floss to hang other items around your house, like Christmas ornaments and wind chimes. Quick Shoelace Replacement Snapping a shoelace can be frustrating, but if you have dental floss handy then you’ve got an easy replacement. Tie up your shoes with some floss, and you’re ready to go. Sew a Button I think you’re starting to get the idea, now. Dental floss is a great stand-in when you can’t find any string. Another example of this is a popped button: just grab some floss and sew it right up. Most Importantly, Floss Is Great For Cleaning Between Your Teeth Don’t forget the most important use of dental floss—cleaning away food and bacteria that gets lodged between your teeth. Now that you’re a flossing pro, make sure you’re seeing the dentist regularly. If you’re looking for an experienced dentist in Oklahoma, call Dr. Talley’s office today to set up an appointment!