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Video as driving force in Social Media


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Presentation for Social Media Summit, on 17.12.2015 in Brussels, about the strength of corporate video communication and the distribution through social media

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Video as driving force in Social Media

  2. 2. bringING motion to your message the magic number Storytellers Visual facilitators
  3. 3. clients from wide horizons
  4. 4. Magnetism of the play button
  5. 5. BY 2018, VIDEO WILL ACCOUNT FOR OF ALL 80 % CONSUMER INTERNET TRAFFIC 50 OF COMPANIES is already using corporate video % Power of the play button
  6. 6. Mobile is emperor
  7. 7. Corporate video: on which channels?
  8. 8. Content marketing strategy
  9. 9. It’s all about conversion
  10. 10. It’s all about your Audience Narrowcasting instead of viral video Conversion instead of views
  11. 11. It’s all about your brand Video is an ideal medium for brand storytelling. Be visually consistent. Make use of your corporate identity branding - colours - font - typo - logo
  12. 12. It’s all about topicality
  13. 13. cop21
  14. 14. It’s all about your Analytics Narrowcasting instead of viral video Sales instead of views Google loves video Video on your landing page increases conversion Insights and analytics (heat maps, drop-outs)
  15. 15. corporate Video on social media Narrowcasting instead of viral video Sales instead of views
  16. 16. targeted video 8 billion views a day 1 view = 3 sec “billions of views” 1 view = 30 sec 50% mobile video discovery Average video length 44 seconds Average video lengths 3 minutes Youtube 8x times bigger than Facebook when it comes to amount of videos 65% mobile
  17. 17. video on social media 1 2 3 Customer Value Driven Engaging Call to action
  18. 18. +32 495 43 78 09