Norton Park Hotel biomass system.


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A case study of a biomass boiler installed at Norton Park hotel.

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Norton Park Hotel biomass system.

  1. 1. Norton Park Biomass InstallationCurrent SystemCurrent system comprises of one boiler room to supply the entire hotel and manor house with heatingand hot water. The system comprises of 3 x 500kW oil boilers situated in their own building.Current control systemThe current system has very little control with no BMS system in place. During the winter period, theboilers run constantly to provide adequate heat to the hotel.We recommended that a BMS system is installed to greatly increase efficiency of the system.Current running costsThe oil used from January 10 – December 10 inclusive was 243,846 litres of oil.This equates to approximately £158,500 in the year if the oil based at 65p per litre Page 1
  2. 2. Norton Park Biomass InstallationProposed systemBoiler LocationProposed system to be fitted in an adapted 40ft containerised system incorporating boiler system andcontrols, along with the pellet fuel storage. The image below is a scale 3D rendition of the containersystem sited next to the boiler room. Boiler system is con-sealed from the public and provide no accessissues, fuel delivery is straight forward due to the immediate access from the car-park. To site the boilerin the best location for operation, the LPG gas tanks for cooking would require moving to a differentlocation Page 2
  3. 3. Norton Park Biomass InstallationBoiler PlantSystem proposed is manufactured by HDG Bavaria in Germany.HDG have been a leading force in the development of split wood boilers and pellet boilers over the lastthree decades. HDG’s many years of experience is the basis for the quality of their products and thekey to success with customers.The proposed boiler is an HDG Compact 200. If you wish to see one fully operational, we can organisea visit to Euroheats training facility where an HDG Compact 200 is heating the entire office, warehouseand training facility.The HDG Compact 100-200 is an automatic wood heating system for burning wood chips, shavingsand pellets for outputs of 100 to 190 kW. This makes it particularly suitable for use in agriculture andforestry, commercial businesses, shared heating systems, hotels and larger buildings.  Suitable for wood chips (up to 65% wood moisture, medium chips of 3 to 5 cm max. G50), shavings and pellets  Patented back-burning protection with rotary feeder  Highly convenient with automatic cleaning and ash removal  High quality combustion technology with air-cooled, moving stepping grateThe 3D rendition below is a cut out diagram of the boiler system and pellet store within the container.The system comprises all feeding equipment, boiler, ash removal system and cyclone chimney systemto meet DEFRA approval. All equipment is MCS approved. Page 3
  4. 4. Norton Park Biomass InstallationHDG Compact container system1 – HDG Compact 2002 – Automatic de-ashing3 – Cyclone chimney system to remove ash from exhaust gas4 – Vacuum pellet feeding system5 – Pellet container with feed system6 – Fuel input via blown-fed delivery truck Page 4
  5. 5. Norton Park Biomass InstallationEstimated fuel use and costs including RHI paymentsThe following table shows the estimated payments for RHI and relative fuel costs. The costs are basedon the boiler running approximately 19 hours a day, 365 days a yearThe annual RHI is calculated at £42,779 a year.Using an oil price of 6.5p per kW, by use of pellets, savings is approximately £51,400 per annum.Bulk pellet ordering will reduce the cost per tonne depending on the supplier. Forever Fuels based inBerkshire apply an accumulation discount through the year. The more pellets ordered in the year, thebetter the discount. For over 100 tonnes the costs are down to £143 per tonne. This would be met veryeasily when combined with other hotels in the chain. For pellet deliveries, the container holds 12 tonnesof pellets so there would have to be approximately 25 deliveries in the year.Servicing/ Staff trainingAs part of our ongoing system maintenance we provide service contracts to ensure smooth operation ofthe boiler and equipment. The service contract is £190 + VAT per month, including parts.We can provide training days for staff currently involved in the maintenance of the heating system. Thiswill give them a clear idea on the operation of the boiler and will have adequate knowledge to fault findif required and maintain the boilers. Staff training is included in our costs. Page 5
  6. 6. Norton Park Biomass Installation Finished Installation.The Hotel decided to remove trees adjacent to the boiler house to prevent the need to remove and re-position the LPG tanks used for cooking. This was a more cost effective approach.Fuel savings are approximately £750 per week during summer use. Page 6
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