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Why doesnt that ad show up each time


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Short introduction to explain why Google might not show your adverts on AdWords every time someone does a search for your keyword

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Why doesnt that ad show up each time

  1. 1. MY ADS ARE NOT SHOWING ON GOOGLE WHEN I DO A SEARCH! You need to be spending up to €10,000 per day in order for your ads to appear in Ireland ● Google will not every time a user types in a show your Ad every keyword that you have selected! time a user searches on your chosen Keyword Total Available Traffic How often will your Daily Spend for Keyword “Hotels” ad appear? €10,000 500,000 searches per day For every search ● Google will stop €1,000 500,000 searches per day 1 in ten searches displaying your Ad 1 in one hundred when you have spent €100 500,000 searches per day searches your Daily Budget €10 500,000 searches per day 1 in a thousand searches ● Keyword = “Hotels” ● Daily Spend = €10,000 * ● Search Volumes per day = 500,000 * In this case, your ad will show all of the time because Google will estimate that your ad will be clicked on 2% of the time, and you will be charged €1 each time a user clicks on your ad. You will easily spend €10,000 a day! When your daily spend is €10, Google will estimate that it needs to show you ad once in every thousand searches on that keyword! * these figures are examples for illustrative purposes only