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About us positive stocks positive revolution


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Positive Revolution is a group of industry professionals with the unique ability to successfully drive investor and consumer traffic. Positive Revolution provides expert business growth and marketing consulting for businesses interested using online media channels to increase their sales and shareholder bases. Positive Revolution accomplishes these goals by utilizing technology and inexpensive labor to build markets quickly without breaking the bank. We are located in San Diego, CA.

We are engaged in business acceleration and proprietary marketing strategies to major corporations within diverse industries. Our Marketing Process and Technology are unmatched in the industry. Our system is a process-centered, technology-enabled, performance-driven solution executed by our in-house editors, SEO specialists, project managers and engineers. All of these team members work in tandem with experts who possess particular technical industry experience.

Our consulting practice is built on trust, proven success, long-term relationships and referrals. We only select clients we know we can help succeed, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services. With Positive Revolution, every one of our clients has the advantage of working directly with a senior consultant, not second string assistants and support staff. The ability to get results quickly is the key to our success.

Positive Revolution can market anything you can imagine. Success comes from our initial investment into our clients program and hard work. Developers of proprietary software managing a staff of 150 outsourced online marketing experts used in a process to pop a market within 45 days. Online strategist using positive content to drive investor and consumer traffic.

ALan Armstrong
Positive Revolution Inc
San Diego, CA

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About us positive stocks positive revolution

  1. 1. P Who We Are: We are optimistic marketers with a thirst to get eyes on Positive Companies and Organizations. We feature Companies that are Positively unique. All of our featured companies are in desperate need of creating brand awareness to reach their specific goals... Why We Do It: “I have seen the best companies go down the toilet because they hired some creep working out of their parent’s basement claiming he was an investor relations guru. We hired these thieves in the past and lost thousands of dollars in stock and cash creating nothing but stress. I KNEW THERE WAS A MASSIVE MARKET FOR SERVICES THAT ACTUALLY WORKED. How We Do It: We developed a system based on the quality and quantity of leads within our network. We only feature select companies. We do not spend our money on hiring sales representatives to sell our services. Rather, we spend cash on developing relational data-bases by hiring High-Tech-Geeks who are all experts in their field hungry to make a buck. These include: S.E.O techs, Database Developers, Database-Programmers, Network Analyst, Data Communication Analyst, Network Management Software Programmers and various I.T contractors. What We Do: We are an innovative advertising company with a versatile platform offering solutions with immediate results! We provide Valued Alerts to our subscriber base. Our Next Generation advertising platform is revolutionizing the stock awareness industry. Driving millions of “Positive Minded” Visitors at the flip of a switch to look closer at our featured companies. We are a privately held venture incorporated in the State of California. Over the past year, the company has experienced tremendous growth by implementing innovative in-house solutions that power a vibrant advertiser marketplace that now serves millions of impressions weekly. Why Use Us: Become a Client.  Increase Your Shareholder Base  Increase Trade Volume Contact us Today!  Increase Liquidity  Get Noticed and Get Funded  Increase Market Capitalization