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  1. 1. A long time ago, I was a cabinet maker. Then I discovered advertising and design, and now I have been an account guy at ad agencies for almost two decades. I love my work, and it has been very good to me. I have had the chance to work across different countries, with incredibly talented people, and on many great projects. The thing that keeps fascinating me about advertising and design, is that it is a mirror of what we do every day just living our lives – we take things in, try to understand them, and communicate what we have seen. Ultimately, this work is all about creating deeper relationships. Functionally, there is no difference between a disposable plastic pen and the Montblanc fountain pen my grandmother gave me. And yet, I have a completely different relationship with the fountain pen. I care about it, I’ll have it repaired when it’s broken, and love writing with it. When we care about the things we surround ourselves with, we add richness to our lives. To give people a reason to care about a plastic pen, to infuse a brand with emotion, is what I enjoy doing every day I come to work.
  2. 2. Forsman & Bodenfors; Göteborg, Sweden – Ikea Advertising The partnership with Ikea includes strategic planning and execution of all external marketing activities, creating a consistently high level of media exposure. Ikea internet campaigns have set international benchmarks and made F&B a player on the international ad award scene. Ikea projects have since ‘05 won over 50 ad awards, the Ikea “Dream Kitchens” site was declared the worlds most awarded digital project in 2006 by Creativity Magazine, Forsman & Bodenfors was named digital agency of the year at the Cannes Lions 2007 and is ranked number 3 globally on the ‘07 Gunn report. At the Lions 2008, F&B won the Media Grand Prix and was named media agency of the year.
  3. 3. IKEA kitchen site “Dream kitchens”
  4. 4. IKEA kitchen site “Around the world in five kitchens”
  5. 5. IKEA wardrobe site “Come into the closet”
  6. 6. IKEA bedroom site “You need a quiet space”
  7. 7. IKEA TVC “You need a quite space”
  8. 8. IKEA outdoor boards
  9. 9. IKEA magazine
  10. 10. IKEA newsprint
  11. 11. Avenue A/Razorfish; Portland, Oregon – Xbox Packaging Packaging graphics we developed for the Xbox gaming console were quickly embraced by Microsoft and their partners world wide, to a point where their use superseded core brand elements. To manage this development, Xbox asked us to create a new identity system that would guide the use of all graphic elements. Once the new id system was established, we created a series of integrated launch communications. Xbox soon established itself as a serious player against the dominant brand in a highly competitive category.
  12. 12. Console Packaging
  13. 13. Game & Peripheral Packaging
  14. 14. Brand Guidelines
  15. 15. Site Design
  16. 16. Partner Awards
  17. 17. Avenue A/Razorfish; Portland, Oregon – Microsoft Brand Identity Working against an updated brand strategy, we created a new Microsoft visual style – “Expressively Human.” The new style has been implemented world wide, and we have since developed several Microsoft sub brand identities.
  18. 18. Corporate Statement Poster
  19. 19. Retail Store Front
  20. 20. Campus Banner
  21. 21. Site Design Concepts
  22. 22. Avenue A/Razorfish; Portland, Oregon – Microsoft Office Packaging Part of an Office brand re-launch, the packaging needed to communicate a complex system of integrated products across four categories. The system included almost 30 distinct products, with over 300 components. The new packaging was received enthusiastically by the retail channel, sales surpassed expectations, and product returns were decreased.
  23. 23. Software Packaging
  24. 24. Office 2003 Editions Office 2003 Core Programs Office 2003 Category Programs Office 2003 Servers Software Packaging System Overview
  25. 25. Avenue A/Razorfish; Portland, Oregon – Microsoft Expression Identity An identity system for a new product line, targeted at the professional design industry. The audience is highly skeptical of Microsoft, and the visual language needed to position the product line in a genuine and authentic creative context. We created a full range of integrated Expression communications – Packaging, web site, events, product demos, etc.
  26. 26. Software Packaging
  27. 27. Brand Identity Development
  28. 28. Avenue A/Razorfish; Portland – Microsoft Partner Communications Marketing kits that are crafted to manage communications through multiple levels of internal and external global audiences – corporate to sales force, sales force to partners, partners to retailers, and retailers to consumers. Messages are consistent yet customized to each audience, and integrated assets are provided for plug and play application.
  29. 29. 2004 OEM Sales Kit
  30. 30. 2005 OEM Sales Kit
  31. 31. Hallstedt & Hvid; Stockholm, Sweden – Cloetta Kexchoklad Advertising Arguably Sweden’s most traditional chocolate bar, Kexchoklad had lost marketshare to strong new players. Working with a hand picked team of international creatives, we were able to bring the wealth of positive brand associations back to life in an unexpected way. Kexchoklad grew 43% the first year of re-launch and was elected the most popular Swedish brand amongst teenagers.
  32. 32. Cloetta Kexchoklad – Outdoor Boards
  33. 33. Cloetta Kexchoklad – Outdoor Boards
  34. 34. Hallstedt & Hvid; EF sponsorship design for Whitbread Yachting Race No yacht racing sponsor had ever employed as flamboyant a design system as the two EF boats. They quickly became the visual identifier of the overall Whitbread race organization, gaining high levels of free media exposure. After one of the boats won the race, the EF yachts were featured in an 18-page documentary in National Geographic.
  35. 35. EF sponsorship of the Whitbread Race
  36. 36. EF sponsorship of the Whitbread Race article in National Geographic
  37. 37. EF Whitbread Yachting Race Calendar
  38. 38. Wieden + Kennedy; Portland, Oregon – Nike International Advertising Development of the Nike brand in more than 30 markets across Europe, Asia and South America. Advertising something as personal as sports wear in such diverse regions requires an acute understanding of subtle cultural differences and their impact on people’s feelings about themselves and their physicality.
  39. 39. Nike Women – Japan
  40. 40. Nike Women – Japan
  41. 41. Nike Women – Europe
  42. 42. Nike Basketball – Latin America
  43. 43. – Thank you