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Event planning


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Presentation about the Spanish football match "El Clasico"

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Event planning

  1. 1. Event Planning “El Clasico”
  2. 2. Introduction • Famous football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona • Usually twice a year • Two most successful clubs and biggest cities in Spain • Reasons of rivalry:  Regional  Sportive  Characteristic (Madrid/ Barcelona)
  3. 3. Organizer/ organization • General Organization  Date and who play is set by Liga BBVA  Real Madrid has no influence on that  For the further organization is Real Madrid responsible  Except the broadcast • The Organizer/ decision maker  The football club is organizer  Board of directors makes the decisions
  4. 4. Public • High publicity for the match • The club cares about:  Ticket sells  Preparation of the event location (stadium)  Press conferences and other meetings of interest (final training session) • 85.454 spectators fit in the stadium • 400 million people watched the live broadcast • The match is broadcasted in over 30 countries
  5. 5. Location • Event takes place in Spain, Madrid (capital) • Is with a population of 3.1 million the biggest city in Spain • Stadium is easy to reach and quite central • Location fulfil all requirements (national/ international) • Location is owned and only used by organizer • No problems with other events
  6. 6. Organizer’s objectives • Limited objectives, event is almost at the peak • Renovate the stadium and increase capacity • Expansion of broadcasting  More TV revenues  Grater awareness of the club  More added value to the club (Brand)
  7. 7. Outcome • Fixed Outcome  Ticket sales  Broadcast revenue  Etc. • Variable Outcome (depending on the team and player performance)  Publicity  Added value  Merchandise sales  Broadcast audience • Winning team makes a significant step towards championship and withdraw prestige from the other team
  8. 8. Promotional campaigns • Club makes no promotion • Tickets are sold and fans are aware of the match • Madrid just publish all news on their homepage • Local newspaper and TV companies advertise mostly • All media companies are highly interested on the match caused by the high attention from all over the world
  9. 9. Organizer characteristics • No typical organizer characteristics • “Business as usual” • Security, catering, organization (parking, guiding, etc.) clean up • Easy to get personnel though incentives (free or cheaper tickets) • Security  Highly important especially at “El Clasico”  Ensure that nobody can enter the stadium with dangerous things (weapons, etc.)  Ensure that nobody can enter the pitch  Cooperation with the police against terrorism and violence
  10. 10. Conclusion • Huge event of interest • No fault can be made • Real Madrid’s part is mostly the local organization  With the major point security • Cooperation with the police to protect spectator and teams • Should be “business as usual” for the club
  11. 11. Thank you!