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Accenture Case Study - Philip Faraj


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Accenture Case Study

Published in: Business
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Accenture Case Study - Philip Faraj

  2. 2. + UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM  Broadcasting services are improving rapidly, fans are opting for the ‘in-home’ experience  Home applications give fans access to content and supreme digital user experiences (Fox Footy Apps)  Unengaged fan experience  Transport and Parking Issues
  3. 3. + THE SOLUTION A three tiered approach that focuses on 1. Wearable Technologies 2. High Speed Internet 3. Social Media All 3 play an important role in creating the ultimate customer experience delivered through cloud-based location services
  4. 4. + Wearable Technology  Equip players with embedded cameras - POV replays from the Referee, coaches and players - Exclusive in-game experience - Unlimited vantage points  Instant Replay on your phone/tab - Tune into the best angle of a crucial play, instantly on your phone & make it social • Deliver ‘around-the-grounds’ content instantly - Give the fans in the stadium instant access to ‘A-t-G’ content during pregame, halftime and other breaks delivered to their mobile devices • Embrace the fantasy - Fantasy sport applications are surprisingly popular. Deliver live updates on player performances to a users mobile, paired with auto-refreshed score updates on their fantasy team to deliver the ultimate fantasy experience - * NB: These services could easily be delivered to users via future technologies such as Google Glass or Smart watches to further enhance the experience*
  5. 5. + High Speed Internet  Reinventing how we interact with the physical world  Improve experience by lowering traditional frictions  Overcome parking challenges, long lines for access and restrooms  Get your customer where they want to be and what they want to have as efficiently as possible  E.G. In-seat ordering (pick up ‘Ready2Go’ at the Bar/Food outlet) or have delivered directly to the seat
  6. 6. + Social Media  Fan Re-Actions: Incentivize fans to post their POV & commentary on specific big moments throughout the game  Gamify the Experience: Deliver special fan perks, freebies and other incentives to fans who engage via social media  Speak to the Fans: Use fun and interactive surveys to get your fan base to quickly vote on a variety of topics and immediately see the results
  7. 7. + Challenges  Cost of implementation  User adoption  Available technology  Internet Speed and Network capabilities
  8. 8. + Benefits  Increasing fan attendance  Engaging your fans to interact with their favourite teams  Bring together the ‘social’ and ‘fan experience’ to promote the game day experience  Big data capturing: using data for predictive analysis. Identify leading indicators of things people are starting to do and early adopters are starting to do. Get ahead of the curve.