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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2018 by Azetone


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Discover which major Mobile Trends will shape Mobile and Mobile Marketing in 2018 and beyond, from AI to UX, Personalization, Privacy and much more...

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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2018 by Azetone

  1. 1. Top 10 Mobile Trends by Take The Lead In Mobile Marketing In 2018
  2. 2. Mobile IS the New Internet1
  3. 3. • For the first time in 2017, Smartphones became globally the #1 access route to the Internet according to StatCounter… • Who would want anyway of an Internet that is not always with you, that doesn’t know where and who you are, or that is not touch-first or voice-activated? • This is a huge shift for Marketers! We need to realize that users start considering the Desktop Web as a limited version of the ultimate User Experience which lives on Mobile! 1 Key Take-Away: Sure, PCs will still be around for a while but within a couple of years, there will be 6 times more Smartphones and Tablets than PCs… (IDC) So, which side of History do you want to be on? Mobile IS the New Internet
  4. 4. The Optimal User Experience2
  5. 5. • Mobile is your ultimate lever for creating an outstanding Customer Experience (CX), by either accompanying, augmenting or facilitating Customer Journeys • (Mobile) User Experience (UX) is the new enabler of Customer Satisfaction. By investing in delivering an exceptional User Experience, brands are securing higher recurring usage, stronger engagement, higher App ratings, and better conversions • Look beyond your traditional competition. The Mobile OS providers as well as Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, and the likes are setting the bar by which your App will be judged (and rated)! The Optimal User Experience 2 Key Take-Away: Ensure your Mobile properties are optimized to deliver the best User Experience possible. We are talking about your top strategic digital asset for 2018 and beyond!
  6. 6. Apps Super Powers3
  7. 7. • While many forces may have wished to stop or slow down the rush to Apps, their benefits are simply too compelling for consumers (customization, quality of experience…), for brands (persistent login of users, easy re-engagement via push notifications…) and for Stores (monetization, platform control and security…) to ignore! • A handful of Apps may capture most of the minutes spent in Apps but on average, over 30 Apps are being used every month, out of over 80 Apps are installed on every phone! • App Stores generated over $80B in revenue in 2017 alone! (source: AppAnnie) Apps Super Powers Key Take-Away: The question is not anymore whether you should have an App. The question is what App should you have to deliver real value to your customers! Hint: It is NOT an iOS or Android version of your website!3
  8. 8. Brands become Software Houses!4
  9. 9. Every Brand needs to turn into a Software House! • Brands may have not realized it yet but the day they released their first App, they effectively became a software provider –with all strings attached! • They now have to care about User Experience, updates and upgrades, development cycles and technology choices, architectures and platforms… • Apps are no longer just a bit of code running on a remote device. They are a complex mix of services, cloud-based processes, SDKs, APIs and interconnections with third-party solutions. Now, it is up to you to actually deliver value to customers! (or someone else will!) Key Take-Away: Most brands still think about their App as just another window to their business… But customers are now expecting a full-blown service platform. The question is how can you reinvent your business through Mobile?4
  10. 10. Test & Learn, And Test & Learn…5
  11. 11. Test & Learn, And Test & Learn… • Never trust your guts, your colleagues, your partners or even the best Mobile experts. Only trust unbiased, statistically-significant and direct customer data. • “At least 50% of your assumptions will not lead to the expected results” says Håkan Forss, Agile Coach at King, the developers of Candy Crush • It is only through a never-ending iterative process, that you will get better at improving your mobile assets and achieving your (business) objectives 5 Key Take-Away: You can’t improve what you are not accurately measuring. Track your Mobile User Experience,, A/B test different approaches to your critical customer moments in your App and monitor their impact on your KPIs
  12. 12. Monetizing Mobile Now!6
  13. 13. • Many marketers consider it as a fate that Mobile and apps monetize less than desktop and treat Mobile as lower priority. But Criteo’s latest survey demonstrates that Apps account for 71% of mobile sales for retailers equipped with both mobile web and apps! • Payment experience on Mobile needs to ultimately feel even more secure and much easier than on the web! • The key is not to always look at monetizing Mobile in exactly the same ways as the web. Check how Starbucks now generates over 30% of their total US revenue via Mobile! Monetizing Mobile Now! 6 Key Take-Away: Whether it is for in-store, drive-through, or from home, payment services and conversions need to be redesigned bottom-up for Mobile! And why not taking advantage of new ways to monetizing Mobile?
  14. 14. Advent of Richer User Interfaces7
  15. 15. Advent of Richer User Interfaces • As mobile technologies develop, additional input and output methods are developing beyond touch (text, voice, moves…) to make User Experience more immersive • Initially started as standalone experiments, Chats, Bots, Voice and Face Recognition will not replace Apps or Websites but rather mesh into these properties, to either enrich user experiences or extend their reach onto third-party platforms • Context is everything: For instance a bot conversation might be a better approach than a form to capture user input on Mobile but might cripple choice and a voice interaction might be better in your car or at home but not really effective at the office Key Take-Away: The key question here again is when to offer which experience and to whom? User Interfaces keep evolving but always need to put a user- first hat to deliver real value to customers7
  16. 16. Wooing Customers With Privacy8
  17. 17. Wooing Mobile Customers With Better Privacy • There is a major perception gap in customer awareness between the data actually collected on the web and (hightened by cookie consent practices, etc…) and data collected in Mobile Apps (no clear visibility or opt-in) • In the wake of GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, the highest transparency in how user data is collected, handled and re-used is paramount. Leaders in this space will escape impeding customer backlash and build a new trusted relationship with their customers! • With Transparency in mind, brands can learn from their users and apply it to improve customer journeys, provided of course new legislation doesn’t cripple innovation Key Take-Away: It may sound counter intuitive at first, but Privacy can turn out to be one of the single biggest opportunities of 2018 by creating clear competitive differentiation between customer-first players and laggards8
  18. 18. Make It Relevant And Personal9
  19. 19. • Highly personalized Mobile User Experiences are not only what brands want but also what customers expect. Not really because it is cool but because it is more convenient and more efficient, for both the marketer and the user. • Apps are increasingly feature-rich and complex. So let’s deliver "not one App for all customers but the right App for each customer” says Yvan Delègue, Director of Mobile Apps @Orange • From Personalization to “Extreme Personalization”: AI-powered mobile marketing platforms will soon make automatic segmentation and audience-of-one a reality (Brian Solis - Forbes) 9 Make It Relevant And Personal Key Take-Away: Sure, customers are omni-channel but they are also more and more Mobile-first. Mobile is also where the largest set of customer data sits, so any personalization strategy needs to start with Mobile!
  20. 20. Artificial Intelligence & Mobile10
  21. 21. 10 • While Mobile is all about real time, today nothing is less agile than a Mobile App. While abiding to App Store rules, marketers need to enable instant morphing into their Apps • As we learn more and more about users and behaviors, Apps need to be able to segment their users and adapt in real time to proactively address customers needs & wants. This is Artificial Intelligence in action, leveraging UX data and Machine Learning algorithms. • The key question is what is the right experience (you should dynamically deliver) for the right user at the right time, the right location and in the right context? Key Take-Away: Mobile presents huge opportunities to gain unprecedented insights into what customers do and expect! By leveraging UX data and Machine Learning, Mobile will turn out to be the ultimate play for AI Artificial Intelligence & Mobile
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