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App And Web Usage Among 10,000+ Smartphone Users
1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000
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The Smart(phone)Shopper


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Infographic on how mobile and smartphones are creating challenges and opportunities for retailers and the need for personalized experiences

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The Smart(phone)Shopper

  1. 1. App And Web Usage Among 10,000+ Smartphone Users 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 Amazon eBay Groupon Walmart Target Best Buy Macy’s Gamestop Lowes Costco Sears Home Depot Staples Sam’s Club Nordstrom NewEgg Officemax Bloomingdales App Usage Both App and Web Web Use Only THE INFORMED SHOPPER The Smartphone Is A Critical Shopping Tool And Will Only Increase In Importance Informed+Social=TheSmart(Phone)Shopper THE SMARTPHONE IS THE EPICENTER OF OUR LIVES 4 OUT OF 5 SAY IT’S WITHIN REACH FOR ALL BUT 2 HOURS OUT OF THE DAY. THE SOCIAL SHOPPER 1 OUT OF 5 SMART(PHONE) SHOPPERS BUY FROM A COMPETITOR WHILE IN THE STORE. Half Are Open To Retailers Sending Them Personalized Offers. 69%SAY THEIR SMARTPHONE IS A CRITICAL TOOL TO HAVE A BETTER SHOPPING EXPERIENCE 70%PLAN TO USE THEIR SMARTPHONE MORE TO HELP THEIR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE IN THE NEXT YEAR SMARTPHONE ACTIVITIES AN IDC INFOGRAPHIC Retailers Challenged to Capture Smart(Phone) Shoppers Amazon Dominates Smart(Phone) Shopping Retailers Need To Provide Smart(Phone) Shoppers With Personalized Experiences WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? The smartphone enables consumers to be informed shoppers by quickly and easily checking prices and reviews. The smartphone also enables social shopping, allowing consumers to shop with confidence, by leveraging trusted social networks. Check Prices Check Deals on Web Check Reviews Check Latest Deals Via Apps Call, Text, Message Friend Get Advice or Ask Question via Social Networks 70% 53% 50% 40% 58% Checking in via FourSquare, Facebook, etc. 33% 14% ONLINE IS CAPTURING A GREATER SHARE OF WALLET FROM SMART(PHONE) SHOPPERS, FURTHER CHALLENGING RETAILERS. Challenges And Opportunities For Retailers (Phone) THE 53%RETAILERS RESPECTING MY PRIVACY 47%RETAILERS PRESENTING ME RELEVANT OFFERS Of Those... SPENT MUCH MORE ONLINE VS. LAST YEAR1 IN 3 GIVEN AMAZON’S REPUTATION FOR LOW PRICES, HELPFUL REVIEWS AND BREADTH OF PRODUCTS, IT’S NO SURPRISE SMART(PHONE) SHOPPERS TURN TO THEM MORE THAN ANY OTHER RETAILER. SMARTPHONE ACTIVITIES Under 35 54% THE SMART(PHONE) SHOPPER The Smart(Phone) Shopper leverages available information and their social networks to shop with trust and confidence. SMART SHOPPER To better understand the latest shopping behaviors, IDC conducted research during the holiday season. This included 1) a survey fielded on December 28th, 2013, which was completed on a smartphone by 511 respondents, and 2) an analysis of smartphone behavioral data from Nov 27 – Dec 28, 2013, of over 10,000 smartphone owners. The Research Now Mobile™ panel was used for both the survey and behavioral data. Additional sources include two IDC reports: Always Connected: How Smartphones And Social Keep Us Engaged - An IDC Research Report, Sponsored By Facebook (N=7,446), and IDC Retail Insight's 2013 Holiday Shopping Survey, December 2013 (N=1000). For more information, contact Allan Fromen or Danielle Levitas. All IDC research is © 2014 by IDC. All rights reserved.   IN-STORE, YOUNGER SHOPPERS (UNDER 35) ARE 3X MORE LIKELY TO SEEK ADVICE FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS. 43%55+