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Talk at the ILIG AGM 8/2/12 'Around the world on a library degree' in capacity as CILIP President.

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  1. 1. Around the world twice on a library degree Phil Bradley
  2. 2. Before we start...• Mr Sreten Ugričid, Director of the National Library of Serbia• Dismissed from his post on 20th January• He, with 25 colleagues signed an appeal for the protection of freedom of thought and expression.
  3. 3. CILIP response to the Serbian Ambassador• Trustees have written to the Ambassador to ask him to use his influence to reinstate Mr Ugričid.• CILIP President Phil Bradley said, “This dismissal appears to be politically motivated and a reaction to Mr Ugričid’s public appeal to protect freedom of thought and expression. I am shocked and saddened by this decision. On behalf of all CILIP members I am calling on the Serbian Ambassador to exert his influence and do all he can to reverse the decision.”
  4. 4. What does CILIP President actually do?• Non voting member of CILIP Council• Chairs various different panels, eg Audit Panel• Works closely with CILIP CEO and Senior Management team• Involvement with external organisations• Attendance at IFLA & other overseas associations• Visits CILIP groups & branches
  5. 5. And...• Oversee CILIP elections for Council positions• Available as a ‘talking head’ to media outlets• Signs certificates• Involvement in the CILIP AGM and Members Day• “Stuff”• Talks to members and *listens* to members• (Expenses only!)
  6. 6. Presidential Themes• Ensure that CILIP as an organisation and individual staff use social media resources to enhance and leverage its position• Articulate the importance of social media to individual members and groups• Discover and broadcast good library practice and innovation to the membership as a whole
  7. 7. International aspects• Dr Ahmad Khudair, President of the Saudi Arabian Library and Information Association. (Via Loughborough University) June 2011• Margaret Allen, President of the Australian Library and Information Association, August 2011
  8. 8. IFLA• CEO & President speaking on “Future skills and future roles: designing the professional body to meet the needs of new professionals” – CILIP intends to have a greater focus on international affairs, despite tight resources
  9. 9. Canadian Library Association• Speaking at the Canadian Library Association conference, May 30 – June 2 Ottawa• ‘The Big Society and UK Libraries’
  10. 10. CILIP: International Work• “You should acknowledge the great efforts that ILIG have made in supporting CILIP’s international work. The group has taken a prominent role in supporting visits of overseas librarians to the UK.” • Guy Daines.
  11. 11. Copyright• CILIP (represented by Barbara Stratton) is working closely with the World Intellectual Property Office with respect to library and archive exceptions to copyright law.• Hargreaves Report and recent Copyright Consultation – how to implement recommendations
  12. 12. Information Literacy• CILIP increasing work on Information Literacy, specifically the Alexandria Proclamation. How to use the internet effectively and responsibly. Will focus on international aspects such as governance, banning of sites, piracy and plagiarism
  13. 13. International recognition of CILIP qualifications• These enable members to apply for LIS work around the world• CILIP can access NARIC, the National Academic Recognition and Information Centre, which advises on the international standing of qualifications –
  14. 14. Around the world on a library degree
  15. 15. Oh the fun!
  16. 16. Around the world on social media
  17. 17. Google+ library pages
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  20. 20. LinkedIn
  21. 21. Thanks to:• (For the world image)• (rat image)• (AK47 image)• (Powerplant image)• (Hotel image)• (Miami beach)• (Passport)• (Taj Mahal)• (ZX81)• (Acoustic coupler)• (future from the year 1959)• (Telephone objections)• (Xander Harris)• Funny quotes from• (Early iPod)• (Retro internet ads)