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Facebook hints and tips

20+ hints and tips that make Facebook easier and more enjoyable!

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Facebook hints and tips

  2. 2. WANT TO GET BACK TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN QUICKLY? • Click the ‘f’ to the left of the search box, or ‘home’ to the right of your avatar, and you’ll get taken right back to the top of screen.
  3. 3. WANT TO KILL ‘ON THIS DAY’ MEMORIES? Click on ‘More’ in Apps (you may need to cursor over Apps to see it. Then choose ‘On this day’ and click ‘Off’ for Notifications. Next, click preferences.
  4. 4. NEXT, • Next, click on Dates and choose the dates you don’t want to be reminded of; if you don’t want to be reminded of any, choose your birthdate and the current date. This should work but no guarantees!
  5. 5. SICK OF INVITATIONS TO STUPID GAMES? • Click on settings, then ‘blocking’ on the left hand side of the screen. Then choose to block certain friends from inviting you, or specific events/apps.
  6. 6. WANT TO STOP SEEING A PERSONS UPDATES BUT DON’T WANT TO OFFEND THEM BY UNFOLLOWING? • Click to see their profile, then choose following. Click on ‘Unfollow <name> and you wont see their updates any more, but will stay friends.
  7. 7. WANT TO CHECK OUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE ON FACEBOOK RECENTLY? • Click on Activity Log, then view what you’ve done. You can choose the year menu on the right to go back a long way.
  8. 8. SEARCH FOR A POST OR PERSON • Click in the box ‘Activity search’ and type in your keyword(s), then view the results.
  9. 9. WANT TO COME BACK TO SOMETHING LATER? • Click on the down arrow and choose ‘Save Link’. To view links, click on ‘Saved’ top left hand corner, and view your articles
  10. 10. WANT TO KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE NEWS? • View ‘Trending’ on the right hand side of the screen, then filter by Politics, Science & Technology, Sports or Entertainment. Then click on the story.
  11. 11. WANT TO SEARCH A GROUP FOR A POST? • Choose the group, click on ‘Search this group’, choose your keyword(s) and view the results!
  12. 12. WANT TO CHOOSE WHO SEES A POST? • Write your post and click the down arrow ‘Who should see this?’ then choose a group, or Custom, then limit as desired
  13. 13. HOW DO YOU CREATE A LIST OF FRIENDS? • Click on ‘More’ under friends tab on the left hand side of the screen, then click ‘Create List’ and choose a name and members
  14. 14. FACEBOOK SEARCH • Facebook has opened up search to over 2 trillion posts, and handles 1.5 billion searches a day • These searches are *only* for its own content, not the wider WWW
  15. 15. SEARCH SUGGESTIONS ARE TIMELY • Results are focussed on timely content
  16. 16. SUGGESTIONS ARE PERSONALISED • Results focus on your interests and those of your friends. Results will also include public posts as well as those of you and your friends.
  17. 17. RESULTS ARE FILTERED • Results are filtered into a variety of options, from Top to Places. Within ‘Top’ results are filtered to give precedence to posts from friends and groups.
  18. 18. SEARCH ALGORITHMS • There are over 200 different factors which Facebook takes into account when giving you results • These include what you like, engage with, what you have searched for in the past, and results based on your Facebook identity
  19. 19. IF YOU WANT TO RESTRICT ACCESS TO YOUR OLD POSTS… • Choose settings, privacy, limit past posts
  20. 20. SEARCHING FOR POSTS YOU HAVE MADE • Start your search with ‘posts by me with’ and then your content. Also try ‘posts by my friends’ as well
  21. 21. OR JUST TRY • ‘My posts about’ and let Facebook give you some ideas
  22. 22. KEEP NOTIFIED ABOUT A POST • Click on the half diamond top right of the post and choose ‘Turn on notifications for this post’.
  23. 23. YOU CAN SET A LEGACY CONTACT IF THE WORST HAPPENS • Settings, security and ‘Legacy Contact’.
  24. 24. SHARE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS • Choose an album and allow your friends to contribute to it
  25. 25. EDIT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS • Upload your photo, hover over it and click ‘Edit Photo’. Then add filters, text or various stickers.
  26. 26. THANKS! • Please like, share, comment on Facebook, which is very helpful • Feel free to comment if you’ve seen this on my blog • Please do Re-Tweet if you found this useful and want to tell your friends on Twitter!

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20+ hints and tips that make Facebook easier and more enjoyable!


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