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PACA December Newsletter

  1. 1. December 2009 Newsletter In This Issue President's Message PACA's 2009 Holiday Event Hi PACA Community- 2009 ICF Int'l Well, this is my last President's letter and I thank Conference you for allowing me into your inbox every month. As the world has gone through major changes over the C-Suite past year, coaching is put forward as a possible solution and coaches are demonstrating leadership Exclusive Opportunity! roles in helping the global conversation move A Younger Generation toward healing and growth. As you read this, I will be attending the ICF conference with many other PACA members. of ICF Chapter Leaders Coaches from around the world will be coming together in conversation and many of the sessions are providing the time and space for this to SAVE THE DATE! happen. The theme for this year's conference is Global PACA Members in the Conversations: Inspiring individuals, Building communities, Impacting the World with Peter Block providing the opening keynote News session. Member's Corner We can be very proud because PACA is right there helping to lead the conversations. PACA members have always been on the cutting edge regarding coaching and in leadership roles helping to advance the   Quick Links profession of coaching. This has never been truer than in 2009. PACA Website Ken Abrams continues to be influential on the Our Events credentialing committee. Colleen Bracken is currently serving as Chair of the Member Area Membership and Community Committee Dr. Cheryl Vermey has been elected to the ICF Board of Contact Us Directors Lisa Kramer has been elected to serve on the 2010 Educational Steering Committee Connect with PACA is also going to well represented at this year's ICF PACA conference. Karyn Greenstreet will be facilitating a session entitled, "Call to Action," where coaches will learn masterminding techniques and create an action plan using masterminding Add PACA as a friend on Facebook Dr. Cheryl Vermey will be facilitating the session The
  2. 2. Yoga of Coaching: Applying an Ancient Science to Coaching Practice where attendees will explore how coaches can use the ancient science and principles of Connect with PACA Yoga, the Chakras and the Koshas to inform and enhance on LinkedIn coaching practice Colleen Bracken is presenting Leadership at Chapters at the Global Leadership Forum As you can see, PACA members are serving their fellow Subscribe to PACA on colleagues in so many amazing ways! Yahoo! Groups I thank you for allowing me to serve on the board these past Visit PACA's five years and as President in 2009. I look forward to my role Web Site as Past-President in 2010 with Joanne Vitali ready to take the helm with many exciting events planned to 2010. I also want to thank the outgoing board for their hours of hard Interested in work and dedication on behalf of PACA. Maria van Hekken has Being provided wonderful leadership for the past 3 years as Interviewed for President-Elect, then President and Past President in 2009. Chris Coward has planned and executed so many wonderful Our New Member speakers and opportunities for learning in her role as VP of Column? Education. Amanda Lipnack has provided us with great financial stewardship as Treasurer. Jennifer Gleeson Blue has Please contact streamlined communications and provided us with sponsorship Pat Weeks at: and provided a lead role in the anniversary celebration as VP of Communications. Thanks again to all of you for your service! I also offer a warm welcome to our incoming board - a very talented group who are bringing numerous skills and talents to the table. Jeff Kaplan will become our new President-Elect; Jill Display Your Magerman will become our new Treasurer; Julie Bucy will Products And assume the role of VP of Communications; Clare Sautter will Promotional take over as VP of Education. Continuing on the board in their current roles are Rosy Elliot as VP of Membership, Sheree Materials At Butterfield will as VP of Corporate Affairs, Dr. Cheryl Vermey as Monthly Meetings VP of Professional Development and Christine Fontana as Secretary. Linda O'Neill will also continue in her very valuable Did you know? role as Manager of Support Services. And, of course, we will be led by President Joanne Vitali. PACA members are welcome to bring and display their coaching So as we end a very successful 2009, I am thankful and products at all monthly appreciative for all of the PACA community. I look forward to PACA meetings. A long- meeting and engaging with even more of you as we go into standing member-only 2010. benefit, a table will now be available just for Have a very blessed Holiday season and a wonderful PACA members to New Year! display their items. sue So bring your coaching tools, books, flyers of Susan Guiher, MS CCC upcoming events, etc. President, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance and share with our community! For more information, please contact Chris Coward at
  3. 3. or 215-472-1572. PACA's 2009 Holiday Event Date: Thursday, 12/17/2009 Good News for You Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM Have you been: Topic: "It's OK to Play" Speaker: Evan Marcus Covered in the news? Location: Double Tree Guest Published in a Suites, 640 W. Germantown magazine? Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA Quoted as an (610) 834-8300 expert? Details & Registration: Click here Then we want to know! Send your good news Come celebrate 2009 and have some holiday fun! links to communications@ We'll have some business: Inducting the 2010 Board Members. We'll have some fun: A fantastic book exchange and table improv so we can share with the game. whole PACA community. We'll have some learning: Evan Marcus will help us learn how recess really can mean success!! The Book Exchange: Here's how it works. Select a book that is in your top 10 must reads. Put your business card in the front cover and wrap your book. Each person that brings a book will participate in the exchange. You'll leave with that great book that you are meant to read next. About our Speaker: Evan Marcus, a leader in the field of leadership is sought out by clients who are seeking new approaches to fundamental business challenges. An experienced business owner himself, Evan advises individuals and organizations who are interested in taking their company to the next level or who are struggling to achieve work-life balance. Evan is an adjunct professor at the Rutgers School of Business in their MBA program where he specializes in Corporate Culture, where he teaches "When Work Matters, An Exploration of Spirituality at Work." Evan is co-author of "It's O.K. to Play: 30 Days to a Ridiculously Wonderful Life." Evan's greatest joy is bringing a compassionate ear, an artistic eye and practical solutions to the concerns and aspirations of the people he works with. When he's not playing with his three young sons, he's donating his time leading Beacon's of Light, a retreat for leaders of non-profit organizations. Evan can be contacted at Learn more about Evan's work at
  4. 4. 2009 ICF International Conference Global Conversations: Inspiring individuals, Building communities, Impacting the world Make plans now to attend the 14th ICF Annual International Conference! Join this year's largest global gathering of professional coaches, December 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you are passionate and curious about professional coaching, don't miss this premiere industry event expected to draw 1,200 attendees, over 40 expert speakers (including our very own Cheryl Vermey!) and more than 50 unique exhibitors. All events will take place at one convenient location, the breathtaking Rosen Shingle Creek resort. What to do at conference: Dialogue with peers, industry experts and ICF leaders. Learn and earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). Connect during special networking and social events. See and try new coaching products and materials. Enjoy your stay at the luxurious Rosen Shingle Creek. Have fun at Orlando's world famous attractions and theme parks. In Florida, we'll engage in Global Conversations about the sustainability and future impact of the worldwide coaching community. Join the conversation and let your voice be heard! Register early to maximize your savings. Discounts available if you register before September 30, 2009. For more Conference information and to register, go to:   C-Suite Welcome to the newest segment of the PACA monthly newsletter! Here we'll be addressing all things related to coaching within and for organizations, i.e. corporate affairs. This segment of the newsletter is intended to provide resources and dialogue with and for PACA members who predominantly coach within the context of an organization, whether for profit, not for profit, public or private. Introducing two resources you may want to explore:
  5. 5. Suzi Pomerantz's blog on business coaching: A Monthly Book Club on Leadership: (you'll be asked to create a log in, which is totally free; if you sign up to attend a book club session, it's $15.00) Also, mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information on two events: 3rd Annual Mega Mixer, sponsored jointly by PACA, ASTD, NAS and other Philadelphia-based organizations focused on leadership development When: May 20, 20106 - 9pm Where: PNCBankCenter Professional Development Conference jointly sponsored by PACA, ASTD and PennStateGreatValley When: November 12, 2010 Where: TBD An essential step in any coaching engagement/conversation is feedback. Let me have it: Thanks in advance! I look forward to working with all of you to make Corporate Affairs focused on your needs. Amazing, Exclusive Opportunity! Do you want to: - Leverage Your Professional Skill Set to Make a Difference in the Community? - Increase the Visibility of Coaching and PACA in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Area? - Improve Your Business' Brand and Name Recognition? - Get Promoted as a Community Leader? PACA is reintroducing the award-winning Coaching the Community program. Starting in early 2010, PACA will be matching eligible members up with selected Non-Profits. Each pair will work together for a minimum of six months, during which the opportunity to participate in the ongoing Press outreach program will be available. Applications will be available shortly.* Contact for more information and to get on the list for applications once they are available. * Please note if you signed up for the Coach Initiative program - THANK YOU for your commitment and patience! PACA has decided it is best to administer the program at the moment. You will be contacted shortly. If
  6. 6. you are feeling eager, please feel free to contact A Younger Generation of ICF Chapter Leaders As a 20-something (29, to be exact!) ICF chapter board member and leader of the ICF Quarterlife Coaches SIG, I was asked to present at this year's Global Leadership Forum as part of the ICF's pre- conference activities in Orlando. In a unique twist, I was later given the exact title and topic of the presentation. The title: Attracting a Younger Generation of ICF Leaders. The premise: ICF chapters are having a hard time attracting younger members to leadership roles. Because PACA has been an ardent supporter of me in all of my endeavors and many folks in our community have been cheerleading me on as I have prepared to represent both young coaches and PACA to the ICF leadership this year, I feel called to share with you why I (and my co-presenter, Liz Agnew, another 20-something coach and current co-President of the San Francisco ICF Chapter) eventually turned down the gig. The ICF doesn't have a problem attracting younger coaches to leadership roles. Indeed, there are many things that I would love to share with ICF leadership at the global level - most of which have strong ties to generational shifts and true collaboration. I believe young coaches have a unique and compelling energy and will quickly form a movement that forever shapes the nature and future of coaching. I want to both co-create and give voice to this movement and I hope the ICF will be a true collaborator in that process. The ICF does not need to learn, however, to attract younger coaches to leadership roles. And this is excellent news! Many of the young coaches I know around the country have recently or currently serve in leadership roles at the chapter level. The 2008-2009 board of PACA, for example, came in with 20% of its leadership under the age of 40. Next year continues the trend with 10% under the age of 30. Considering that only 8% of ICF coaches are under 35, it seems apparent to me that while there may be challenges attracting young people to coaching or young coaches to the ICF in general, there is no issue attracting young ICF members to leadership roles. As I pass on this opportunity to present in Orlando and as I prepare to end my two year term on PACA's board, I feel proud that PACA goes above and beyond 8% in its leadership. It can be a lonely world for us 8%-ers and I like knowing I'm part of a community that has created safe space to be from any generation. Thank you, PACA, for all your support! I look forward to my next leg on this journey as a 30-something coach. Jennifer Gleeson Blue
  7. 7. SAVE THE DATE!    PACA's January Monthly Dinner Meeting Date & Time: Thursday, 1/21/2010 - 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM Check PACA's Calendar of Events for speaker and topic information soon! PACA Members in the News Congratulations to Yoon Cannon for recent coverage all over the place! The Sydney Morning Herald Lowes for Pros w2s Link Send your good news links to so we can share with the whole PACA community. Member's Corner - Jennifer Davey Interviewed by Patricia Weeks A valuable insight developed during the eight years Jennifer Davey was a marketing and digital strategist (for the uninitiated, a digital strategist is a marketing person with a solid understanding of web based marketing, beyond the how tactics and in to usage and usability): the powerful realization that many clients had the same "hiccup." They were beginning to be successful, but couldn't follow through. She realized that for some clients their values and priorities didn't align with the businesses they were creating. As she explored this realization she discovered that if her clients tried to build a business that didn't resonate with the life
  8. 8. they wanted to create, they would either fail, or would be successful but miserable! This inspired Jennifer to go back to school and become a coach. Using her insight as a consultant and her coach training, Jennifer has developed a very specific 14 point framework for helping her clients build successful businesses. This framework helps her clients explore their values and priorities so they can create a roadmap to success that will result in a satisfying life. Jennifer uses this framework as the basis for her private coaching, as well is in her "Getting Clients Home Study Program." Following on her original insight, the one thing that continues to surprise Jennifer is the degree to which a client's values and priorities, both personal and business, have such a profound effect on their ability to grow a business. Jennifer has discovered that she loves coaching much more than consulting. Her experience is that the success clients achieve is greater with coaching, so it's a lot more fun. Secondly, as is true of all great coaching, the work is on the client, not the coach. She sets her own requirements as a coach high: let clients take big steps. Her largest challenge is not consulting even, as she says, "when the answer is big and shiny and right above their heads." When she finds herself consulting, (when she can catch herself ), she tries to frame a suggestion as a talking point...something to build upon. She finds that the more coaching and the less consulting she does, the more successful her clients are. Given two weeks of free professional development, Jennifer would always choose ongoing education: mentor coaching with a top expert in business coaching, as an example. Whatever her choice, it would allow her to learn other coach's systems, digest them and make them her own and bring those tools back to her clients. The one accomplishment of which Jennifer is most proud is creating a home study program based upon her 14 point framework which will allow clients the ability to coach themselves at home if they can't afford to hire her. On November 5th, Jennifer will be offering a free teleseminar for small business owners and self-employed professionals that will detail her framework. Not surprisingly, based upon the insights that first led her to coaching, Jennifer believes the most important words to live by are: "Be authentic. When you take steps and actions out of authenticity, who you really are, you find success not only in business but in life." For more information about Jennifer Davey, please visit: or http://gettingclientshomestudyprogram.   Yahoo PACA Discussion Group: Subscribe by sending an email to PhilaCoaches- Use it to ask questions of colleagues or share presentations.
  9. 9. Anyone can subscribe, but posting is a MEMBER BENEFIT. For any questions contact Laura Pumo.   Connection with Your Executive Board! Join us at a PACA Board Meeting to get better acquainted with your Board: 1st Thursday of each month from 10:15 AM - 12:00 Noon. As location varies, please contact PACA Secretary Christine Fontana or 610-585-6960 to confirm your attendance at a Board meeting and receive instructions. If you have suggestions or observations about our community, please feel free to contact any of the Board members