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Architecting For The Client


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Slide deck from the Austin/Houston/Dallas ArcReady events.

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Architecting For The Client

  1. 1. ArcReady: Architecting for the client
  2. 2. And now a word from our Sponsor….
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  5. 5. ArcReady: Architecting for the client
  6. 6. About Me Phil Wheat Architect Evangelist blog:
  7. 7. About ArcReady… • A forum for aspiring and practicing architects to discuss industry trends • An overview of Microsoft’s roadmap as it relates to software architecture • A mechanism to solicit your feedback • An opportunity to showcase the work you do!
  8. 8. Discussion Encouraged
  9. 9. Client Tier Processors and memory and storage, Oh My!
  10. 10. Break Return in 10
  11. 11. Session 2 The Differentiators of the Client
  12. 12. WPF Vision • Unified approach to UI, Documents, and Media – Integration as part of development and experience • Integrated, vector-based composition engine – Utilizing the power of the PC throughout the graphics stack • Declarative programming – Bringing designers directly into application development • Ease of deployment – Allowing administrators to deploy and manage applications securely
  13. 13. What is Silverlight? <MediaElement x:Name=‘myMediaPl ayBack' Canvas.Left='532' Canvas.Top='184' AutoPlay='false' Height='185' Width='350' Opacity='0'> Plug-in with cross < 2Mb Download (1.0) Extends browser browser & capability with OS support XAML
  14. 14. About Me Phil Wheat Architect Evangelist blog: