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Work Samples

  3. 3. F R O M F I R ST ST E P S T O F I R ST D AY S AT SC H O O L AP P LY T O C O -O P K I D S T O D AY Games to play A homemade birthday cake will really make a special party - and your child will have great fun helping you decorate this cake. Add turrets and gold at the Party! coins for a palace! Brilliant ideas for Baby Sparklers 3-6 years. Make this Duck pond splash Singing games Fill a washing up bowl with water and Such as I'm a Little Teapot, Incy Wincy place rubber ducks in the water with Spider and Ring Around The Roses. Great Fort Cake numbers on the bottom. The children pull Musical farmyard a duck from the water and win a prize Set out one less chair than the children Musical Statues in the room. Get the children to Get all the children to walk around the circle to •Grease and line a 14cm (51/ inch) square cake tin. •Slice cake horizontally and spread some of the dance along to their music and when the 2 •Prepare a 227g packet of Co-op Chocolate Sponge frosting onto one half, then sandwich together. favourite music and music stops, sit on a Mix as recommended. •Transfer to a cake board. when the music stops chair. The child •Spoon the mixture to the cake tin and bake in a •Spread the rest of the frosting over the top - Freeze. Continue without a chair must pre - heated oven, Mark 5 - 375ºF/190ºC for 20 - and sides of the cake. until only one child take a piece of paper 30 minutes. Allow to cool. •Using 6 Co-op Chocolate Mini Rolls make is left standing still. from a hat and act out •Prepare a frosting by sieving 175g turrets and a door. Where's the noise of that animal. NE WS L E TTE (6 oz) icing sugar, 15g (1/ oz) cocoa •Fill in the sides with upright chocolate fingers. my nose ? Continue until all the R 2 powder into a bowl. •Lay two in front of the door like a Enlarge a photograph of the animals in the hat are used. •Place 65g (21/ oz) caster sugar 2 drawbridge. birthday child and stick on Dressing up and 2 x 15 ml tablespoons milk into •Finish by putting a the wall. Blindfold each child Have two teams in lines and two lots of a saucepan, heat gently, stirring continuously until flag in each and get them to stick a funny shaped dressing up clothes e.g. sunglasses, all the sugar has dissolved. Add to the icing sugar turret and add nose on the picture in the right place. wigs, feather boas etc. See which team and cocoa and beat until smooth. soldiers and can dress up every child in the clothes, candles (to run to the front of the line and then hand denote the child's over to the next child. age) on top of the cake. •Win a •Lunchtime treats for hungry tummies ! •Toothcare •Beautiful Babies It ’s a family thing
  4. 4. 12g T O P S E C R E T F O R M U L A E 12g 12g FRETE K LOLLY! T O P S E C R E T F O R M U L A E Tantelising, 12g tongue twisting,tasty, tempting lolly with the Doctors UMS IC DR U amazing dipping powder Tantelising, tongue twisting,tasty, tempting lolly with the Doctors amazing dipping powder SILLY LAUGHING STRAWBERRY LIME Dr.Fizz says keep on dipping Dr.Fizz says keep on dipping JUST DIP THE LOLLY IN THE FIZZY DIP DOUBLE FIZZ STICK with TWO GREAT FLAVOURS 1g 12g 2 EE Y! E FR E LLY! FR O LL LO L madre fo g n dippi DOUBLE FIZZ STICK with TWO GREAT FLAVOURS FIZZY LIME FLAVOURED DIP
  5. 5. Issue 6 Flight crew .com From the DFO Roy Linnington retires on the 21st October. Whilst DC10newsDC10news from the Fleet Manager People the period of my acquaintance with Roy has been Operations fairly short, his operational and social concerns Geoff Overton was due to retire at the end of August, about changes introduced over the past year has August had its tough periods, although it was better but I am pleased to announce that he has postponed meant that we have had fairly regular exchanges of overall than July. We are all under huge pressure this to assist the completion of the JMC TRTO viewpoints. I wish him a long and well-earned when serious disruption occurs, and your continued approvals and associated changes to the Part D retirement. support is required. Team Work is vital. You have Training manual. He will therefore be with us for a continually helped out throughout - thank you for while yet. your hard work and commitment. TM September Newsletter – DC10 Fleet manager Not much for you all this month as I don’t intend to Chief pilot column perpetuate or start any new rumours about the plans for us next year. If I hear anything definite I will ensure that it is passed on to you by the quickest Seniority Lists Car Parking at JMC House Letters from our readers means, but if you hear anything on the subject from the Cabin Crew please tell me! The lists referred to in the August I have been made aware of some concerns In response to previous editions I have are enclosed with this edition. surrounding the allocation of car parking spaces at JMC House. received two letters albeit with a nom de As previously mentioned, if you have reason to plume which I have generously allowed believe that there are any errors in the compilation Car parking is a subject almost bound to guarantee to be reproduced below. Farewell Roy Delays please advise me immediately. strong reaction and polarised views. I do not wish to underestimate the depth of feeling or to dismiss the I would like to say farewell to Roy Linnington who We have had a lot of delays lately with some crews Recruitment opinions of those who feel that their position is has his last DC10 flight into LGW on Tuesday going considerably into Commanders discretion. adversely affected. morning 19th September. Sir I am pleased to tell you that we are well advanced in Captain Lowe has briefed me on the methodology of If the situation is developing into one of those our plans to have our pilot establishment up to allocation of these valued spaces and I have concluded As a colo Roy, thank you on behalf of the Fleet for your occasions please be sure that each of you are aware of nial and gues strength for summer 2001. The process is time that it has been dealt with in a rational and even- am constant t pilot in ly amazed your coun contribution to our operations, you are going to be all the FTLs, which may affect you. quaint Eng and fascinat try I consuming but vital to our future well being. As you handed manner. I would ask those of you who have lish tradition ed by you missed by many of us. When you write your memoirs s. probably know our process involves an initial been displaced, and have cried foul, to reflect upon I am sure that the period of time that you spent with The medieva l I can assure you that, whether it be for interview with two management pilots, a simulator the allocation of spaces to JMC employees and be fails to thril ritual of the quot;BBQ us will take up quite a few pages! and medical assessment. There is now a real generous enough to accept that there is no hidden Maypole l and enth ral albeit banquetquot; never accepting an off duty call out or for and Morris lacking a opportunity to plan rather than react to events and I agenda. that your Dancers. extending duty period, your extra inflatable I also have Don’t forget to include the bit where in the simulator facsimile castle was to say am optimistic that along with an augmented training The principle of service time within our organisation is and a very contributions to the Fleet’s operations fine edifices bears no resemblance poor having been requested to assume incapacitation you establishment we can be fully prepared for next a fair and reasonable way to determine allocation. in Windsor to those could not prevent yourself from continuing to assist summer – something which we are very aware we reality was , further ruin York or Wigan. The are appreciated. floor, whic ed by its your co-pilot – this was perhaps taking CRM a bit far! h made it very spon have not achieved this year. I know it has been said on. A grea almost imp gy e-mail t day spoi ossible to elsewhere but I would like to reiterate my thanks for detail. led by this walk I know that in some quarters morale is not as high as inattention We all wish you every happiness in your retirement to it I would like it to be, but I also know that we have a the positive reaction to the disrupted lifestyle that has knowing that our loss will be Patricia’s gain! Yours faith been experienced by so many. I recognise that the fully good team and that, whenever you can, you respond Sir F/O Bob Upa best way in which we can demonstrate our intent is ish BBQ nddown to meet the task. Re: That Span Off duty downtown !! to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to be in this of last edition position again. We are keen to build a demographic interest the and Please always ensure that in your enthusiasm to get I read with pelled to write A recent off duty incident downroute prompts me to but feel com e by the the job done that you do not step outside the rules. profile that produces a workforce without significant omer. The sugg estion mad s was remind you of the dangers that can befall us in some Calling all Flight Crews distortions in any age group. This is conducive to correct a misn danc ing on the table of our destinations. Give some thought as to how you steady career progression and the wild swings in the that BC was BC was Chief Pilot a fact that might be able to protect some of the more vulnerable If you have the facility to receive e- I know for in the level of training requirements can be mitigated. not correct. nt growing members of our crew. t the exciteme the The Sports and Social Club has responded mail at home via your own personal Whilst the rapidity of expansion and amalgamation of concerned abou g to calm down simply tryin indicating that they are engaged in marquee and was to attract workforces have so far made this difficult I hope that top simply Whilst outside of the Hotels the larger the group that computers, and would like to receive g to the table negotiations to use the Dome we can now progress toward stability that yields crowd, takin you are in the safer you are likely to be. attention. all be thankful. which they understand may be regular NEWS and Company updates benefits for all involved. ever yone’s h we should If you go out as a small group do your best not to A galla nt act for whic available at very reasonable cost – Ed leave anyone quot;downtownquot; on their own. from INTERcom then forward your Base Captains Meeting Which reminds me, which crew was it that left me Faithfully address to Soba behind in a bar in Sanford a couple of weeks ago. On 03 September Terry and I had the opportunity to Norma Lee Do you think that they were trying to tell me discuss parochial and wider issues with the Base something! DC10newsDC10news Captains. As our local representation they have greater knowledge and insight into some of the issues that affect your base. We are learning some valuable lessons with your feedback to them - Please continue Since no further collaboration of this view to make use of this resource. been expressed, it must be considered questionable – Ed 2 7
  6. 6. ium Bus Services 2002 to 2003 New Year’s Eve Prem Leave the driving to us 2 and let us out to celebrate 200 2003 Go ly in drive you home safe
  7. 7. On Sunday 23 February 2003 we're making some changes quot;Dear Stagecoach Services where the route is changing To improve the reliability of the South Manchester bus network it has Services and journeys to be withdrawn To introduce the changes we have made to combat congestion, it is Customer...quot; been necessary to alter the routes of the following services: necessary to withdraw the following journeys and services. to our bus services Due to increased congestion many motorists in the region consider traffic jams to be part of SERVICE DETAILS SERVICE DETAILS their daily routine. Many drivers can address 43A /43 Service improved with all journeys running between Manchester Airport, 15 Monday to Friday early morning journeys out of the city on service 15 this issue by leaving their house earlier or Wythenshawe and Piccadilly. withdrawn. First service 15 from Piccadilly 0841 hours. Buses will run every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime. More buses will operate on service 14 at these times. changing to an alternative route. At Manchester Airport all buses will start/finish at the Bus Station. All buses to run as service 43. 45 1840 hours Cross Street to Heald Green withdrawn, Monday to Friday. Stagecoach Manchester is faced with the Airport Freight Terminal is served by the Arriva service 19. same congestion problems as other 46/47 Services revised to run every 30 minutes seven days a week. drivers but do not have the flexibility of 44 At the request of GMPTE, revised between Gatley and East Didsbury. From Gatley, buses to serve Church Road, Northenden Road, Altrincham Evening service withdrawn. See service 85 and 86 for alternative service at these times. changing routes or start times on a daily Road, M56 Motorway and Kingsway to East Didsbury. basis to beat the traffic. Evening service extended from Hardy Lane to Withington Hospital 108 Afternoon peak journey at 1727 hours from Piccadilly withdrawn. 85 via Barlow Moor Road. 230 Afternoon peak journey at 1736 hours from Piccadilly withdrawn. In September 2002, Stagecoach undertook a major service revision exercise to 86 Evening service to extend from Arrowfield Road to Withington Hospital. 253 Service reduced to run Monday to Friday peak times only 0736, 0806 hours Flixton to Piccadilly. tackle reliability. Even since September, 104 Route revised to run via Greenheys Lane and Dental Hospital replacing 105. 1724, 1754 hours Piccadilly to Flixton. A replacement service 278 will congestion has worsened in some areas, To improve reliability, route revised to run direct along Princess cover Church Road, Flixton and Talbot Road. Funded by GMPTE, which has meant that we have had to review 105 Road Extension. operated by Arriva. Contact GMPTE for more details. our network again for 23 February 2003. On Sundays, the 0631 and 0731 hours journeys from Partington replaced 250 To provide a quicker journey, route revised in Old Trafford, no longer running past the Metrolink Station. 255 by one journey at 0701 hours. The majority of services affected are being scheduled Monday to Friday from Piccadilly, from early morning until 0828 hours, to start their journey a few minutes earlier in the 256 buses will be revised to run every 20 minutes. morning, leaving at the same time in the evening and arriving at the final destination a little later. In addition to journey time, we have altered the routes on a small number of journeys to help with the reliability of the service and maintain a strong If you need to know more Telephone: GMPTI Information network. Line on 0161 228 7811 8am to 8pm daily. Alternatively, you can contact us: Due to an increase in the costs of running services By Post: Customer Services, Stagecoach Manchester, we have had to withdraw or reduce the frequencies FREEPOST 170, Manchester, M12 6AW. on a small number of journeys. Over the last few By Email: years many extra buses and drivers have had to be used simply to provide the same levels of service.