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Britecon2016 - Intro


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Yearly Recap of the Progress at BriteCore.

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Britecon2016 - Intro

  1. 1. Hotel Vandivort | Springfield, MO BriteCon2016 8th Annual Users Conference
  2. 2. Phil Reynolds Co-Founder and CEO
  3. 3. #britecon2016 First things first…
  4. 4. #britecon2016 COFFEE!
  5. 5. #britecon2016 Coffee Ethic is set up just outside.
  6. 6. #britecon2016 Come and go as you please, but please come back.
  7. 7. #britecon2016 Next…
  8. 8. #britecon2016 Prizes!
  9. 9. #britecon2016 Because who doesn’t love them?
  10. 10. They’re like puppies…
  11. 11. Unless you don’t like puppies.
  12. 12. In which case, they’re not.
  13. 13. #britecon2016 We have several prizes to give away this year.
  14. 14. #britecon2016 But, you have to earn them.
  15. 15. This year’s theme is focused on Problem Solving in Insurance and Technology. Challenge #1 - Solve the Puzzle Ball
  16. 16. britecon2016/ Passphrase: britecore BriteCon2016 has gone mobile! Challenge #2 - Mobile Interaction
  17. 17. Amanda Quint Configured the GuideBook app. Thank you!
  18. 18. #britecon2016 It’s not enough to download the app.
  19. 19. Check into the Event Build Connections Add Your Photos Start Interacting 1 2 3 4
  20. 20. Challenge #3 - Social Interaction Share your pictures and tweet quotes from your favorite sessions using #britecon2016
  21. 21. #hotelvandivortbathroomselfie
  22. 22. Challenge #4 - Share Your Story Nobody markets BriteCore like YOU! Reviews!
  23. 23. Challenge #4 - Share Your Story Sign up to do a case study with BriteCore or write a recommendation. All forms are located inside your session folder packet. See Chastin Reynolds for more info.
  24. 24. #britecon2016 {Thank you to our following partners for bringing prizes} Genesee Patrons Cooperative Bremen Farmers Mutual Mutual of Wausau Farmers Mutual Hail MassPrinting
  25. 25. #britecon2016 BRITECON SPONSORS
  26. 26. BriteCon2016 What a great turnout for this year’s event. We couldn’t have done it without help from our sponsors.
  27. 27. vPlatinum Sponsorsv
  28. 28. vPremium Sponsorsv
  29. 29. insurance service solutions vGeneral Sponsorsv
  30. 30. Become a 2017 BriteCon Sponsor Now offering monthly and quarterly contribution. Sign up today to become a sponsor.
  31. 31. #britecon2016 ACHIEVEMENTS
  32. 32. #britecon2016 What a seriously great year!
  33. 33. #britecon2016 8 New Staff Members
  34. 34. #britecon2016 You’ll see each of them buzzing around the conference.
  35. 35. Lindsay Brooks Content Analyst
  36. 36. Hayden Bickerton Software Engineer
  37. 37. Ashley Popham Communications Specialist
  38. 38. Grant McConnaughey Software Engineer
  39. 39. Nick Cash Software Engineer
  40. 40. Ivan Rodriguez Software Engineer
  41. 41. Cristiano Cortezia Software Engineer
  42. 42. Atticus Marker Content Analyst
  43. 43. #britecon2016 NEW CLIENTS
  44. 44. #britecon2016 There are 4 new BriteCore clients this year.
  45. 45. NEW CLIENTS 1 2 3 4 Loudoun Mutual Waterford, VA Central Farmers Robbins, NC USICOA Springfield, IL Jetty New York, NY
  46. 46. #britecon2016 We’re thrilled you joined our community.
  47. 47. #britecon2016 CLIENT DEVS
  48. 48. CLIENT DEVS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Farmers Fire Baldwin USICOA Westminster AFR Jetty
  49. 49. TOTAL PULL REQUESTS A method of submitting contributions to an open development project. It is often the preferred way of submitting contributions to a project using a distributed version control system (DVCS) such as Git. 39
  50. 50. #britecon2016 TOTAL CLIENTS
  51. 51. #britecon2016 44
  52. 52. #britecon2016 STATES WRITING IN 39+Canada
  53. 53. #britecon2016 EVENTS
  54. 54. #britecon2016 You’ve probably seen us at one or more industry events…
  55. 55. #britecon2016 PAMIC IT TnAMIC Farm Forum NAMIC AAIS Mid-Atlantic SMA Summit MAMIC
  56. 56. #britecon2016 We’ve also visited several client offices.
  57. 57. #britecon2016 Even if we weren’t physically in your office, we’ve been watching you.
  58. 58. #britecon2016 User Statistics
  59. 59. #britecon2016 Since September, we’ve been logging all kinds of activity.
  60. 60. #britecon2016 We thought you’d enjoy learning about a few of them:
  61. 61. #britecon2016 Just Last Month…
  62. 62. There were 443admin users on BriteCore. User Statistics
  63. 63. 66,640 User Statistics Searches
  64. 64. From Policies 80% User Statistics
  65. 65. The most searched term was “ROOF”. User Statistics
  66. 66. User Statistics 11,519 Committed Revisions
  67. 67. Users collectively spent 1.5 years in the policies module In September alone:
  68. 68. We have 6 people still using Windows XP User Statistics
  69. 69. Someone at Elizabethtown used a device with an 8-bit screen to log into BriteCore. User Statistics
  70. 70. That’s like an NES User Statistics
  71. 71. Moving on…
  72. 72. The person who uses BriteCore the most is Laura Kiely. User Statistics
  73. 73. + = User Statistics
  74. 74. During the month of September Laura spent: User Statistics
  75. 75. 156 hours Logged In User Statistics
  76. 76. 11,432 Page Visits User Statistics
  77. 77. Committed 337 Revisions User Statistics
  78. 78. Searches 1,004 User Statistics
  79. 79. Now that’s a POWER user!
  80. 80. #britecon2016 LAURA DESERVES AN AWARD
  81. 81. #britecon2016 Now, back to our problem solving theme…
  82. 82. #britecon2016 We’ve been kicking out all sorts of features to make your job easier and more efficient.
  83. 83. That way you have more time to focus on other business goals…
  84. 84. like growing your business…
  85. 85. #britecon2016 BRITECORE STATS
  86. 86. #britecon2016 227,853 Insertions BRITECORE STATS
  87. 87. #britecon2016 146,742 Deletions BRITECORE STATS
  88. 88. #britecon2016 3,901 Commits BRITECORE STATS
  89. 89. #britecon2016 4,629 Tests BRITECORE STATS
  90. 90. #britecon2016 FEATURES TOP TEN
  91. 91. #britecon2016 10#
  92. 92. #britecon2016 SUPPORT UTILITIES
  93. 93. Support Tools Transfers a book of business from one agency to another. Agency Merge Tool
  94. 94. #britecon2016 9#
  95. 95. #britecon2016 NOTIFICATIONS DASHBOARD
  96. 96. Dashboard Displays important admin notifications with resolution instructions. Warning Messages STOP
  97. 97. #britecon2016 8#
  98. 98. #britecon2016 PAY BY PHONE
  99. 99. PAY BY PHONE Ability to pay policies by phone and accounted for inside BriteCore
  100. 100. #britecon2016 7#
  101. 101. #britecon2016 Advanced Portico e2Value Enhancements
  102. 102. e2Value Improvements E2Value improvements for Advanced Portico
  103. 103. #britecon2016 6#
  104. 104. #britecon2016 API EXTENSION
  105. 105. API Functions New API functions to facilitate communication with third party applications. Many more are on the way!
  106. 106. #britecon2016 5#
  107. 107. #britecon2016 TEMPLATES CUSTOM
  108. 108. Custom Templates Custom Templates Add New Template Edit Templates
  109. 109. Custom Templates • Reuse Common Elements • Control Image and Branding • Replace Existing Screens in BriteCore
  110. 110. Overwrite Stock Deliverables Allows users to overwrite a stock deliverable using a custom deliverable. + overwrite =
  111. 111. #britecon2016 4#
  112. 112. #britecon2016 AMAZON AURORA Scalability and Performance
  113. 113. Amazon Aurora New replication options and clustering improve processing speed and increase stability. 12 hrs to 3 min!
  114. 114. #britecon2016 3#
  115. 115. #britecon2016 LINES EVALS
  116. 116. LINES EVALS Lines Evaluations can be added to the rate chain, providing complex logic such as conditions, lookups, and variables.
  117. 117. Ability to write limits that are calculated provides greater flexibility. For example, limits can now be calculated off of another items' premium or category selections. Eval Limits LINES EVALS
  118. 118. Display in the Rating Details popup. Any value not assigned to premium displays in red. Rating Details LINES EVALS
  119. 119. Reference Key Dates such as Inception Date and Effective Date to process items such as claims credits. Reference Dates LINES EVALS
  120. 120. Rounds the output of any step in the rating process. round() LINES EVALS
  121. 121. interpolates premium between defined limit tiers. interpolate() LINES EVALS
  122. 122. LINES EVALS Returns the premium of a line item, property, or list of items. premium()
  123. 123. Adds and the following values into the scope: property LINES EVALS
  124. 124. #britecon2016 2#
  125. 125. #britecon2016 EDUCATION
  126. 126. Justin Cimino Education Director Dedicated Resource
  128. 128. Remote Training
  129. 129. New Support Site
  130. 130. #britecon2016 1#
  131. 131. #britecon2016 INTERFACE Policies Rewrite and Hot Keys
  132. 132. Reusable UI Components • KnockOut Components • Reusable Widgets • Included Dependencies UI Component Library
  133. 133. Header Redesign Allows old and new pages to use the same header throughout BriteCore.
  134. 134. Hot Keys Users can now switch easily from any BriteCore page directly to a specific policy or claim. Policies & Claims
  135. 135. Policy Wizard Completely redesigned the process for creating new policies in BriteCore. New Policy Wizard
  136. 136. #britecon2016 Notable Features By Category
  137. 137. #britecon2016 51 SQLA 39 Client Devs 36 Efficiency 27 Support Tools 24 Deliverables 20 DevOps 16 Lines 15 Reports BRITECORE STATS
  138. 138. #britecon2016 15 Settings 09 Policies 05 Contacts 04 Quoting 04 Security 04 Claims 03 Printing 02 Notes BRITECORE STATS
  139. 139. #britecon2016 FEATURES BY CATEGORY
  140. 140. #britecon2016 CLIENT DEVS
  141. 141. #britecon2016 Top 10 PRs submitted by Client Devs:
  142. 142. 10. CLAIMS Sends an email to claims adjusters and supervisors when they’re added to a claim and attaches a note to the claim. Email Automation
  143. 143. 9. CLAIMS Ability to specify to which address a claim check should be mailed. Mailing Checks
  144. 144. 8. CLAIMS Display all policies by default to view policies for all of a contact's producers. Display All by Default
  145. 145. 7. BILLING Compares the refund amount to the credit balance on a policy and fires warnings. Refund Amount Validation
  146. 146. 6. BILLING Option to submit sweep queue automatically as opposed to manually. Agent Sweeps
  147. 147. 5. PAYMENTS Adds eDatabase vendor, complete with the implementation of a service passing payment data to the gateway Payment Gateway
  148. 148. 4. REPORTS Contains all payments made by all agents within the office. Sweep Report
  149. 149. 3. BRITEDATA Includes Export Filename, Commission Accounting, and Agency System Tags Exporting
  150. 150. 2. BRITEDATA Fix BriteData Concatenate Aggregator Concatenate Aggregator
  151. 151. 1. RATING Made BriteCore’s rating engine run more quickly and efficiently. RENGINE SQL Consolidation
  152. 152. #britecon2016 QUOTING
  153. 153. Agents can upload photos to BriteQuote from iPhones and iPads IOS Support QUOTING
  154. 154. More informative pop- ups tell the agent what needs to be done before moving on. Warning Messages QUOTING The following actions must be completed before submitting an application. • Select an electronic payment method on the Billing screen.
  155. 155. When this setting is selected on an item, agents must submit the application unbound. Disallow Submit Bound QUOTING
  156. 156. Agents can collect an "overpayment" from insureds when a quote is created by opting to pay an additional amount. Allow Down Payments QUOTING
  157. 157. #britecon2016 CONTACTS
  158. 158. Remove the following contact requirements for additional interests: SSN, Phone, and DOB Contact Requirements on Pop-Ups CONTACTS “This is so annoying.”
  159. 159. Added the Date of Birth field to the Agent’s Personal Information, so carriers can use Agent DOB in BriteData. Agent Role > DOB CONTACTS
  160. 160. Preventative measure that disallows users to remove an agency role if the agency has commissions. Agent Commissions CONTACTS
  161. 161. #britecon2016 POLICIES
  162. 162. The Policies rewrite was accompanied by several API additions and corresponding tests. API Additions & Tests POLICIES
  163. 163. “Clear” button added to the Accounts Receivable screen that removes date range entries under Account History. Clear Date Range POLICIES
  164. 164. Migrates policies to a specified billing schedule upon renewal. Automatic Billing Schedule Migration POLICIES
  165. 165. BriteCore issues a warning message when a possible payment typo is detected. Intelligent Payments POLICIES
  166. 166. CSV support for carriers to upload batch commission payment information. Commission Uploads POLICIES
  167. 167. #britecon2016 CLAIMS
  168. 168. 1. Go to Policies > Processing 2. Scroll to Major/Minor Claims 3. Upload a claims file 4. Click to import Upload Major/Minor Claims to Policies CLAIMS
  169. 169. Further enhancements allow users to add/delete and edit major and minor claims on a given policy. Edit Major/Minor Claims in Policies CLAIMS
  170. 170. Can only see their claims and their uploads. Carriers can also control the visibility of each section of the Claims. Independent Adjusters CLAIMS
  171. 171. New fields were added to BriteCore’s Contacts and Claims modules for “Police Department”. Police Department CLAIMS
  172. 172. #britecon2016 LINES
  173. 173. Added an option for "Not Applicable" in the event that there are no claims to display. Years Since Last Claim Made Updates LINES
  174. 174. Ability to map deductibles when values change over a Lines Effective Date without triggering Persistent Builder. Deductible Mapping LINES
  175. 175. Ability to add an “Age to Default Category to” under the Category setup box inside Lines. Default Categories LINES
  176. 176. Read-only permissions were added to several of the functions in the lines module. Read-Only Permissions LINES
  177. 177. Added a Dividend line item type to BriteCore that rates off of the previous policy term's total premium. Dividend Line Item LINES
  178. 178. Added additional functionality to trigger a warning pop-up when users leave the Rating Tab. Submit UnBound Popup LINES
  179. 179. #britecon2016 SETTINGS
  180. 180. SETTINGS Custom Deliverables setting prints deliverables when the policy is not on auto-pay. Print Deliverables on Non-Autopay
  181. 181. SETTINGS Splits the "Disallow External Payments when policy is in CP” setting into: 1. Non-payment 2. Underwriting Disallow Payments
  182. 182. SETTINGS Changes the default billing schedule when a previous billing schedule is deprecated. Default Billing Schedules
  183. 183. SETTINGS Changes the cancel_date on the Renewal Invoice for the length of Cancellation Pending, NP. Length of Non-Pay on Renewal
  184. 184. SETTINGS Stops the Confirmation of Cancellation document from printing when a policy cancels on renewal. Suppress Confirmation of Cancellation on Renewal
  185. 185. SETTINGS When a payment for the initial or renewal invoice is within a certain threshold, BriteCore auto-switches the policy to the defined billing schedule. Auto-Change Billing Schedule on Renewals
  186. 186. SETTINGS Automatically transfers return premium to the newly rewritten policy upon rewrite. Underwriting Cancel Dates Change by Policy Type
  187. 187. SETTINGS Max used to be -65. We increased this amount to -90. Billing Dates Extension
  188. 188. SETTINGS New Line Items setting allows users to print conditionally when premium is greater than zero. Conditional Forms Printing
  189. 189. SETTINGS Sends a billing statement requesting the amount of unearned premium to the insured upon cancellation. Cancellation Invoices
  190. 190. #britecon2016 NOTES
  191. 191. Add payment declined notes to BriteCore so clients can see why the payment failed. Declined Payments NOTES
  192. 192. When an action is taken in BriteCore that generates an email, the email is logged in the Notes tab. Logging Emails NOTES
  193. 193. #britecon2016 REPORTS
  194. 194. REPORTS Now using the prepared Data Frames and written premium matches other XLS reports Underwriters Performance Report
  195. 195. REPORTS Escape unicode characters when building commission report PDFs. Commission Reports
  196. 196. REPORTS Added ability to create and upload Jupyter (Python- based) reports to BriteCore sites. Jupyter
  197. 197. #britecon2016 REPORTS BRITEDATA
  198. 198. BRITEDATA Auto-Clearing Abandoned Reports in DayCron "Report Status" Screen Clearing Reports
  199. 199. BRITEDATA You can now download DataFrames straight from the UI, and use Excel to manipulate them. DataFrames
  200. 200. BRITEDATA • inactive_claims • policy_payments New Data Frames:
  201. 201. BRITEDATA New Quote Data: • Quoted Annual Premium • Quoted Written Premium
  202. 202. BRITEDATA HTTP Access Download DataFrames and PDFs over standard http connection.
  203. 203. BRITEDATA Added inspector name data choice to BriteData Inspector Name
  204. 204. BRITEDATA • Certificate of Mailing • Claims Payments Converting Older Reports
  205. 205. BRITEDATA Added to the "Define Rules" section of the BriteData report setup. Adding this rule with no input considers all merged columns when comparing rows as "duplicated". “Remove Duplicates” Rule
  206. 206. #britecon2016 DELIVERABLES
  207. 207. Ability to preview a custom deliverable using policy / revision data (saved to attachments). Previewing Custom Deliverables DELIVERABLES
  208. 208. Added the ability to create OCR codes for custom deliverables. OCR Codes DELIVERABLES
  209. 209. DELIVERABLES Show calculation items like "Hurricane Portion of Premium" on decs Show Calculation Line Items on Decs
  210. 210. DELIVERABLES Ability to generate cancellation billing statement regardless of the account balance (flat). Cancellation Billing Statement
  211. 211. DELIVERABLES Added a setting to build an Amended Billing Statement even when the endorsement lowers the premium (credit). Endorsement Billing Statement
  212. 212. DELIVERABLES Ability to FTP / SSH files to a remote server (currently the agent’s dec copy and the bill whom's invoice). Move Docs to Custom / Remote Server
  213. 213. DELIVERABLES 1. {current_expiration_date} 2. {loss_date} 3. {nonrenew_reason} System Tags STOP
  214. 214. DELIVERABLES Added invoice number to deliverables and tied number to revisions. Invoice Number
  215. 215. DELIVERABLES 1. Created a “Renewal Reminder Notice" deliverable.
 2. On renewal, override "Notice of Cancellation NP" with the "Renewal Reminder Notice”. Renewal Notice
  216. 216. DELIVERABLES Adds a description box to the non-renewal popup. Non-Renewal Description
  217. 217. DELIVERABLES Splits the initial and renewal invoice and allows them to be overwritten. Billing Statements
  218. 218. DELIVERABLES Made “Legal Paid” data available for custom deliverables Legal Paid
  219. 219. SETTINGS Sends a billing statement requesting the amount of unearned premium to the insured upon cancellation. Cancellation Invoices
  220. 220. #britecon2016 PRINTING
  221. 221. Merges all documents for an individual and policy into a single, mailable document which can then be batched based a number of criteria. Batching & Merging
  222. 222. 1. Batch based upon whether or not the mailing is for new business. 2. Batch based up on whether or not the mailing contains a billing statement. Batch Classifiers
  223. 223. #britecon2016 DEVOPS
  224. 224. DEVOPS Cleaner, simpler notifications from Jenkins for PR testing. Notifications
  225. 225. DEVOPS Installed Jenkins Flake8 for code cleanliness testing. Flake8
  226. 226. DEVOPS Taking screenshots of targeted elements in selenium tests, then uploading them to S3 for Lambda processing. Selenium
  227. 227. Using the supercluster to reduce server load during database backup. Database Backups DEVOPS
  228. 228. New AWS-hosted cluster and official library reduces maintenance load and makes scaling the search cluster easier. ElasticSearch DEVOPS
  229. 229. DEVOPS • BriteCore Cluster PR test support • Retry task if box dies • Reduce throttling conditions Cluster Enhancements • Prepared DataFrames cache • CloudFormation support for autoscaling stack (infrastructure as code)
  230. 230. DEVOPS • Log durability and search • Adds premium_records to logging • Adding JSON format for email.log CloudWatch Support
  231. 231. • Per-team dashboards • Easy for all team members to use and customize • Alerts for Site Performance DataDog Monitoring DEVOPS
  232. 232. DEVOPS • Autoscaling metrics for instances • Instance boot metrics • Soft release dashboard for testing Marshmallow Cloud
  233. 233. DEVOPS • SSM support to run commands directly on instances • Aurora support (launching and cloning) • General UI cleanup / fixes for mobile Marshmallow Cloud
  234. 234. • New documentation, guides, and videos • Updated .ova access • #client-dev channel • Added elastic search to hosts Client Dev Updates DEVOPS
  235. 235. DEVOPS • Jenkins setup tools • Numpy pin • Simplejson 2.5 to 3.8 • Gevent to 1.1.1 • Pep to 1.7.0 • Pandas to 0.17 Python Package Updates
  236. 236. DEVOPS • AWS Lambda and API Gateway • S3 Gateway for DataFrames • BC Report Runner • Ad hoc Jupyter reports run in BC • Build report locally in jupyter Serverless Report Running
  237. 237. DEVOPS Move from Docker Hub to Amazon ECR for speed and efficiency Amazon ECR
  238. 238. DEVOPS • Unit testing PR & Release • Moved Git-IWS to pycurl • 15 PRs Monitor Support • SSH proxy support • Release tool to automate soft releases Git Power Tools
  239. 239. #britecon2016 SECURITY
  240. 240. SECURITY Enables MFA in BriteCore along with a new Security tab in Contacts MFA Enabling
  241. 241. SECURITY Scans file uploads for malicious content. Virus Scanning
  242. 242. Scan BriteCore requests for malicious script tags. XSS Scripting SECURITY
  243. 243. SECURITY BriteCore passed the most recent SOC Audit with zero exceptions. SOC Audit Contact: Chastin at
  244. 244. #britecon2016 VENDOR
  245. 245. INTEGRATIONS Clients can now outsource their daily print jobs to Mass Printing! MASSPRINTING
  246. 246. INTEGRATIONS Replaced "Gateway error" wording with actual "Payment Processor Response". Gateway Error Wording
  247. 247. INTEGRATIONS Moved selection process for Mutual Boiler Re to system tagging. MBR System Tags
  248. 248. INTEGRATIONS Ability to receive inspection requests internally instead of sending to Reliable Reports Manual Inspection
  249. 249. INTEGRATIONS We created an API endpoint to allow external programs to post a batch of transaction records to be applied. Additionally a function was created that automatically extracts information from a PNC compliant .csv and converts it into BriteCore's API format. PNC Lockbox Facilities
  250. 250. INTEGRATIONS New integration with Lexis Nexis C.L.U.E. reporting for claim history. LexisNexis CLUE
  251. 251. INTEGRATIONS Retrieves credit score reports, applies discount tiers, and dynamically changes policy rates based on score values. LexisNexis National Credit File
  252. 252. INTEGRATIONS Support added to scan for documents related to claims. Default attachment folder named "External Documents" Google Drive
  253. 253. #britecon2016 VENDOR PRESENTATIONS
  254. 254. Vendor Presentations Vendors who qualify for speaking engagements have approximately 2 minutes to introduce themselves and their company to the community. Early Birds and Packages
  255. 255. Vendor Presentations
  256. 256. #britecon2016 PHOTO ACTIVITY
  257. 257. CLIENT HEADSHOTS We need your help gathering photos. Send your full name, company name, professional title, and headshot to:
  258. 258. Thank You So Much for Your Help!