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BriteCon2015 - Intro Presentation


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Opening presentation for our annual users conference in October 2015.

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BriteCon2015 - Intro Presentation

  1. 1. 2 BriteCore Clients
  2. 2. 3 USA Map of Clients 40 Clients in 18 States 6 23 40 Number of Clients 2010 2012 2015
  3. 3. 4 40 Clients in 18 states
  4. 4. 5 USA Map of Clients 40 Clients in 18 States 4 10 38 Number of States 2010 2012 2015 + Canada
  5. 5. 6 Writing In 38 states + Canada
  6. 6. 7 New to the Community October 2014 - October 2015 Undisclosed Client Johnston, Rhode Island Union Mutual Piedmont, Oklahoma Farmers Fire York, Pennsylvania Augusta Mutual Staunton, Virginia American Farmers 
 & Ranchers Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Farmers Union Cleveland, Tennessee Westminster Owings Mills, Maryland
  7. 7. 8 Recently Live State National Fire Century Mutual Insurance Company Genesee: Standard Fire, Farmowners, BOP
  8. 8. 9 BriteCore News
  9. 9. New This Year IWS Employees 10 Abby Geo Sean James Brad Hannah
  10. 10. New This Year IWS Employees 11 Tyler Matt Steven Will Thomas
  11. 11. 12 BriteNews Transition to Blackman Completed Moved Out of Underground (100% Cloud) BriteCore Quarterly Development Updates AWS ReInvent for Staff Training Presentations for NAMIC, PAMIC, MAMIC, NCAMIC Automated Google Docs for Financial Reporting
  12. 12. 13 Client Dev Program Recently Launched Expand the BriteCore Platform Build extensions, bolt ons, integrations, and customized screens. Generate Revenue Pickup funded development from other carriers to generate revenue. Customize BriteCore Developers can focus on solving problems or reaching goals specific to your business without using resources otherwise dedicated to improving the core platform. Ability to Solve Internal Issues Clients are able to solve their own issues internally without IWS. Increase Capacity More developers are contributing code to the community platform.
  13. 13. 14 Client Dev Program Recently Launched Access BriteCore as a service through the public API to create extensions, boltons, integrations, and custom screens. Public API V2 (Platform) Utilize dedicated developers to submit changes directly into BriteCore’s source code. Community Source Code
  14. 14. 15 Notable PRs Farmers Fire: Increased Rating Speed Baldwin Mutual: Print Manager AFR: Added Claims Supervisor01 02 03
  15. 15. Toggl Real-Time Tracking 16 Real-Time Tracking Measures Productivity and Billing Promotes Efficiency and Organization
  16. 16. Docker Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. 17 VS
  17. 17. Slack Real-Time Messaging 18 Team Conversations in Channels Organize your conversations in open channels for projects, topics, and teams. Centralized Location for Messages Connect all the tools you use to Slack and avoid all that constant switching between apps. Search Your Entire Archive Everything is automatically indexed and archived so info is at your fingertips whenever you want it. Goes Wherever You Go Native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do one device is reflected everywhere.
  18. 18. LeanKit Workflow Application 19 Increases project delivery success lean practices. Built for Lean Helps optimize your workflow by removing process waste. Continuous Improvement Harnesses preference for consuming info visually. Visual Management Adapts to mirror your team’s unique process. Unparalleled Flexibility Easily scales to support projects, teams and locations. Enterprise Scalability Lean metrics and reports to measure workflow. Lean Metrics
  19. 19. Vendor Integrations New and In Progress 20 Paym ents ProClasses ReportsLossHistory LexisNexis Reliable Reports ISO Protection Classes Primoris
  20. 20. 21 Notable Stats
  21. 21. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 22 Moved Into New Carrier Band $100m+ DWP
  22. 22. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 23 Files Changed 1,289
  23. 23. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 24 94,137 Insertions (+)
  24. 24. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 25 56,177 Deletions (-)
  25. 25. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 26 2,127 Integration Tests +513
  26. 26. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 27 Unit Tests 3,304 +1,119
  27. 27. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 28 Automated Test Assertions 5,431
  28. 28. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 29 468 Policy Type Count
  29. 29. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 30 $125,000 Recurring Revenue (6 Clients)
  30. 30. BriteStats 2015 Accomplishments 31 $2,400,000 Recurring Revenue for All Clients
  31. 31. 32 Organized by Type Features New
  32. 32. 33 Quoting New Features
  33. 33. Quoting (9) Changes Completed in 2015 34 Ability to set BriteQuote’s Default to Always Expand Items In Builder Ability to Hide Schedules on Quote / Show Schedules on Application Alert Users to Attach Billing Schedule Pay Form Default BriteQuote to Submit Applications Bound3 2 1 4
  34. 34. Quoting (9) Changes Completed in 2015 35 FNOL Disclaimer - Claim Must Be Submitted Ability to Quote Changes Internally Without Using BritQuote Added System Generated Notes for Mortgagee Changes Ability to Add Pop-Up Messages to Billing Schedules in BriteQuote Restrict Application Submissions Based on Credit Score 7 6 5 9 8
  35. 35. 36 Contacts New Features
  36. 36. Contacts Changes Completed in 2015 37 New Vendor Number / Identification Number for Contacts > Roles Termination Improvements Prevent Terminated Contacts from Logging In Direct Claim Emails to Specific Address(es)3 2 1 4 Ability to Store Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for All Contact Addresses
  37. 37. Contacts Changes Completed in 2015 38 New Agent Termination Reason Added to Terminated Contacts New V2 API Function Allowed Farmers Fire to Import Contacts from System Submitted Applications Now Listed in the Policies Section of the Contact Default BriteQuote to Submit Applications Bound 7 6 5 9 8 Attach Agents to Multiple Agencies
  38. 38. 39 Claims New Features
  39. 39. Claims (6) Changes Completed in 2015 40 Ability to Assign A Supervisor to a Claim (AFRMIC) Ability to File a Claim From the Agent Portal & Property Loss Notice Claim Payments Queue. Allows Users to Mark Claims Payments as Exported QuickBooks Account Breakdown For Legal, Loss, Adjusting Logic Validation for “Number of Years After Inception” in Changes to Inception System Test Added to Validate Integrity of “Coverages Filed Against” 3 2 1 6 5 4
  40. 40. 41 Policies New Features
  41. 41. Policies (22) Changes Completed in 2015 42 Credits and Debits Across Terms Part I Released Shortcuts and Defaults Added to Daily Cash Receipts Screen Added Payment Confirmation Numbers to Secure Checkout Added Lines Effective Date Reminder to Policy View3 2 1 4
  42. 42. Policies (22) Changes Completed in 2015 43 Rate and Save Efficiencies Released in Phases Added Poor Payment History Tag that Limits Billing Schedules on Renewal Updated Search Index for Future Revisions to Return Policies Restrictions Enforced When Users Rewrite Policies in the Past Warning Popup for Editing Versus Replacing Contacts on Policies Ability to Combine Return Premiums and Issue Checks for “Today” 7 6 5 10 9 8
  43. 43. Policies (22) Changes Completed in 2015 44 Added Policy Type Mapping for Persistent Builder Ability to Create Category Option Level Mapping Using Persistent Builder Added New Fields to the Insured Disclosure for Data Collection Created Lines Effective Date vs Live Date Warning Popup Improved Search Functionality for Return Premium Transfers Changed Write Off Premium Warning Popup to Display Currently Due 13 12 11 16 15 14
  44. 44. Policies (22) Changes Completed in 2015 45 Zip Code validations for named insureds on Secure Checkout More Intelligent Limit Matching in Persistent Builder Ability to Commit Endorsements w/ "New Policy" Line Items Attached Added Loss Amount and Loss Cause to the Property/Risks tabs Hide Green Plus Sign When Out of Sublines in Builder19 18 17 22 21 20 Hide Green Plus Sign When Out of Line Items in Builder
  45. 45. 46 Lines New Features
  46. 46. Lines (19) Changes Completed in 2015 47 Allow Sublines to be Mandatory; automatically added to policies and non-removable. Lines Evaluations Using Python Code Faster, More Efficient to Rate Option to Never Display Categories in BriteQuote Override Deductible Box when Deductible is $0.003 2 1 4
  47. 47. Lines (19) Changes Completed in 2015 48 Line Item Category Modifications Now Update UW Rules Remove Leading Whitespace for Category Options Add an Option for Categories to Be Completely Hidden from BriteQuote Do Not Display Items without Information Under Rating on Dec Prevent Infinite Loops in Underwriting Rules Add State Abbreviation to Policy Type Dropdown in Underwriting Rules 7 6 5 10 9 8
  48. 48. Lines (19) Changes Completed in 2015 49 Added System Tag Interface to Line Item Page Ability to Hide / Show Builder Items Even When in Conflict with PB Updated Page Display When Sorting by Sub-Line Column in System Tags Updated Line Item Display on Decs for Consistency Updated Text in Lines to Improve Consistency Loss Payee Improvements: Decs, Dropdown in Builder, Number in Lines 13 12 11 16 15 14
  49. 49. Lines (19) Changes Completed in 2015 50 Added Drag and Drop Rate Chain Sorting to Lines Interface Hide Schedules When Status of an Unsubmitted Policy is Quote Do Not Automatically Drop Mandatory Coverages on Renewal19 18 17
  50. 50. 51 Settings New Features
  51. 51. Settings (15) Changes Completed in 2015 52 Vendor Tag Rewrite > Converted to Search-Based System Tagging Refactored BriteCore Permissions Using Specific Page URLs Require Permission Before Pulling Credit Score (Warning Popup) Extended System Tags to Policies, Claims, and Contacts3 2 1 4
  52. 52. Settings (15) Changes Completed in 2015 53 iiX Credit Report Logic Warns Users When to Pull New Report Ability to Receive Copies of Emails Sent to Agencies Ability for Carriers to Never Cancel a Policy Flat in BriteCore Ability for Carriers to Restrict Business by Zip Code New Initial Payment Exclusion Requires Manual Payment Reason Ability for Carriers to Restrict Business by County 7 6 5 10 9 8
  53. 53. Settings (15) Changes Completed in 2015 54 Ability to Disallow Mid-Term Billing Schedule Changes Ability to Limit Billing Schedules by Policy State Making Mortgagee Types a Setting to Increase Flexibility Permission to Hide Loss History Button From Agents Added New Email Type to Admin Alerts Setting to CC Emails to Agents that Contain Deliverable Attachments 13 12 11 15 14
  54. 54. 55 Deliverables New Features
  55. 55. Deliverables (14) Changes Completed in 2015 56 Added Loss Payee Addresses to Declarations Show Scheduled Items Under the Rating Section Adverse Action Notification Required Added System Tags to Custom Deliverables > Jinja Templates3 2 1 4 Added Loss Amount and Loss Cause to the Policy Application Deliverable Ability to Customize Policy Wide Section of Declarations Items on Decs Now Display in the Same Order as Lines Insurance Notification: Allow Jinja Custom Docs to See Recipients7 6 5 8
  56. 56. Deliverables (14) Changes Completed in 2015 57 Split Notice of Cancellation and Refusal to Renew into 2 deliverables Add Policy Wide Section to Declarations Hide Print with Renewal and Print with Dec Options for Claims Deliverable New Custom Deliverable and Dec Printing Options (Initial / Renewal) Enhance Custom Deliverable Input Through Jinja Prevent Certain Items from Printing in Rating Information Section 11 10 9 14 13 12
  57. 57. 58 Attachments New Features
  58. 58. Attachments (4) Changes Completed in 2015 59 Automatically download Reliable Reports' Inspection PDFs to BriteCore Separate Deliverables by Recipient then Group by Type Display Attachment Dates Added in Local Time Mark future invoices as deleted when a policy is canceled3 2 1 4
  59. 59. 60 Notes New Features
  60. 60. Notes Rewrite 61 01 02 03 04 Selectize Email Searching Updated search capabilities and auto-fills email addresses from Contacts for alerts. Inline Editing Creating and editing notes will no longer generate a separate window. Users will type directly in the note. Infinity Scrolling Loads the next set of notes automatically when users approach the end of the page. Knockout JS Updated, user-friendly interface elements. New Notes Screen
  61. 61. 62 Security New Features
  62. 62. Security (10) Changes Completed in 2015 63 Moved to IAM Roles (No Longer Using Login Keys) Moved BriteCore to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) More In-Depth SOC Audit with No Exceptions Noted for Audit Period Maintaining an A+ Rating with Qualsys SSL Labs Testing3 2 1 4
  63. 63. Security (10) Changes Completed in 2015 64 Now Logging User and Remote IP Upon Logging into the System Enabled Encryption in All Places of BriteCore That Deal with S3 Enhance Authentication and Logging to the Shell (Internal) Ability to Obfuscate Data Script For Demo S’Mores (Internal) Multi-Factor Authentication for BriteCore and All Internal Tools Cycling Default britecore.cfg Credentials to Mitigate Risks 7 6 5 10 9 8
  64. 64. 65 Vendors New Features
  65. 65. Vendors Changes Completed in 2015 66 Completed New File Layout for InsVista Generate Mutual Boiler Re CSV Files Automatically Integrated Microsoft Dynamics Commissions XML Integrated MS Dynamics Claim Payments XML LexisNexis Integrations Halifax Protection Class Conversion 3 2 1 6 5 4
  66. 66. Vendors Changes Completed in 2015 67 NxTech Move to SuperCluster for Easy Moving of Reports Created a Tool to Update Protection Classes > Fire Districts Created MBR Vendor Shell Tool to Generate Files Added NxTech Leader Upload Setting Add Shell Tool to Generate HSB Files Updated ISO File > Up to S3 From Shell 9 8 7 12 11 10
  67. 67. Vendors Changes Completed in 2015 68 Update Nxtech to Send Files via SuperCluster Update NxTech Upload File Using EIP Enforce A-Plus Data Requirements by Filtering Claims Data Exclude 'Do Not Print or Email' Files From ImageRight Built Nxtech CLI Tool Added New Vendor Shell Tool for ImageRight 15 14 13 18 17 16
  68. 68. 69 Interface New Features
  69. 69. Interface (11) Changes Completed in 2015 70 Responsive Design We migrated all header icons from graphics to flat icons. Mobile First Speeds up loading time, creating a snappier mobile experience. Flat Design Started following the trend so our software continues to look modern and icons can be rendered as a font.
  70. 70. Interface (11) Changes Completed in 2015 71 Modernize Header Site-Wide Remove all image files and moved everything to icon fonts and Made images retina-ready. Change Pop-ups to Yes / No Changed BriteCore pop-ups from OK/Cancel to Yes/No for consistency and usability. Clarified Oops! Error Messaging Changed Oops! error message to make it more clear for when to create a ticket. Logo Text Overflow Native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do one device is reflected everywhere. Jack Silver
  71. 71. Interface (11) Changes Completed in 2015 72 BriteCore UI Updates Changes to global CSS components to improve mobile viewing of BriteCore. Knockout Extensions Extends the current KO example to be a hub for all extensions, bindings, and validations. Datepicker For Mobile Multiple date pickers can be opened. Jack Silver
  72. 72. 73 Efficiency New Features
  73. 73. Efficiency (24) Changes Completed in 2015 74 Move PR tool from Trac to Leankit Replaced RDS Geography Source with DSTK Source Testing Code Overhaul for Jenkins and Docker Increasing Page Speed - Step 1 Added Passthrough to View Attachments in S'Mores Created Super-Admin Flag for Non IWS Employees (Client Devs) 3 2 1 6 5 4
  74. 74. Efficiency (24) Changes Completed in 2015 75 JWT Authentication for New Frontend / Others Can Use Token for API Calls Adding Setproctitle for Gunicorn Worker Names Created New API Calls in BriteCore for Print Software Updates to Tests to Mitigate Points of Failure in BriteCore Script to Troubleshoot Decs that Need to Be Updated copy-db Improvements 9 8 7 12 11 10
  75. 75. Efficiency (24) Changes Completed in 2015 76 Added Contacts API Functions for BriteCore Added make_new_revision to Policy Shell for Larger Revisions Replace Data Integrity Project with System Tests New Column for Categories Increases Efficiency for Multiple URL Overrides Made Database Copying Platform Universal > for S'mores. Add System Tag Inputs to Popup Refactor SystemTags js for Reuse 15 14 13 18 17 16
  76. 76. Efficiency (24) Changes Completed in 2015 77 Added New Tests for Accounts Receivable Currently Due Added New Tests for Accounts Receivable Currently Due Upgrade Knockout to 3.3.0 Default Authorized By on OOPs so Clients Can Comment Wipe dir if PR > Help Testing Environment Stay Built Archive Premium Records > Reduce the Overall Size Dramatically 21 20 19 24 23 22
  77. 77. 78 DevOps New Features
  78. 78. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 79 Big Mac and DevBrite Tools MySQL 5.6 Prep for Aurora Premium Records Building in Parallel DevBrite
  79. 79. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 80 Added a Nightly DF Cache Build into Daycron & Monthcron Updated get_df_cache to Support gzipped Multi CSV Data Frame Generation and Retrieval from S3 SuperCluster
  80. 80. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 81 Implemented New Celery Data Frame Cache Purge Upon Rebuilding Move Celery to private DNS rather than public DNS SuperCluster
  81. 81. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 82 Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on all BriteCore servers BriteData now streaming information directly from S3 for better performance Converted internal services from Puppet to Salt - BriteCore servers coming soon Upgrades
  82. 82. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 83 Redis Cache Manager > Pulling Less from RDS Chunking Premium Records to Increase Speed Implement Docker Development Environment Upgrades
  83. 83. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 84 DevOps SuperCluster Cloud Watch Logging Use Gulp to minify Static Files to Reduce Bandwidth & Number of Requests Upgrade Pandas Version from 0.12 to 0.15 to 0.16.1 Upgrades
  84. 84. DevOps (6) Changes Completed in 2015 85 Improve PIP > Speeds up builds from 40 minutes to about 1 minute Merge Monthcron into Daycron Docker Webserver Updates & Config Settings to Use Less Memory Upgrades
  85. 85. 86 BriteData New Features
  86. 86. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 87 “Design the Template” tab for Custom Reports Prepared Data Frame for Accounting Data > Account Balance Report Report Sharing, Click to Add Data, and Policyholder Data Added Enhanced Date Filters, Snipets, Text Editor, Help, and Auto-Run Times3 2 1 4
  87. 87. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 88 Added Ability to Target a Column in the Conditional Fill Automatically Save Progress on a Report Every 60 Seconds Set the Default of the Report Type to XLS and Fixed Boolean Types Added Validation to the Report Name to Ensure Reports Run Correctly Options to Run With Month-End Jobs, Copy Reports, Lock Reports BriteData Now Has Its Own Tab and Displays Only when BriteData is On 7 6 5 10 9 8
  88. 88. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 89 Run "Point-In-Time" Item-Level Reports as of Today Ability to Order Custom Reports By Name with Unique Name Enforcement Removed All references to Dual Masthead Report, Replaced BriteData Added the Ability to Hide Item Questions and Computed Columns Guaranteed Type Casting on Producer/ Agency Number & Commission Rate Ability to Download/Upload Reports and Combine Fill with Value or olumn on Conditional Fills 13 12 11 16 15 14
  89. 89. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 90 Expand BriteData Auto-Run Times, Files Types, and Templating Adding New Columns with Ability to Pull Agency Data as a Factless-Table BriteData Enhancements for Outbound Vendors with Exports Options Available Report Types: XLS, CSV, PDF, HTML, TXT, and XML Created New Underwriters Performance Report Using BriteData Include Item Info in Claims DF with Ability to Group Claim Payments by Items 19 18 17 22 21 20
  90. 90. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 91 Created BriteData Mapping Rule and Fields Removed Data Warehouse and Custom Queries from Interface Added Date Filter Rules with Computed Date Columns Omit 'Pending, Unsubmitted' Status for Open Loss & Claims by Loss Reports Ensured One Click on 'Email Report' Button to Reduce Duplicates Added Agency Number to Commission Statements 25 24 23 28 27 26
  91. 91. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 92 Created a Tool for Detecting Old / Unused Reports Open “All Policyholders” and Credit Report Data to BriteData Updated Payoff Amounts Report > Target Columns in Filters Enhancements to Aged Accounts Receivable Reports Stand Alone DF Building > Opens Up Concurrent DF Builds Added a Field to BriteData That Allows the User to Define a Constant Start Date 31 30 29 34 33 32
  92. 92. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 93 Excluded "Closed, Reinsurance Recovery" from Open Loss Report Renamed coverageId and lineItemId in Losses Incurred for Consistency Link Policies to Credit Report to concatenate Policy Numbers on Group By Ordered Agency Experience by Line Name Premium Written Over A Date Range Excludes Policy Status of Archived Improved Credits on Canceled Policies customizable through BriteData 37 36 35 40 39 38
  93. 93. BriteData Changes Completed in 2015 94 Non Pay Balance on Policies > status and the amount due Hartford Steam Boiler Report for Eastern (BriteData) Moved United Frontier’s Reports to BriteData Spriska Report > Needed Columns Added Using BriteData CFM > Inforce Report Different From One Day to Next FC Contingent Commissions > Add Multiple Date-Ranges for Data Selection 43 42 41 46 45 44
  94. 94. 95 Printing New Features
  95. 95. Printing Changes Completed in 2015 96 Deployed Titanium Blizzard Print Service and Replaced Old Printers Prints Using Any Windows Machine GUI Printing Interface Titanium Blizzard
  96. 96. 97 Road Map Queued Features
  97. 97. BriteCore Road Map Queued Features 98 Auto Development BriteCore UI 3.0 Multi-State Policies Large Risk Schedules Public API Version 2 BriteData Expansion
  98. 98. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 99 CEO & Co-Founder Phil Reynolds CIO & Co-Founder Chris Reynolds Manager Sales &Support Mark Hudson Manager Sales &Support Rob Ogle
  99. 99. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 100 Senior Content Analyst Elizabeth Schuler Project Manager Justin Cimino Senior Account Executive Daniel Wilhite Client Services Specialist Abby Stegeman
  100. 100. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 101 Sales & Marketing Chastin Reynolds Content Analyst II Susan Marker Executive Assistant Hannah Hill Administrative Assistant James Green
  101. 101. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 102 Senior Software Engineer Amanda Quint Director of Development Ben Hayden Director of Engineering Scott Blevins Senior Software Engineer Myles Loffler
  102. 102. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 103 Software Engineer II Jacob Foster DevOps Coordinator Matt Thompson Junior Software Engineer Geo Roa Software Engineer I Brad Rice
  103. 103. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 104 Software Engineer Intern Matt Shaffer Software Engineer II Lee Hicks Junior Software Engineer Sean Porter Software Engineer I m Daniel Hebrink
  104. 104. Meet Our Team IWS Employees 105 Software Engineer II Tyler Mey Junior Software Engineer Thomas Johns Junior Software Engineer Stephen Biston UI/UX Specialist Will Guldin
  105. 105. BriteCore Vendors Meet Our Partners 106 Merlinos Offers products to assist with asset valuations for the insurance industry. e2Value Offers products to assist with asset valuations for the insurance industry. Towers Watson Single platform to unify upload, download, legacy back-end systems. SS&C SS&C has integrated a cloud-based general ledger and financial reporting system with Britecore. 01 02 03 04 MSO** Offers a full line of flexible property and casualty products and services. MIB** Providing over 80 years of inspection services to the insurance industry Mutual Boiler Re A premier provider of equipment breakdown product offerings. Primoris Offers a flexible, configurable, and robust payment processing solution. 05 06 07 08
  106. 106. BriteCore Vendors Meet Our Partners 107 MassPrinting Provide simple print solutions with innovative technology. Shelter Re Specializes in Excess-of-loss treaties, Quota share treaties, and Surplus treaties. InsVista An electronic notifications solution provide for property casualty insurance. NWS Specialize in web design for the insurance industry. 09 10 11 12 Beach Re Independent reinsurance broker servicing the needs of the property and casualty insurance industry. 13 Thank You! HSB | Munich Re A specialty reinsurer/ insurer and provider of risk 14
  107. 107. 108
  108. 108. 109
  109. 109. 110
  110. 110. SESSION BREAK 
 15 minutes