Evaluation 6


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Evaluation 6

  1. 1. Evaluation 6
  2. 2. Camera To take the pictures I needed I used a digital Samsung intelligent LCD camera. This enabled me to add different effects to the photos I was taking e.g. Black and white and also very simply upload them onto my laptop. It is 10.2 megapixel which is reasonably good which meant my photos that I take were much better quality.
  3. 3. Before After Once my photos had been taken I uploaded them on to picnik to edit them. Picnik allows you to make amazing changes to the photos and add great effects. For example one of my photos I took, I changed the lighting and also added a frame and edited the colours.
  4. 4. Laptop To create my magazine I used my acer laptop, the whole creation of the magazine was done on here. It was very useful as it allowed my to work on my magazine at different places due to the portability but also has great speed that allowed me to upload my work, edit and create my magazine much faster.
  5. 5. Memory Stick To save all my photos and work on I used a memory stick, it was very useful because of its size and memory capacity which allowed me to save large quantities of work and transfer them to different computers/laptops to work on.
  6. 6. PowerPoint and Slideshare To upload some of my work on the blogg I created it on PowerPoint (a presentation software) and then uploaded it using slideshare.
  7. 7. Instead of using PowerPoint I decided to do some of the evaluation on prezi, another presentation site similar to PowerPoint which enables the user to make a presentation but shows it differently.
  8. 8. Fireworks To create my magazine I used fireworks, it was very useful as it has lots of different editing options and other settings that allowed me to put together my magazine.
  9. 9. Dafont To help create my masthead I used a text website called www.dafont.com which provides thousands of unique fonts that can be downloaded.
  10. 10. During the project I used Flikr to manage and store all my photos I had used online. This meant I had more space on my memory stick for the work due to not needing to store photos on it.
  11. 11. All of my work I had done in the whole of the project all has been uploaded on to a website called blogger.
  12. 12. Overall I feel I have learnt a lot through this project and using different pieces of technology. To begin with I had never used Blogger, Flikr, Dafont, Prezi, Slideshare and Picnik now after this I feel very confident in using them.