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Lotus Live 4


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Lotus Live 4

  1. 1. ® Working together just got easier Online collaboration solutions for the working world June 2009 – Solutions as a Service – Club Alliance
  2. 2. Cloud Computing and SaaS Cloud computing is an emerging style of standardized, elastic, scalable, commodity based IT capability delivered dynamically as a service Shared Services / Multitenant Smart service delivery model Per User Subscription Model / Predictive Flexibility / Elastic
  3. 3. SaaS, Cost Reduction and TCO ... quot;Ownership costs are typically less — as much as 30% lower for a typical CRM installation, according to McKinsey & Co analysis. Costs should drop even faster for commodity services such as e-mail and messaging, which may soon be offered at prices so low that the traditional licensing model will be uneconomical.quot; Mc Kinsey May 2007 Clouds, clouds, clouds. Everyone talks about Google-style cloud computing — software as services off in the Internet “cloud” — as the future. But while cloud computing is a marketing triumph, new research from McKinsey & Company asserts that trying to adopt the cloud model would be a money-losing mistake for most large corporations. New York Times April 2009 Assumption 1 — SaaS is less expensive than on-premises software. Fact Check: True during the first two years but may not be for a five-year TCO. SaaS applications will have lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the first two years because SaaS applications do not require large capital investment for licenses or support infrastructure. However, in the third year and beyond, an on-premises deployment can become less expensive from an accounting perspective as the capital assets used for the on-premises deployment depreciate. » Gartner February 2009 Cloud-based email is always cheaper for companies with fewer than 15,000 users. The crossover point for when generic cloud-based email is cheaper than on-premise email is about 15,000 users. Forrester January 2009
  4. 4. IBM Lotus Collaboration Strategy Messaging and Collaboration Unified Communications Situational Applications Content Management and Social Software and Integration Online - SaaS On-Premise
  5. 5. Supporting Flexible Delivery Models On-Premise Online - SaaS MANAGED BY IT DEPARTMENT OR PARTNER IBM MANAGED Hosted Application Software Software Appliance Management On Demand Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits • Allows for advanced • Easy to install/maintain • Scales to meet customer • Subscription pricing model customization to meet • Managed by customer or demand • Scales to meet customer customer needs partner • Updates are applied demand • Managed by IT dept • Toolkits available for transparently • Updates are applied • All data resides local and customization by partner • Virtualized environment transparently inside the firewall or customer per customer • Multi-tenant environment • All data inside your • Deep levels of for all customers firewall customization available • Standard offering, little • Negotiated SLAs customization • Standard SLAs The most effective business solutions may need a combination of delivery models
  6. 6. LotusLive, The Intercompany Collaboration Platform Engage Across Company Boundaries Our SaaS Strategy Deliver a set of services that dramatically simplifies and improves the business interactions organizations have with their customers, partners and suppliers. Execution ● Provide essential, easy-to-use and acquire business services for workgroups ● Offer integrated collaborative & social networking services connected to relevant business services and applications ● Enable the ability to seamlessly work with people – outside or inside your company ● Create a business network of connected businesses
  7. 7. Introducing LotusLive Files My Network Meetings Events Chat Activities Charts Survey Forms Email & Calendar
  8. 8. LotusLive family Web Conferencing Collaboration eMail Lotus Live Events Lotus Live Engage Lotus Live Notes LotusLive Events is an online event LotusLive Engage is an integrated suite of IBM's most widely used software, management service, helping you tools that combines your network with Web Lotus Notes is available as an online create, host and manage your next conferencing and collaboration capabilities. service. online conference. Available Available Available Lotus Live Meetings Lotus Live Connections Lotus Live iNotes LotusLive Meetings is a full-featured LotusLive Connections is an integrated LotusLive iNotes is a security-rich, online meeting service that integrates suite of collaboration services that lets you Web-based messaging service for Web, audio and video conferencing. store and share files, manage activities, exchanging e-mail and files between conduct online chats, and extend your individuals and extended business contacts with networking communities. capabilities. Available Expected July 09 Expected July 09
  9. 9. A scalable and open platform Lotus Live Partner Private Label or Co-label Third Party Integration IBM Content Content Providers Traditional ISVs Contact Business ISV Web Conferening Store & Share M anagem ent Online eMail Services Content integration eMail Integration Form s Chat Activities Live Charts APIs Operations Administration
  10. 10. Extending Value with Partners Tech Preview
  11. 11. Preview – Integration with Auto name population Create an Manage Activity directly Activity from the your opportunity
  12. 12. Preview – Integration with Skype Call LotusLive contacts
  13. 13. LotusLive ... Live Demonstration