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Resume - IT


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Resume - IT

  1. 1. Phillip Marucci A: 6105 Meridian Drive Erie, PA 16509 T: 814-823-2081 E: PM Summary Penn State Erie, the Behrend College graduate with a B.S. in Management Information Systems with certifications in both SAP and Oracle CRM. I am interested in furthering my career goals and building on my current IT and programming knowledge. Relevant Experience Assistant Programmer/Assistant IT Specialist, Howard Industries Fairview, PA — July 2015 – Present Assisted in the creation and implementation of the company’s in-house Real-Time Statistics (RTS) system for the fabrication shop which tracks employee’s tasks, billable hours, and punches. Also assisted in the completion of the in-house Database Management system (DMS) used for all facets of the company from creating quotes for the customer to the final sales receipt to employee management. Database management and documentation of products that are sold by the company. Data entry in database management systems as well as various spreadsheets for use throughout the company. The position also asks that I provide some quality assurance in the form of testing applications before being used by the “public”. Formulating documentation to coincide with this testing is also required. Assisted in general IT work around the office and shop consisting of computer maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, and general issues related to technology. Web Development Intern, Greener Behrend Erie, PA — June 2014 - January 2015 Worked as a web development intern for the non-profit sustainability organization Greener Behrend. Had the opportunity to work with Drupal CMS as well as experience a lot of nuances of being a web developer for a school affiliated website. Was responsible for maintaining the existing website while making improvements to its overall structure and design Education Penn State Erie, the Behrend College Bachelor of Science — 2010-2015 Management Information Systems degree with a focus on Systems Analysis. SAP Certification Oracle ERP Certification Officer and Co-Founder of MIS Club Dean’s List - 2015
  2. 2. Skills ● Programming: C#, HTML, MVC 5 ASP.NET, Entity Framework 6, WPF, Windows Forms ● MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL ● Database management using NaviCat software, spreadsheets/reports based on database collection and management ● Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Access, Visio, Project, PowerPoint ● Dreamweaver CS5, Visual Studio ● Experience with Windows and Mac Operating Systems ● Experience with Android and iOS mobile device Operation Systems ● Customer Service Experience Project Experience Real Time Statistics System Howard Industries Working as a part of a three person team developed and implemented a shop-wide Real Time Statistics System that is being used out in the manufacturing shop. The RTS displays each shop employee’s name and what job they are currently working on with a short description of that job. This allows for the plant manager to continually monitor time sensitive projects and how long those projects are taking based on department. Database Management System Howard Industries Working in a team of two people in the process of developing a new system for the entire company to be used in overall management of sales to production in the shop. Working to replace a current system that is in use by improving on features that already exist while simultaneously developing new features for employee use. The DMS handles everything from customer information for sales to production information to shop employees and everything in between. Massive scale project to be implemented in the near future. MIS 430 – Systems Analysis Spring Semester – 2014 Validity Vetting System Collaborated as a part of a group of five classmates to create a vetting systems for a real world client as a part of the semester long project for developing Use Cases and Consultation documents. Focusing on the reporting and documentation. Management 471 – Strategic Management and Business Policy Fall Semester – 2014 Capstone Simulation Participated in a team simulation on Strategic Management. The objective of the project was to make business decisions about a simulated company. Each participant was in- charge of making decisions for their own market segment as well as a specified role for the whole of the company.
  3. 3. MIS 435 – Programming with C# and ASP.NET MVC Spring Semester – 2015 Semester Long Project – Grocery List Application Created an application based around a grocery or shopping list in a two person team using C# ASP.NET MVC. The goal of the project was to create a web application based on whatever function the teams decided, the only stipulation being that it needed to be done in ASP.NET MVC. MIS 387 – Web Design and Social Media Aspects Fall Semester – 2013 Web Development Project – Ashtabula Underground Railroad Museum Spoke to a real-world client that needed a new website developed for their business. A team of two is responsible for continually speaking with the client and getting an understanding about what the customer desires and delivering them a usable, updated website. References Available upon request.