New coin laundry planning guide october 2010


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Laundromat Planning Guide from Dexter Laundry

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New coin laundry planning guide october 2010

  1. 1. Store Owner Success Series: Coin Laundry Planning GuideDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  2. 2. Investing in The Coin Laundry IndustryAccording to most industry experts, there are some 34,000 self-service laundries in NorthAmerica alone. These “stores” generate approximately $8 Billion in retail sales servingsome 30 million people.W e think a self-service laundry Sometimes, customers will use your advice without taking has tremendous advantages laundry because you have available installation shortcuts. The Advantages to offer those interested in capacity. They may have access to one The self-service laundry businessowning and managing their own business. washer and one dryer, but you have d. Learn from your distributor’s provides many operationalWere glad you came to Dexter to learn many. By using all your high performance mistakes to avoid your own. advantages to the small businessmore about "our" industry. machines they can save a lot of time. owner. Apartment renters may have access to 3) Use modern equipmentOur business is to provide the basic equipment but share it with many other Historically, our industry hasneed of refreshing laundry. According to tenants. Most would rather use your a. Save Water. weathered weak economic timesmost industry experts, there are some laundry than wait for available machines in and grown steadily as the population34,000 self-service laundries in North the apartment building. b. Save Electricity. increases. Washing and dryingAmerica alone. These "stores" generate clothes is a basic function in life andapproximately $8 Billion in retail sales The Opportunity c. Save Gas. a simple business.serving some 30 million people. So, how do you maximize on an investment in a self-service laundry? d. Reduce cycle times to maximize As a cash business, customers payThe Customer customer turnover. for their services upfront and thereThe bottom line is everyone does laundry. 1) Pick a good location. are very few accounts receivable.Each of us either uses our own washers e. Reduce downtime to increase While self-service laundries doand dryers, or someone elses. If youre a. Close proximity to dense customer satisfaction. require a capital investment upfront,a homeowner you most likely have your population. they do not require much labor toown machines, although you may wash f. Increase capacity to win new operate. The machines do the job -larger items in a self service laundry. If b. Easy ingress and egress. customers. and never show up late for work.youre a student you most likely use theschools machines or a self-service laundry. c. Safe, ample parking g. Use Easy Card™ to make For More InformationIf you rent your home, sometimes you rent more money. Authorized Dexter Distributorsmachines or use a self-service laundry. If d. Affordable rent or have built thousands of successfulyou are away from home, traveling, or on acquisition cost. We believe to compete and excel in the self-service laundries. We invite youvacation, youll wish a self service laundry self-service laundry business you need to to locate your nearest distributorwas near. 2) Consult with a qualified equipment make doing laundry as easy and fast as and contact them more information distributor. possible. Make it easy to find your store, regarding your local self-serviceSelf-service laundries cater to people park and gain access to the machines laundry market.needing to temporarily "rent" laundry a. Use only reputable companies (automatic doors). Have your machines inequipment. They pay for the opportunity who are willing to share working order, and simplify change making The employee owners at Dexterto use your washers and dryers instead existing customer testimonials. or use a card system. Place large capacity would like to be the first to welcomeof their own. People will use your laundry washers near the front of the store and you to our industry!because they dont have access to other b. Look for longevity in business dryers along outside walls. Always providemachines. The "vend price" customers pay and get to know your laundry carts and spacious folding areas.compensates you for your rent, utilities, distributor. The key to success is efficiently processingemployees, other expenses and profit. c. Listen to your distributor’s happy customers.Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  3. 3. Laundromat Investment Frequently Asked QuestionsWe know that potential investors in the laundromat industry have lots of questions.Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers that we encounterfrom new and potential laundry owners. For more details on any of these topics, or to getanswers to additional questions, please ask your Dexter Authorized Distributor. They area valuable resource, and can assist you with the planning, purchase, installation and longterm support of your laundry project and will be able to assist with all of your laundryIs a Coin Laundry a Good you need. Beyond the obvious revenue other services can add even more profitInvestment? from your coin-op washers and dryers; potential.A coin-operated laundry is a smart additional services such as wash & fold,investment, particularly in today’s dry cleaning service and alterations & Who Should Invest in a Coin Laundry?economy. It’s an all-cash, low labor, and repairs and on site vending can also People from all walks of life, inducingrecession-resistant business. Many owners generate additional revenue. retirees, should invest in coin laundries.see their initial investment paid back in a It is a basic, common-sense, vital serviceshort period of time, and this is a business People from all walks of life and ethnic business requiring minimal labor.with little inventory, or accounts receivable origins are investing in the commercialproblems to worry about. laundry industry. It is a common sense business, requiring minimal supervision. Do I Require Any Special Skills ToCompared to many businesses, with the It can be run on an absentee basis, which Own and Operate a Self-Service Coinhelp of your Dexter Authorized Distributor, helps you avoid giving up your current Laundry?a laundromat is actually a very easy profession or other source of income. A coin laundry is a relatively simplebusiness to start. The requirements for business to operate. No special skills are laundry or otherwise) depends on how well store. A properly designed and equipped In Addition to Financing, What Will Istart-up capital are very reasonable, there Why Should I Invest in the Coin required. The most important factors in you manage it. Some important factors coin laundry can cost between $135,000 Need for Start Up Costs?are no franchise fees, smaller stores Laundry Business? your success are desire, perseverance and in the success of a modern laundromat to $600,000 or more. More important than The cash down payment for an existinghave only minimal labor requirements A laundromat is a smart investment a well-equipped coin laundry with the right are its location, the size of the store, the the actual cost of a store is what a store store depends on the cost of the store and(since customers do most of the work), for individuals looking for a business mix of equipment in the right location. mix of equipment, the hours of operation, will generate in revenues and profits for the availability of outside financing, or theand there are no spoilage factors. And opportunity with good return on advertising and promotion. Your Dexter the owner relative to the cost – that is willingness of the existing owner to holdwith manufactured sponsored financing investment. You have no inventory and no How Much Can I Expect to Earn Authorized Distributor can help you put what determines the owner’s return on financing as a provision of your purchase.programs (like Dexter Financial Services), receivables to worry about. An attendant Investing in a Commercial Laundry? together a plan for your business that investment. For more details on building a The up-front capital required to build aonce you have your start-up capital, it can add an additional profitable wash, dry Are There Tax Benefits? covers not only investment costs, but the successful laundromat in your area, please new store will depend on your equipmentis very easy to finance the equipment and fold service and vending, tailoring and The success rate of any business (coin return on your investment. Click here to contact your Dexter Authorized Distributor. mix, the size of the laundry, and the find the Dexter Authorized Distributor condition of the location. nearest you. Where Do I Get Financing to Open a Laundromat? As a general guideline, recommend that The tax benefits of investing in a laundry Dexter Laundry offers competitive you have approximately thirty percent can depend on your yearly income. For financing and your Dexter Authorized of the purchase price available to invest more details contact your tax provider. Distributor can assist you with into a new Laundromat, assuming you how to apply for financing for your have a financial statement able to finance How Much Does It Cost To Build a laundromat investment. They can make the balance. In addition to the down Professional Coin Laundry? recommendations on how and where to payment, you will have to pay insurance, There are several factors that can finance your businesses and will work escrow charges, and deposits on utilities. impact your potential cost. Location, with you to select the option that best You also should set aside a cash reserve demographics of the area, layout of the suits your needs and budget. Click here to equal to 2-3 months of operating costs of site, size of the laundry, sizes of the learn more about financing your laundry the business, while your new business is equipment, water heaters, water storage equipment through Dexter Financial developing a customer base. Your Dexter tanks, plumbing, exhaust venting, etc., Services. Authorized Distributor can help walk you will all contribute to the total cost of the through the expected costs and investmentDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  4. 4. Laundromat Investment Frequently Asked irrigation system. Costs can range from a few dollars per machine up to severalQuestions (continued) thousand depending on the city. If you purchase an existing laundry, it would not be necessary for you to pay these fees.needed to open up your new laundry. recommendations. Their factory trained Dexter Authorized Distributor will be more However there may be other charges laundry industry experts will look at the than happy to meet with you on site to required to bring an aging laundromat up toHow Does Location Impact the demographics and traffic patterns of an discuss your potential investment, be it an code. For details on what you might expectSuccess of a Laundromat? area to assist you in finding the best existing business, or a new location. for impact fees in your area, please consultLocation is one of the most important possible location for your laundromat. with your Dexter Authorized Distributor.factors in determining the future success Dexter Distributors can also provide you What’s the Process of Building a Newof any coin laundry. Your coin laundry with assistance in negotiating a lease, Laundromat? Are There Other Taxes or Permits Ishould be located in a high-traffic, densely obtaining financing and more. Your Dexter Authorized Distributor will Need to Know About?populated, low-to-medium income area, be able to help you find a location, There are an assortment of licenses andwith good access and the availability of Can an Equipment Dealer Help to Find recommend a mix of equipment, and registrations that do need to be obtainedconvenient parking. Coin laundries can and Evaluate a Location? design your laundromat’s layout. After in order to open a laundromat. These canalso do well in middle-to-high income Yes! Among the many services Dexter you approve the basic design, an architect vary for new or existing locations and byareas with single family homes because Authorized Distributors provideare free will deliver a complete set of plans for municipality. For more details on whatmany two income families find it more evaluation of your location, store design, submission to the appropriate building you can expect for your area and laundryconvenient, time saving and cost efficient and equipment recommendations. They department. Construction will then start location, please consult with your Dexterto use the local coin laundry or its wash can also assist you with developing a with the delivery appropriate gas, water, Authorized Distributor.and fold service. business plan, proforma and applying for sewer and electrical service to the site financing. followed by installation of the equipment How Much Should I Expect to Pay forWhether you are considering purchasing and other tenant improvements. Utilities?an existing laundry or building a new If your laundromat washers and dryers arelaundry from scratch, your Dexter Should I Buy an Existing Coin What are Impact Fees and How Do water and energy efficient, and designedAuthorized Distributor can assist you in Laundry and Upgrade It, Or Build a They Impact my Laundromat? for heavy-duty commercial use, the utilitiesthe selection of a good location. Among New One? While not all cities impose them, impact costs can average 15-25% of your monthlythe many services Dexter Authorized There are many different factors that can fees are charges imposed by cities on gross income depending in which part ofDistributors provide is a free evaluation of impact whether you should buy an existing new construction projects that require the country your laundry is located. Older,your location, store design, and equipment laundromat or build one from scratch. Your connecting to the city’s water, sewer or less efficient laundry equipment can push utility bills beyond 30% of the monthly gross. Consult with your Dexter Authorized Distributor on how to minimize your utility expenses and to make your laundromat as energy efficient as possible. What Type of Washers Should I buy? Customers primarily visit laundromats because they do not have, or have inadequate laundry equipment at home. The equipment you install for your customers to use is the most important factor in the success of your business. Customers must be more satisfied with the wash results they get in your laundry than with the wash they get in a laundry down the street or at home using an appliance washer. As a laundromat owner, youDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  5. 5. Laundromat Investment Frequently Asked Location, Location, Location!Questions (continued) Location is the first thing to consider when looking to build or buy a new or used coinwill want to install high quality, durable Why Not Install Home Appliance- laundromat with fewer numbers of hours. laundry. Your Dexter Authorized Distributor can also help with location selection.machines that out-perform the normal Type Top-Loading Washers? Consult them for more details.washers and dryers that consumers have Toploaders are not always the bext choice Do Many People Own More Than Oneat home. Since professional laundry for a professional coin-laundry because Laundromat? Things to consider: handicapped accessible? of security. Are women and / or familiesequipment is also a significant investment, they use up to 60% more water and Yes! There are many successful multi- going to feel safe coming to this location?you’ll also want to invest in dependable energy. Primarily designed for home use, store owners in the coin laundry industry. • Where is the store located? Is it a busy • Is ample off-street parking available? Is itmachines that have a long life even in top load washers are not built for the In fact, it is very common for individuals to street? What are the demographics of the easy to get into and out of the parking lot? • Middle-class and upper income areasheavy use conditions. heavy use of a laundromat enviornment. choose the coin laundry industry because neighborhood? What type of customers is may often need additional services such as They use up to 60% more water and of the ability to own and operate multiple this store going to attract? • What other types of businesses are drop-off laundry or dry-cleaning.Customers also appreciate being able to energy, and on average last only a few stores. With managements systems such located in the same area? Are these • If the store is existing, does it have thechoose from a wide range of machine years when compared to professional front as Dexter’s Easy Card system, it continues • 80% of a coin laundry’s customers come businesses that could increase or decrease technical capabilities the owner will needsizes to wash items like bedspreads, load models. The result is that you’ll earn to get easier for store owners to control because the coin laundry is closest to their business? for utilities, plumbing, etc.rugs, curtains or big family bundles. You’ll much less money with toploaders and the operation of multiple locations. home. How close is this store to its idealwant to offer a variety of sizes for your spend much more money on repairs and customers? • What is the traffic count for this store? • If the owners want to lease, can they getcustomers from small washers for college replacement. Ask your Dexter Authorized Have more questions? Visit our store a long-term lease with reasonable rent? Doto students to large multi-load washers for Distributor what a difference front-load • Is the store well-lit? Is it visible from the • Where is the competition located? What they have availability of options to renew, owner resource center online atlarge families or those with large items. washers can make in your laundry. street? services do they offer and how do they and low rent increases? or schedule impact business of this store?Your Dexter Authorized Distributor can How Much Time Will I Need to Spend a free consultation with your Dexter • Is adequate signage available, or is itmake recommendations about the types Managing My Laundry? Authorized Distributor. To find the possible to install it? • Is the store (or can it be) clean, well-litand sizes of equipment that is right for At first, you will spend many hours learning and safe for customers? Lower income Dexter Distributor nearest you, visityour business. the business and getting familiar with the • Does it have easy access in and out? Is it neighborhoods may need higher levels us online at various pieces of equipment installed. In time you will be able to manage your or call us at 1-800-524-2954.Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  6. 6. Why Location Matters!Every retail operation must have a location to do business. Given a choice, all store upper-middle income? the vacated housing units (if that is the operate?owners would choose a great location. The only way to make an informed decision is — Upper-middle income situation)? — A large store (over 3,000to evaluate the location and its merits. This evaluation process is nothing more than to wealthy? square feet)? Use this type of information to create a — A medium store (2,000 togathering pertinent information regarding the prospective site for the laundry. The more • Is the population in the marketing area profile of potential customers. 3,000 square feet)?pertinent information gathered, the greater the opportunity to uncover that GREAT stable? Has it declined or increased during — A small store (under 2,000laundry store location. the past couple of years? Competition -- The Key to Success square feet)? Analyze the competition in the market• Should the store be located in the The Next Step • If the population is increasing, where will area. It is very important to visit existing • What services does the competitioncountry, suburbs or in an urban center? After finding several potential sites that fit • What percentage of the total population the newcomers live? New rental housing? stores and multifamily dwelling laundry offer? the basic criteria of proximity, availability in the marketing area are: New condos? New single-family housing? rooms in the marketing area — to — Drop-off?• Should the store be in a strip mall, a and space, it’s time for the next step. — Renters? determine the competition. Knowing the — Budget drycleaning?free-standing building or on a commercial Begin to gather the information to — Condo owners? • Are there many new building permits type of competitive situation will go a long — Professional drycleaning?or residential street? facilitate decisions about the site. Is this — Homeowners? being issued by the city within the way toward determining if the site a great location, a good location or marketing area? chosen store site is going to be great. • Is the store:• Will the store have off-street parking a poor location? Gather information on • What percentage of people living in the • If the population is decreasing, from When visiting the competition, consider — Fully attended?for customers? the demographic and population makeup marketing area are: what area are the people leaving? the following: — Partially attended? of the site; its marketing area; the — Single? — Unattended?• How big will the store be? 3,000 square competition provided by other laundries in — Single-parent •Why are no new people moving into • What type of store does the competitionfeet? Bigger? Smaller? the marketing area; the traffic patterns families? in the area of the potential store; the — Dual-income• Should the store be attended or visibility of the store; and what other families? unattended? types of retail stores are in the immediate — Senior citizens? vicinity. — Students?• Should the store provide other servicesto customers in addition to the laundry, Population: Potential Customers such as drop-off service, drycleaning, When selecting a site for the store, pay • What percentage of people living in theshirt finishing and shoe repair? Take some close attention to who the potential marketing area can be classified astime to define the type of store desired. customers --- Low income to lower-Define the location in concrete terms: the will be. Consider the following: middle income?type of building and building site; then set --- Lower-middle incomeout to find that great location. • What is the total population of all to middle income? people living in the marketing area? — Middle income toDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  7. 7. Why Location Matters! (continued) spaces for customers? be initial water and sewer hook-up fees, which are also called impact fees. As with any retail business, the store They could cost several thousands of — All frontload washers and no • What other amenities are there (video to the store. Will they drive? Use public should be visible to as many potential dollars for an entire store and should be topload washers? games, a lounge, a television set)? transportation? Walk? In addition, consider customers as possible. Important carefully evaluated. Some owners have the following: questions to consider include: been• How many of each type? • How does the store look? successful in convincing their landlord — Topload washers • Is the store on a main thoroughfare or • Can the store be seen easily from the to pay this fee. If the landlord refuses, — Frontload washers • Is the store clean or dirty? on a side street? How visible is it? road? perhaps he or she will agree to amortize — 18 lb., 25 lb., 30 lb., 35 lb., the cost of the impact fees into the rent 50 lb., 75 lb. • Is the store neat or shabby? • Is the store easily accessible? Is it • How much frontage area does the so the renter does not have to produce located on a one-way street? Is the street store have? (15 feet? More than 30 feet? the capital at start-up when there are• What is the vend price of each • Does the equipment look fresh and new divided by a permanent barrier? Will Somewhere in between?) many other initial costs.washer? or old and beat up? customers be able to maneuver easily into the store’s parking area? • How much of the storefront is glass? • Visibility. Another consideration when• How many dryers are in the store? •Are there many out-of-order signs visible selecting the location is a good, well- on the washers and dryers? • When customers leave with their clean • What kind of signage can be used to lighted building that is not too far from• What is the vend price of each dryer? clothes, will they be able to safely enter attract customers? the street … preferably at or above road •How is the interior signage in the store? the traffic flow? grade level. Good visibility from the• Is there a sufficient amount of dryers in • At what speed does the traffic pass by The store’s neighbors may play an outside through large windows is anthe store to take care of the peak washing • Is there a sufficient number of folding the store? important part in its success. Be aware important customer safety factor as well.periods? tables for customers? of other retail stores, bars, offices,• Are there bill changers in the store? • How is the traffic regulated? How will this banks, etc. in the store’s neighborhood. • Accessibility. Avoid a location that • Are there customer seating areas in the impact customers? is in a highly congested area where• Are there soap vending machines in the store? • Do the other businesses: Require long- it may be difficult to get into and outstore? • Is there a parking lot? term parking for their customers? of the parking lot. Anything that is a • Is the store excessively hot? Cold? vision hindrance, such as shrubbery or• Is it a coinless, card-operated store? • How is the lot maintained? Is it well-lit? • Look successful and profitable? another building that blocks the view • Is there a ventilation system? A heating Clean? Clearly striped? Who will maintain of the store, should be avoided. Also,• Are there snack and soda vending system? Air-conditioning? it? • Look run-down and dirty? neighboring businesses that may not bemachines in the store? compatible should be avoided. • Keep in mind how customers will get •Is there a sufficient number of parking These basic questions help evaluate a potential laundry site. These issues must • Free Standing or Cluster. Decide be adequately addressed before moving whether the store should be free to the next series of steps in securing standing or in a cluster (such as in a that great location. The most shopping center). There are advantages important thing to remember while and disadvantages to both. searching for a great location is to do your homework. Free-standing buildings offer more choice in layout, but strip center laundries have Researching each potential site is vital the advantage of late-night activity and to finding the right fit. Don’t be afraid to ample parking. If acquiring a store in a ask questions. strip center, negotiate the lease when the strip center is being built. Get in Selecting a location is one of the most early to prenegotiate and prelease, for a important aspects of going into business. better chance to arrange for the landlord Many distributors and laundry brokers to build in many of the precosts. There can assist with this step. However, it is are a lot of benefits for a potential store good to know the basics of what to look owner in a strip center … primarily a for in a location, such as: long-term lease, which is the security most landlords are seeking. • Utilities. A location should have the capability to provide all the necessary utilities … water, sewer, gas and electricity. Be aware that there mayDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  8. 8. Sample Page From a What Are Design & Layout Considerations Demographics Demographic Report When you’re planning a new store, or just remodeling an existing one, there are many & How They Are different factors you want to keep in mind! To help make the best use of your facilities, here are some important considerations to remember in your planning. Demographics Report & Analysis (1/1/01) Ring Study of 5.0 Miles Around Lat: 33.53871, Long: -112.15206 Helpful? Make Use of What You Have • Vending can bring in additional dollars – EASI Block Group: 040130930.001 ZIP Code: 85301 Keep in mind your building’s layout and Other Elements To Consider remember to plan for electrical outlets When choosing a location for a new self-service Post Office Name: GLENDALE the structural features that you cannot or • Easy access • Bulkheads - the cost is less for smaller County FIPS Code: 04013 laundry it is wise to investigate the neighborhood do not want to change. These will need to • Elbow room to work ones but, leave less space to work on County Name: Maricopa, AZ first. Laundry owners want to understand the mix State Name: ARIZONA be built around with your new design. • Electrical shut-offs machines. Discuss size with your Dexter Metropolitan Area Name: Phoenix-Mesa, AZ of people in a local marketplace before making a • Quality water valves Authorized Distributor. Area Code: 623 large investment, not after. Additional Services Offered • Lighting • Match washer pounds with dryer Description 1.00 Mile 3.00 Mile 5.00 Mile Do you, or are you going to offer dry • Future expansion pounds. Ratio of 1:1 Based on U.S. Government Census information Latitude: 33° : 32 : 09" 33° : 32 : 09" 33° : 32 : 09" cleaning, wash / dry / fold service? • Secured office space • Mention a dedicated power outlet for the Longitude: -112° : 09 : 08" -112° : 09 : 08" -112° : 09 : 08" we can learn how many, what age, and what Alterations? Make sure you allow plenty • Cleaning supply storage computer network and a phone line near Population (1/1/01): 22,212 194,435 511,853 race of people live in a certain area. These of space to accomodate any additional by for the network. reports are sometimes referred to as “demos”, Square Miles: 2.8 28.0 78.0 services you might be providing including Elements To Limit Or Avoid “pop-facts”, or simply “demographics”. Population Density: 7,932.9 6,944.1 6,562.2 ATM’s, video games, etc. • “Going it alone” and “re-inventing the Population (1/1/90): 19,173 158,257 405,194 wheel” Population (1/1/06): 23,804 211,843 562,458 Individuals or laundry distributors can purchase Population Growth 2001/1990: 15.85 22.86 26.32 Number of Machines & Load Capacity • Too many interior signs this information from a number of sources. The Population Forecast 2006/2001: 7.17 8.95 9.89 • Make sure you have enough machines • Negative “Don’t Do” signs Coin Laundry Association makes them available Households (1/1/90): 7,589 61,362 154,649 for weekends--a laundry’s businest times! • Too much space for kids play areas Households (1/1/01): 8,610 74,099 192,502 to members for $10. Most services charge under • Include small, medium and large washer • Too many video games can keep Households (1/1/06): 9,282 81,280 213,136 $100 per cross street address. One popular Households Growth 2001/1990: 13.45 20.76 24.48 sizes to accommodate many different mothers away supplier is Claritas at (800) 234-5973 or www. Households Growth 2006/2001: 7.80 9.69 10.72 individuals needs. • ATM machine Average Household Size: 2.58 2.62 2.66 • Have plenty of drying capacity for Families: 6,477 52,139 131,642 customers to finish their loads. Elements To Add Urban Population: 22,212 194,435 511,829 A demographic report focuses on a single cross Rural Population: 0 0 24 • Get “creative” with paint – not tile section and gathers information from a specified Female Population: 11,437 99,070 259,195 Efficiency of Customer Flow and • Add personality with decorations or radius. Urban locations usually view information Male Population: 10,775 95,365 252,658 Facilitate Processing Speed plants White Population: 16,724 138,246 355,422 from a .5, 1, and 2-mile radius. It is common for Help your customers move around quickly Black Population: 1,570 13,030 31,750 rural locations to use 1, 5, and 10-mile radius Asian, Pacific Islander Population: 910 7,334 18,065 and efficiently with smart planning that General Planning because they draw from larger geography. Other Population: 4,116 45,389 127,134 includes. • Dryer venting and intake air, 12” x 12” Hispanic Population: 6,715 70,134 197,696 • Large, automatic doors after screens, louvers and opening covers. Total Aged 0-5 Years Old: 1,823 18,181 50,588 A demographic snapshot usually includes 9 pages • Available carts • Each Dryer should have it’s own Total Aged 6-11 Years Old: 1,630 15,984 44,729 of information. While it’s possible to use each Total Aged 12-17 Years Old: 2,067 16,319 43,933 • Wide aisles disconnect. number- it’s impractical. Your distributor can Total Aged 18-24 Years Old: 2,281 21,682 55,530 • High speed extraction • Leave 2 feet behind Dryers min. Total Aged 25-34 Years Old: 2,535 25,275 70,448 help you quickly filter the information and show washers • Leave 6 ft 7 inches between washer Total Aged 35-44 Years Old: 3,341 29,572 81,814 you the most useful information to a self-service • Bountiful folding space rows for people and carts. Total Aged 45-54 Years Old: 3,440 29,038 72,532 laundry owner. Total Aged 55-64 Years Old: 2,378 17,384 40,512 • Make sure there is enough folding tables Plan Safety in Your Design or customer will go other places. Coin Laundry Association The Right Site - Basic Edition A laundry’s design should help customers • Laundry flow- they fill front to back. Easy Analytic Software, Inc. Demographics are available at a very affordable006 541 Benigno Boulevard Bellmawr, NJ 08031 phone 856 931 5780 fax 856 931 4115 Page 1 both keep safe and feel safe by complying Large machines in front fill early. Small cost through the CLA for members. Check with with all codes, having ample interior machines to back fill later. them for more details. Your Dexter Authorized lighting, plenty of open spaces and non- • Wash dry and fold will need some Distributor may also be able to provide you with slip flooring. Be sure to have emergency storage area. demographics for your area. shut-offs and a recordable camera security • Folding tables and areas are important system. to customers. Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  9. 9. Designing for SuccessLooking to design a new store or remodel an existing location? When planning your store’s design, it’s •If possible design the laundry allowing fact that they have the proper type and important to establish a smooth workflow unobstructed visibility from the front to amount of lighting. The lighting will alsoBefore breaking ground for a new store, one of the most important design elements This “breathing space” provides customers between the washers, dryers and folding the back. This helps the laundry feel more have a big effect on how clean theirsigning a lease or gutting an old store you can consider. Try to provide at list with the opportunity to become oriented tables. One good way to accomplish this is open, and allows visibility for safety’s sake. clothes appear when they are washed and“for extensive remodeling,” thoroughly one, five foot double door or two, three upon entering the store. It gives them by using multiple washer islands installed dried in the store.analyze the interior area. Analyze it as to foot single doors for every 20 washers you a chance to stop, look and decide which perpendicular to the dryer line.Folding • Using mirrors can help your laundry feelits business potential for the maximum have. Automatic sliding doors provide your direction they are going to take without tables should be located closer to the larger and more open. If space permits, try to provide an areanumber of pieces of equipment that customers with the most convenience, bumping into someone else who is trying dryers than to the washers. In planning for vending equipment such as snackcan fit into the building and still provide allowing them to easily enter and exit your to do the same thing without blocking the for table space, a good rule-of-thumb •A ceramic tile floor that will help minimize and soda machines. These can be athenumber of turns per day per unit store with bundles and baskets of laundry. door itself. would be about 15 square feet of table per slips and falls and will look better and last very profitable investment, as well as aneeded to provide the desired return on Many storeowners who have installed three dryers. Newer folding tables take longer. convenience for your customers.investment. Any store must be designed automatic doors report that they receive 3. Keep Aisle Ways Open. advantage of space utilization techniquesfor maximum profit per square foot of more compliments for this convenience Planning adequate aisle space can keep by providing shelves, which can increase 7. Selecting the Equipment Remember to provide the customers withfloor space. Once established, set about than for anything else. your laundry’s customers happy and help folding capacity by 30–40 percent. Be Work with your Dexter Authorized plenty of laundry carts. About half ofproviding those customer convenience prevent “collisions” between customers sure there is a good flow from washers to Distributor to determine the right the carts should have hanging racks onbenefits that complement the layout and 2. Plan in Breathing Space. during peak times. Be sure to allow at dryers to folding tables. equipment mix for your location. They them. The number of carts will dependequipment configuration. Consider the Dexter Authorized Distributors recommend least 5 1/2 feet of aisle space for carts, can help you plan the right number of on customer usage, but a minimum offollowing: that inside each entryway, store owners wheelchairs and customers to have plenty 5. Large Capacity Washers. machines to provide the maximum number one per four to five washers would be allow at least an eight foot by eight foot of room to navigate. Be sure to place your large capacity of turns per day to provide your return advisable.1. Opening Doors to Your Business. (square) of space before your customer machines as close to the front of the store on investment. They can also help youGetting your customers into your store is encounters the first piece of equipment. 4. Go With the Workflow. as possible. Your customers with large plan your space and provide you with 9. Additional Tips to Keep in Mind. loads will appreciate the convenience, and items you might need such as toploaders, While some storeowners refer to their you’ll appreciate the profits you make on frontloaders, large capacity washers, laundries in terms of square feet or these bigger machines. dryers, extractors, bill and coin changers, number of washers and dryers, another soap and bag machines, carts, folding common size measurement is the number While most stores have enough washers, tables, water heaters and storage tanks of pounds the store is capable of washing customer bottlenecks in stores almost needed. per day or per hour. Of course, large always occur near the dryers. Because capacity washers allow more volume to be drying takes longer than washing, a Your store’s layout will also depend washed in less space. Likewise, stacked bottleneck (or backup), is often created depend upon the design of the building … dryers provide more revenue in less space. by the dryers. If you’re looking at adding the walls, window locations, door locations, Ask your Dexter Authorized Distributor washers, especially large capacity washers, bathroom plumbing, existing plumbing, how to maximize your store’s capacity with consider expanding the dryer capacity of gas and electrical, height of ceilings your existing space. the store as well. and room shapes and sizes. Each store will have different layout and 6. Design With the Customer in Mind. 8. Finishing Touches. design requirements that are based on When decorating, don’t be afraid to use Finishing touches can be defined as those equipment mix, the services provided and bright colors, specific themes or even wild little things that provide a store with the the customer makeup. The actual size and décor. This creativity can provide your personality, uniqueness and atmosphere all shape of the store should be determined laundry with its own personal identity. its own. only after all the data has been collected Once established in the customer’s mind, that helps determine the pounds of wash this store image or identity can be used to Store lighting is an important component the market demands. A good layout advantage in advertising and promotional in making your customers feel safe and and design can make the all-important endeavors. secure. This is important because too little difference between a customer choosing or too much light in the wrong place can and using your store over a competitor’s • Washers located back-to-back need at become very discomforting to customers. store. least +/- two feet for utilities. Subconsciously they will appreciate theDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894
  10. 10. Remodeling Existing StoresStore owners are usually the last people to admit that their laundry needs remodeling. to mopping and sweeping. If the vinyl tile the store, consider laying down clean, machines really need to be replaced andHowever just a few changes and updates can make a vast improvement in your is looking worn, consider replacing it — attractive carpet runners in high-traffic which just need a bit of a “face lift.”business. especially if it is more than five years old. areas. This protects the floor and can cut If it cannot be replaced, consider stripping down on slips and falls. Stainless steel machines can be polishedTake a walk through your store decoration that can look fantastic when helpful to laundry customers, and they and buffing it. The entire store will have a with special cleaners and rubbinglooking at it as your customers might done well. Custom awnings can be done keep air conditioning and heat in the different look with a clean, shiny floor. Always keep the floors mopped and swept. compounds. Dexter does offer their ownview it. What do your customers in the store’s color scheme and can be store where it belongs. If you don’t have Adding a few strips of colored tile along brand of stainless steel cleaner that issee when they come into your printed with the logo as well as any special automatic doors, customers will often prop Replace broken, bulging or worn tiles. the walls or around the washing machines available for machines. Ask your Dexterbusiness? Do they see burned out services offered, such as drop-off or a door open with a chair or cart to bring in Not only are these unsightly, but they are splashes color onto an otherwise drab Authorized Distributor for more details.lights on your store’s signs? Are drycleaning. Some awnings can even be several loads,which can waste energy and also a liability problem. If they cannot be floor. If there is a children’s area, usethere more machines out of service illuminated for visibility at night or in bad let in insects. Automatic doors eliminate replaced, at least mark them clearly. colored tile or lay down a washable area If the machines still look bad, considerthan in service? Trip over cracked weather. They also keep the customers this, making them cost-effective as well as rug with a children’s motif. replacing the front panels. Mostconcrete on your store’s sidewalk? and passersby dry in a rainstorm and useful and attractive. Ceramic tile is the king of laundry flooring. distributors also stock the washingUse a restroom that isn’t adequately shaded during the height of summer. It wears well, requires little more than 5. Machine Care and Repair. The first instructions stickers for the frontloadstocked or not cleaned? Does the store have a ramp leading from regular mopping and looks fantastic. It is step in sprucing up the machines is to machines. Replacing these decals can 2. Give Your Store Front a Face Lift. the sidewalk to the parking lot? Not only also very expensive and is slippery when clean them, inside and out. This provides make a big cosmetic difference. Also, doIf you don’t like what you see, then If your building codes and lease allow, does a ramp meet ADA standards, but it wet. If the store has ceramic tile, check it a clear view of what needs to be changed. a thorough cleaning of the door glassprobably need to make a few updates consider remodeling your store façade to also makes it easier for customers who use regularly for cracks and either replace or Once they are clean, check carefully for using vinegar and commercial cleaners toto your existing location. give your laundromat a whole new life. the laundry carts to get cleaned clothes to fill the offending tiles. rust, dents, peeling or chipped paint and remove calcium, lime and soap scale. Even just repainting or power washing their cars. No matter what type of flooring is in other signs of wear. Determine which1. Give them a sign. Store signage the outside walls can make a world ofcan be the one thing that has the difference. Consider installing more or 4. Look down. Does the floor gleam like Before & After - Laundry Remodel Hilton Head, NCbiggest impact on your store’s exterior. larger windows, installing a new roof the rest of the store? Is it even, uniformAn outdated or worn-looking sign does or adding aluminum or cedar siding. and attractive? How well does it reflect theone of two things: It causes potential Landscaping can transform a drab, barren light from overhead fixtures?customers to make an immediate negative store into a lush green eye-catcher. Carefuljudgment of the laundry, or it allows them planting of trees, shrubs and flower beds The floor does not have to be the mostto overlook the store altogether. Does your provide beauty and also cover up unsightly expensive tile to look nice and to do itssign look clean and professional? Can it be meters, drains and pipes. If there are job. Nearly every type of flooring can workread from the street? Does it need to be mature trees on the property, make sure for a laundry with proper upkeep — somecleaned or repaired? Consider investing in they do not block your store from traffic, just do it better than others.a current sign, as large as zoning and the or obstruct view of your signage. Prunelandlord will allow and full of color that any trees or shrubs regularly and remove Cement floors are cheap and easy toincludes your company logo and phone any obtrusive branches. install. However, they also crack and arenumber. hard to keep clean. If the store has a Before After Sealing, black-topping and restriping cement floor and cannot be upgraded atIf your store has a beautiful new parking the parking lot can work miracles on the this time, have it sealed. Sealing makeslot or street-side sign, maintain the look outside. Not only will the exterior of the the floor easier to mop and it looksof the sign throughout the store. Hang store look nicer, but traffic flow will also professional. Some owners have evensmaller versions of the sign above the improve when customers can see which painted a “tile” pattern onto the cement.doors and/or on the walls inside. Use the direction to go in and where to park. This does look nice for a short period, butsame typeface, design and/or colors in the floors take such a beating that theany mailing or print advertisements. This 3. Open your doors for business. paint can wear off in a short time.reinforces your store’s image and brand, Is your entryway inviting and customerand helps keep your communications to friendly? Are the main doors wide enough Vinyl tile is more expensive, but withyour customers consistent. for customers to come through with large proper care it can look great and last for bundles? Do they open easily and close years. The main problem with vinyl tile isAwnings are another type of exterior tightly? Automatic doors are extremely that it requires regular buffing in addition Before AfterDexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • • 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry Commercial & On-Premise Laundry Equipment • Made in the U.S.A. • 100% Employee Owned • Since 1894