Dexter laundry coin catalog 2012


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Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment and Services.

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Dexter laundry coin catalog 2012

  1. 1. Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment and ServicesSince 1894 • American Made • Employee Owned
  2. 2. 2 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  3. 3. Thank you for your interest in our company, products, and support services! T ogether, with your local distributor, we are proud to provide you with the best performing and most reliable commercial laundry equipment available – at any price. As employee owners we believe our long-term success is directly tied to your long-term success and satisfaction. Over the life of your purchase we are confident you’ll be thrilled with your decision to invest in Dexter products. The great value of our equipment comes through higher performance, greater efficiency, and unmatched reliability. Dexter owners from around the world trust our equipment to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the highest volume, most demanding laundry environments in operation. While your Dexter Authorized Distributor can teach you the many benefits of owning our equipment, it’s important for you to know that we proudly manufacture every Dexter in the Heartland of the United States of America. Real people still answer our telephones and if you ever have questions about your purchase, our technical support or advice is available for the life of our relationship. On behalf of our entire team, I can say that we are excited to provide great laundry solutions and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you well. Welcome to Dexter! Andrew Kretz President Dexter Laundry, Inc. Employee Owner Since 2002 nearest you, please visit us online at 3
  4. 4. A Clean Definition of Success4 A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  5. 5. Quality Equipment. Sound Advice & Dependable Service. An Investment in Your Future Whether you’re an experienced here to assist you through the owner looking to upgrade an entire process including site existing laundry, or a new selection, financing, permits, investor researching the many rennovations, installations, grand equipment choices available openings and more. today. This catalog will provide more infomation on the wide We’ll also stay with you as you range of Dexter products and grow your investment with a services. The employee owners comprehensive warranty and at Dexter Laundry are passionate lifetime technical support for as about the laundry industry and long as you own your equipment. we want to help make your laundry a complete success. For More Information Call us today at 1-800-524-2954 Dexter Laundry and our Dexter or visit us online at Authorized Distributors have helped thousands of laundry to locate your nearest owners worldwide create and distributor and contact them grow successful laundries of all more information regarding your sizes. We know what it takes for local self-service laundry market. investors to succeed and we’reA New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 5
  6. 6. When it Comes to Success, OurCustomers Speak for ThemselvesDexter and our Authorized Distributor have helped thousandsof store owners worldwide build successful and profitablelaundromats. From small stores to some of the world’s largestand busiest locations, laundromat owners on six continentsknow Dexter is the company they can trust when purchasingquality laundry equipment.Here are just a few of our many stories of success.To see more stories on how Dexter has made adifference to our store owners, visit us online tosee more at“My Dexter Authorized Distributor “With only a few years until retirement,helped me design a custom Express I needed an investment to providelaundry that worked for my unique ongoing income without requiring toostore location, complete with a much of my time. The income fromDexter Easy Card System. I was my laundry operations provide meimpressed with the energy efficiency with regular profits, and I enjoy beingof Dexter’s Express washers involved with the store and workingand dryers, and the competitive with my customers. After just 10financing program offered by Dexter months of operation of my first DexterFinancial. It allowed me to ramp up store, I was already able to openthe success of my laundry as my a second location. I plan to open 5business was growing and helped additional Dexter stores in the future.”make my store a success.” - Shang-Chih Ku, - Crossbay Express Laundry Taipei, Taiwan Ozone Park, NY U.S.A. “After learning that store owners from around the world are very happy with their choice, we chose Dexter“After installing 24 Express machines equipment for our new store. Ourat one of our facilities, we realized an Dexter Authorized Distributor helpedapproximate 40% drop in natural gas us with everything from sale ofconsumption.” equipment, to sizing, to installation and service after the sale. We built a- Brad Mathewson 4200 sq. ft. Laundry with 39 washersCatawaba Clean Scene (2001) and 40 dryers. As new store ownersPort Clinton, OH we’re still learning--but we enjoy the business thanks to our equipment andSandusky Clean Scene (2009) strong support from our distributor.”Sandusky, OH -Jack & Debbie Bailey Jacks Express, Dumas, TX U.S.A.6 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  7. 7. nearest you, please visit us online at 7
  8. 8. At Dexter, Our Vision is to Be Your CompetitiveAdvantage in the Laundry Industry“My Dexter Authorized Distributor wasexperienced in the commercial laundryindustry and was sincere about doing agood job for me. As we went throughthe engineering process they reviewedmy plans and offered suggestions forimproving them. They called me everyweek for at least six months, and workedvery, very hard to see that things weredone right and on time.” - Michael Shewmaker Downtown Laundry Express, Hilo, Hawaii“Our best washers by far are our Dexter’s. “When I purchased an existing laundry 4 “The Japanese Coin Laundry and Dry-Even after 10 years of regular use, they years ago, the store had 4 Dexter T-400 Cleaning business is highly competitive, butrequire minimal maintenance and are Washes and 14 30 pound single pocket I’ve been able to succeed due to Dexter’seasy to service. I’ve even become a “Ms. durable and cost-effective equipment. I dryers that were 20 years old. While we have already opened 4 stores and am inMacGyver” and fix the machines myself. had to replace the existing competitor development on my fifth location withOur business requires dependability, and machines, we kept the Dexter’s and Dexter machines.”our Dexter’s have helped our successful they are still running strong. Dexter - Mr. Akagi, Aeon Townwash/dry/fold drop off service grow over is my first and only choice for model Mizushima City125%. “ replacement and in my opinion are truly Okayama, Japan – Embassy Laundromat the workhorses in this industry”. Manchester, NH – Butler Cleaners & Coin Laundry Butler, PA “We were impressed by Dexter’s appearance, durability and ease of use. They are very energy efficient, using little gas. Dexter’s reasonable pricing and easy installation allowed us to open our store on budget. Thanks to Dexter and our distributor, we are considering opening an additional location. “ – Mr. and Mrs. Oshima Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan “From an ownership perspective, my Dexter Easy Card™ System has provided critical timely information on all levels. Daily income reports, machine error reports and many filtering options give me a clear picture of what is happening on a nearly minute-by-minute basis....even from remote locations. A business manager can not ask for much more than that!” - Matt Hurley D’s Wash and Dry Fresno, CA 8 6 4 A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  9. 9. “Last year, I purchased Dexter equipment and replaced my outdated machines. The increase in my profits were noticed immediately. I’m saving 100,000 gallons of water per quarter year. I’m using less natural gas. I’m also saving a bundle in parts and repairs. My store looks brand new and is bringing in new customers. Thank you Dexter for helping keep a family owned business and legacy alive. “ – The Laundry Basket Woodbury, NJ “Dexter’s energy efficient equipment has helped me increase my profits while cutting my utility costs. Since changing to Dexter equipment, my gas bill dropped from $3100 to $1800 in the first 30 days, while increasing my sales. My poor changers are not keeping up!” – SAG Coin Laundries Rome, GA “We have had great success with our Dexter double & triple loaders. We are very pleased to have just ordered 10 new Dexter Express 25 lbs and 3 Dexter Express 45 lbs. With the new technology that Dexter offers and the promotional material from our distributor, we are very excited to watch our business and profits grow! Here’s to many more Dexter’s in our stores in the near future! – JEL Laundry Canton, OH “My family has been in the coin laundry business, since, before washers took coins. In the last 61 years the one constant in our stores has been Dexter. Not, only are Dexter’s dependable, they are efficient, attractive and my customers gravitate towards them. They are the real deal. A coin laundry without Dexter’s is just a room full of washers. – Shears Laundry Salem, Ohio“My Dexter Authorized Distributor took me to other laundromats tosee first hand the good and the bad. It was exciting to see otherDexter owners show you what they are experiencing with theExpress washers. This excitement was shared by customers andowners alike. Customers were thrilled by their savings of time andthe owners were amazed by their savings on water and electric bills.These savings are the key to increasing profits.”- David Leighton, Middletown, OHExpress Laundry #1 (2006)Express Laundry #2 (2007)A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 9 5
  10. 10. Our Focus Is On Your Long-TermSatisfaction and SuccessSelf service laundry owners have many needs and choices. Choosing a distributor partner, a brand ofequipment, a management system, and the most appropriate financing are all important business decisions.Durability & Reliability: For commercial laundry owners, the economical to operate.Lasting quality means you’re investing marketing possibilities with Dexterversus spending on equipment. are endless. Optional time-of-day, To save you installation time andAll Dexter laundry equipment is plus cycle or day-of-week pricing money we engineered washersbuilt using heavy-duty, over-sized, and customer loyalty bonuses can be that operate on single or threecommercial grade components. implemented to attract more business phase power that requires smallerOur machines are designed to run and can generate more revenue per electrical circuits, and draws fewerefficiently, continuously, 24 hours per customer. AMPS. These features alone canday. Cycle after cycle, year after year, save you thousands on expensiveDexter machines show up for work 1000 Hour Test utility upgrades from your localready to take on the workload of the Before any new washer model gets to electric company. For the safety andmost demanding self-service laundry wear the Dexter Thoroughbred it must convenience of your customers, weoperation. pass the industry’s most severe test. have made emergency stop buttons A test that makes the competition standard on every washer.Our engineers use, abuse, and try to cringe. Our Engineers take one halfdestroy a mechanical design before the rated capacity of the machine and Our popular stack dryers requireever calling it a Dexter. We assume place it in one section of the cylinder, a single gas connection, singlethe very worst operating conditions, and run the machine at its highest electrical connection, and a single ventand engineer accordingly. spin speed for 1000 hours – that’s 42 connection to make installation quicker days! No structural component can and less costly. Similarly, we havePowerful Controls fail during this time. Every washer integrated our Easy Card™ paymentDexter commercial and industrial design that Dexter sells has passed system into every model to save youlaundry equipment comes with this test. You can rest easy knowing installation and set-up technologies built your new Dexters can handle even theinto the controls. Dexter offers the most careless laundry customers for Through Dexter Financial Servicesflexibility to easily change pricing, many years to come. your Authorized Dexter Distributor canpromotions, and cycle set-ups. offer you flexible financing solutions Simplified Installation and at competitive rates. You can chooseDexter’s powerful controls give you the Competitive Financing: between a loan or a lease and fixed orability to easily customize your wash We are continuously trying to make variable interest rates.and dry cycles, water temperatures, Dexter equipment easier to purchase,supply inputs and more. less expensive to install, and more 10 8 6 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  11. 11. nearest you, please visit us online at 11
  12. 12. 621 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  13. 13. Performance & Utility Efficiency: Greater efficiency means a better profit margin on every cycle. We continuously improve the performance of our products because the most successful laundry owners demand profitable results. Our washers spin faster to extract more water. This saves time and energy in the drying process. We made variable frequency drives standard on our washers because they can save you up to 60% on electricity. Our dryers feature heat reclamation to improve drying efficiency. The list of performance features goes on and on. The bottom line: better performing equipment saves time, money, and natural resources. Less waste equals more profit for you, the laundry owner. Palm OS™ Ready: Each Dexter comes with an infra-red port capable of communicating with a handheld computer running optional Dexter software. Simply point your handheld at the machine, download the cycle information, and make your changes. It’s no longer necessary to open your machines, change jumper wires, or remember programming steps. Networking A comprehensive store management solution, Dexter’s networking is designed to link multiple Dexter washers and dryers together. Microprocessor controls on every Dexter machine include a communications port allowing machines to be networked together and programmed via custom Dexter software running on a PC. All Dexter store owners with networked equipment have the ability to program groups of machines at one time, gather real-time cycle status, and export audit data to a spreadsheet without ever touching a machine. Whether you prefer coin or card operation, communication with your Dexter laundry equipment is now a possibility!nearest you, please visit us online at 13
  14. 14. 14 A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  15. 15. Easier Management & Additional Profits With Easy Card™Easy Card™ offers store owners powerful marketing tools, customer incentives, and time saving benefits thatcannot be achieved from coin operation. The operational benefits of switching to Easy Card™ are great, butthe financial rewards are even greater. Here’s what Easy Card™ can offer to you.Save Time: Remote Management: user groups like students, seniors orWith Easy Card ™, collecting takes Easy Card™ owners can remotely industrial accounts. Easy Card™ alsominutes versus hours. Unlock the change most aspects of their helps you retain the new customerscabinet, remove a stack of bills, print store operation. Changes to system that you are marketing to. Customersa receipt and go about your day. No set-up, time-of-day pricing, and like the convenience of using an Easymore collecting, sorting, or counting customer account information can Card™. Larger capacity machines areof coins. Not only does Easy Card™ easily be made from the comfort of easier to start with Easy Card thansave you time every week, but it’s your own home, office or even while handling a large hand-full of coin, andsafer, since all cash and customer you’re on vacation! Easy Card™ Easy Card™ eliminates all coin relatedtransactions are accurately accounted systems also include the Windows® troubles like jamming, miss counting,for. Easy Card™ not only protects based Easy Manage™ software. and mailing refunds.against vandalism and theft, it offers Convert your store data intopeace of mind. valuable management information by Financing Easy Card™: choosing from over 250 reports. The Easy Card™ system is affordableIncreasing Profits: Each report can be customized to your and can pay for itself. We offer manyEasy Card™ supports penny increment individual business needs. competitive financing options. Contactpricing, which over time can make us to learn how quickly an investmenta big difference to your bottom line. Gaining access to your Easy Card™ in Easy Card™ can pay for itself inStore owners can quickly adjust to system remotely is a powerful your laundry.changes in utility costs or react to your management tool. Owners can dial-incompetition. Save time and money by to a store to monitor sales, collections, Manufactured & Supported bynever manually changing coin and system status. Through the Dexter Laundryslides or programming coin drops included offsite management package, Choosing Easy Card over otheragain. Since Easy Card™ owners Easy Card allows you to oversee your systems insures that the investmentget paid in advance for services, business from anywhere. in your card system was investedthey also profit from unused card wisely. You’ll know that your systembalances known as “float”, and any Marketing to New Customers: was designed to integrate seamlesslyunused ccount balances fall straight a Marketing possibilities are endless with your Dexter equipment, andto your bottom line as those users with Easy Card™. Optional time-of-day that it is fully supported not onlymove away. Dexter equipment owners or day-of-week pricing and customer by your distributor, but also by thecan generate more profits with every loyalty bonuses can be implemented manufacturer of the equipment.turn by utilizing Easy Cards ability to to attract more business. Easy Card™interface with the Temperature Pricing allows you to customize your ownand Plus cycle pricing on your Dexter promotions by offering discounts andEquipment. special offers to up to 99 different A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 15
  16. 16. Built to Run. Built to Last.Make Your Laundry Run Like a ThoroughbredWith Dexter Industrial Strength Washers Rugged Dexter washers are an Dexter non-Express washers are Cycle after cycle, year after year, investment in the success of your designed for superior energy your Dexter washers will show up for business. They don’t just look efficiency. The sump less outer tub work ready to take on the workload great on the outside with polished design saves water on every cycle, of the most demanding self-service chrome doors and all AISI 304 the 100G-Force final spin removes laundry operation. stainless steel top, front and side signficantly more water than panels; they are even tougher on the traditional 2-speed models and Dexter’s non-Express washers are inside. Featuring commercial grade the variable frequency drive lowers durable and energy efficient. They components, like over-sized bearings noise, improves performance and feature advanced technology and and heavy duty cast iron bearing lowers electrical usage. housings, Dexter washers are built to run, and built to last a generation.T-300 T-400 T-600 T-900 T-1200 16 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  17. 17. Safety for Today’s Market Tested Tough. All Dexter washers feature an easy-to-use emergency 1000 Hours stop button for peace of mind. The simple 3-2-1 Tough. countdown and audible signal prevents nuisance Before any new washer model gets to activations , but still allows the cycle to be stopped wear the Dexter Thoroughbred, it must quickly in the event of an emergency. pass the industry’s most severe test. Our Engineers take ½ the rated capacity of the machine and place it in the cylinder have been specifically designed for the laundry owner and run the machine out-of-balance at it’s to help store owners successd demanding efficiency, reliability, highest spin speed for 1000 hours – that’s in today’s competitive business performance and value. 42 days! No structural component can fail climate. They are engineered during this time. Dexter washers were designed for your toughest customers – and then some! T-1200 T-900 T-600 T-400 T-300nearest you, please visit us online at 17
  18. 18. High Performance For Your LaundrySaving Energy and Delivering Maximum CustomerSatisfaction WithDexter EXPRESS washers are an built to run, and built to last. speeed of 200 G-Force, double theinvestment in the success of your G-Force of non-EXPRESS models. Thisbusiness. They don’t just look great Dexter EXPRESS washers are designed higher spin speed saves even moreon the outside with polished chrome for maximum efficiency and feature time, energy and money in the dryingdoors and all AISI 304 stainless steel our sump less outer tub design to save process. Faster drying is somethingtop, front and side panels; they are water on every cycle, as well as customers notice and appreciate, andeven better on the inside. Featuring variable frequency drive techology it keeps them coming back! Cycle aftercommercial grade components, like to lower noise, improve performance cycle, year after year, your EXPRESSover-sized bearings and heavy duty and lower electrical usage. EXPRESS washers will show up for work readybearing housings, Dexter washers are washers also feature a final spin to take on the workload of the mostT-1450 T-350 T-450 T-750 T-950 18 14 12 A New Generation Performance and Energy Efficient. High of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  19. 19. Higher Performance. Lower Expenses. If rapidly rising energy costs are ondemanding self-service laundry your mind, it may be time to talk to youroperation. Dexter Authorized Distributor aboutAll Dexter washers feature an easy- Dexter’s family of high efficiency frontto-use emergency stop button for load washers.peace of mind. The simple 3-2- Dexter Express Washers raise the bar for commercial washer1 countdown and audible signalprevents nuisance activations, but performance. Double the G-Force extracts more water from astill allows the cycle to be stopped load resulting in lower drying costs. Customers save time andquickly in the event of an emergency. owners save money. T-950 T-750 T-450 T-350 T-1450A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 19
  20. 20. Dryers That Perform. Dryers That Last.Saving Energy and DeliveringMaximum Customer SatisfactionIn today’s competitive market, top- dryers deliver performance that keeps tested and manufactured toperforming dryers are something that customers coming back. So while they ensure superior performance andwill set your store apart from your look great on the outside with polished dependable operation under thecompetition. With large-capacity fully chrome doors and stainless steel front most demanding conditions. Withperforated cylinders, balanced airflow panels, it’s the super-fast drying that a welded steel cabinet for longand heat input, combined with just your customer will appreciate most. lasting durability, and paintedthe right amount of air recirculation inside-and-out for superiorfor superior energy efficiency, Dexter Dexter dryers are designed, corrosion resistance, and featuringT-30 T-55 T-80 T-30x2 T-50x2 High Performance and Energy Efficient. For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor 20 16 14
  21. 21. How We Dexter commercial dryers offer high performance in a reliable design. Sizes Ensure include 30 lb, 30 lb stacked, 50 lb stacked, Quality and 55 lb, and 80 lb capacities with your choice Performance. of stainless, white or almond front panels. To ensure top quality and performance, we engineer our own commercial grade components, dryers are built to run, and built products and manufacture to our like welded steel spider & shaft to last a generation. We put own specifications. Every Dexter cylinder supports, over-sized more into them, so you get more washer & dryer is Made in the USA. bearings, and heavy duty cast out of them. We engineer, fabricate, assemble, test iron bearing housings, Dexter and ship every Dexter ourselves direct from our Iowa headquarters. T-80 T-30 T-50x2 T-30x2 T-55 T-50x2nearest you, please visit us online at 21
  22. 22. Dexter’s ExpressStack Washer A Triple Load of LaundryDryer offers in Less Than an Hourlaundry ownersmaximum Maximum Durability. Limited Space.durability with Dexter developed the Stack Washer/Dryer Express for laundry owners needing maximum durability with limited space. Only the Dexter Stacklimited space, Washer/Dryer Express can produce a triple load of laundry from dry-producing a triple to-dry in less than one hour, and last for years in tough commercial applications.load of laundry in Washing gets done in an easy-to-load programmable with a handheldless than one hour. triple load cylinder that has a final computer running optional Palm spin at 200 G-Force. High extraction OS™ software. Optional networking removes more water, shortening the capabilities are also built-in. amount of time and energy necessary to dry the load of laundry. Variable Laundry owners can pack a lot of Frequency Drive technology ramps laundry power into a small space motor speed in the washer keeping with Stack Washer/Dryers. Successful running AMPs low to help save commercial laundries have been electricity. VFD technology extends built in truck stops, converted car motor life and runs ultra-quiet, wash bays, apartment complexes, keeping your commercial laundry military bases, and inner-city locations environment pleasant. where real estate is expensive. Stack Washer/Dryer Express machines have Stacked on top of the washer is a also been added to laundromats as a full-sized triple load dryer. Customers premium service to get customers in will enjoy multiple temperature and out fast. settings and fast drying results. As part of Dexter’s A-Series Express For store owners processing wash/ product family, the Stack Washer/ dry/fold laundry, the Stack Washer/ Dryer Express is loaded with valuable Dryer Express is available with push benefits. Laundromat owners will to start controls. Its space efficient appreciate tiered pricing and plus design and short total cycle time are cycle options to maximize washer ideal for busy drop-off laundries. Ask revenue. Both the washer and your Dexter Authorized Distributor dryer microprocessor controls are today for more details!22 A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  23. 23. A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 23
  24. 24. Commercial EXPRESS Family of Washers Product T-350 - Express T-450 - Express T-750 - Express T-950 - Express T-1450 - Express Model WCAD20KC_-_ _ SZ WCAD30KC_-_ _ SZ WCAD50KC_-_ _ SZ WCAD60KC_-_ _ SZ WCAD90KC_-_ _ SZ Dry Weight Capacity - lb (kg) 20lb (9.0kg) 30lb (13.6kg) 50lb (22.6kg) 60lb (27.2kg) 90 lb (40.8kg) Cabinet Height - in (cm) 43.88” (111.4cm) 48.25” (122.6cm) 54” (137.2cm) 55.5” (141.0cm) 62.38” (158.5cm) Cabinet Width - in (cm) 26” (66.0cm) 29.88” (75.9cm) 34.38” (87.4cm) 34.39” (87.4cm) 41.5” (105.4cm) Overall Depth - in (cm) 28” (71.1cm) 28” (71.1cm) 32.25” (81.9cm) 38.75” (98.4cm) 46.5” (118.1cm) Floor to Door Bottom - in (cm) 15” (38.1cm) 16” (40.6cm) 16.13” (41.0cm) 16.13” (41.0cm) 21.75” (55.3cm) Door Opening - in (cm) 12.25” (31.1cm) 15.25” (38.7cm) 19.25” (48.9cm) 19.25” (48.9cm) 19.25” (48.9cm) Cylinder Diameter - in (cm) 21” (53.3cm) 25” (63.5cm) 30” (76.2cm) 30” (76.2cm) 37” (94.0cm) Cylinder Depth - in (cm) 13.5” (34.3cm) 13.38” (34.0cm) 16” (40.6cm) 22” (55.9cm) 22” (55.9cm) Cylinder Volume - cu.ft. (liters) 2.71cu.ft. (76.7L) 3.8cu.ft. (107.6L) 6.5cu.ft. (184.1L) 9.0cu.ft. (255.1L) 13.7”cu.ft. (388L) Water Inlet Size - in (mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) Water Flow Rate - gal/min (l/min) 9 GPM (34.1LPM) 9 GPM (34.1LPM) 9 GPM (34.1LPM) 12 GPM (45.5LPM) 12 GPM (45.5LPM) Water Pressure - (min/max) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) Approx. Water Usage - gal (l) 19.3 gal (73.06 L) 24.1 gal (91.23 L) 53.5 gal (202.52 L) 61.9 gal (234.32 L) 84.7 gal (320.62 L) Drain Diameter (OD) - in (cm) 2.25” (5.7cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) Floor to Drain Center - in (cm) 6” (15.2cm) 5” (12.7cm) 7” (17.8cm) 7” (17.78 cm) 8.3” (21.1cm) Speeds: G-Force (RPM) Wash .9G (55RPM) .9G (50RPM) .9G (43RPM) .9G (43RPM) .9G (39 RPM) Intermediate Extract 60G (449RPM) 60G (411RPM) 60G (375RPM) 60G (375RPM) 60G (338 RPM) High Extract 200G (819RPM) 200G (750RPM) 200G (685RPM) 200G (685RPM) 200G (617 RPM) Motor Size - HP (Kw) 2HP (1.5Kw) 2HP (1.5Kw) 3HP (2.25Kw) 3HP (2.25Kw) 7HP (5.2kw) Electrical: Circuit Breaker / Running Amps / Wire Size -12 (208-240/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 20amp / 12amp / #12 30amp / 15amp / #10 -12 (208-240/60/3 - 3 wire + ground) 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 20amp / 12amp / #12 30amp / 15amp / #10 -59 (230/50/1 - 2 wire + ground 15amp / 6.2amp / 3.5mm2 15amp / 6.2amp / 3.5mm2 20amp / 8.4amp / 3.5mm2 20amp / 12amp / 3.5mm2 30amp / 15amp / #10 Installation Recommendations: Clearance Between Machines - in (cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) Clearance Behind Machines - in (cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) Concrete Thickness - in (cm) 6” (15.2cm) 6” (15.2cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm) 12” (30.5 cm) Net Weight 396lbs (179.6kg) 539lbs (244.5kg) 929lbs (421.4kg) 1085lbs (492.2kg) 1382lbs (626.8kg) Shipping Weight 419lbs (190.1kg) 562lbs (254.9kg) 961lbs (435.9kg) 1115lbs (505.8kg) 1420lbs (644.1kg) Shipping Dimensions: Height - in (cm) 49.25” (125.1cm) 52.75” (133.9cm) 59.25” (150.5cm) 60.75” (154.3cm) 68.5” (174cm) Width - in (cm) 28.25” (71.1cm) 31.5” (80.0cm) 36” (91.4cm) 36” (91.4cm) 43.12” (109.5cm) Depth - in (cm) 33.5” (85.1cm) 33.5” (85.1cm) 38” (96.5cm) 45.25” (114.9cm) 48” (121.9cm) Approvals** UL / CE UL / CE UL / CE UL / CE UL* 3 Bath cycles, 22 minutes total ** Agency approvals may vary depending on configuration. Consult factory for details.For the most accurate information, please consult machine installation guide for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change. 24 18 20 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  25. 25. Commercial Family of Washers Product T-300 - Double Load T-400 - Triple Load T-600 - Maxi Load T-900 - Mega Load T-1200 - Magnum Load Model WCAD20KC _-_ _ WCAD30KC _-_ _ WCAD40KC _-_ _ WCAD60KC _-_ _ WCAD80KC _-_ _ Dry Weight Capacity - lb (kg) 20lb (9.0kg) 30lb (13.6kg) 40lb (18.2kg) 60lb (27.2kg) 80lb (36.3kg) Cabinet Height - in (cm) 43.88” (111.4cm) 48.25” (122.6cm) 49.75” (126.4cm) 55.5” (141.0cm) 58” (147.3cm) Cabinet Width - in (cm) 26” (66.0cm) 29.88” (75.9cm) 29.88” (75.9cm) 34.39” (87.4cm) 34.39” (87.4cm) Overall Depth - in (cm) 24.81” (63.0cm) 27.38” (69.5cm) 36” (91.4cm) 38.75” (98.4cm) 45.25” (114.9cm) Floor to Door Bottom - in (cm) 15” (38.1cm) 16” (40.6cm) 16” (40.6cm) 16.13” (41.0cm) 19” (48.3cm) Door Opening - in (cm) 12.25” (31.1cm) 15.25” (38.7cm) 15.25” (38.7cm) 19.25” (48.9cm) 19.25” (48.9cm) Cylinder Diameter - in (cm) 21” (53.3cm) 25” (63.5cm) 25” (63.5cm) 30” (76.2cm) 30” (76.2cm) Cylinder Depth - in (cm) 13.5” (34.3cm) 14.13” (35.9cm) 21.13” (53.7cm) 22” (55.9cm) 28” (71.2cm) Cylinder Volume - cu.ft. (liters) 2.71cu.ft. (76.7l) 4.0cu.ft. (113.4l) 6.0cu.ft. (170.1l) 9.0cu.ft. (255.1l) 11.5cu.ft. (326.0l) Water Inlet Size - in (mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) 3/4” (19mm) Water Flow Rate - gal/min (l/min) 9 g/m (34.1l/m) 9 g/m (34.1l/m) 9 g/m (34.1l/m) 9 g/m (34.1l/m) 12 g/m (45.5l/m) Water Pressure - (min/max) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 30-120psi (207-827kPa) 10-130psi (69-896kPa) Approx. Water Usage - gal (l) 22.6gal (85.55 l) 32.0gal (121.13 l) 44.3gal (167.69 l) 61.9gal (234.32 l) 79.1gal (299.43 l) Drain Diameter (OD) - in (cm) 2.25” (5.7cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) 3” (7.6cm) Floor to Drain Center - in (cm) 6” (15.2cm) 5” (12.7cm) 5” (12.7cm) 7.5” (19.1cm) 8” (20.3cm) Speeds: G-Force (RPM) Wash .9G (55RPM) .9G (50RPM) .9G (50RPM) .9G (43RPM) .9G (43RPM) Intermediate Extract 60G (449RPM) 60G (412RPM) 60G (412RPM) 60G (375RPM) 60G (375RPM) High Extract 100G (579RPM) 100G (532RPM) 100G (532RPM) 100G (485RPM) 100G (485RPM) Motor Size - HP (Kw) 1HP (.75Kw) 2HP (1.5Kw) 2HP (1.5Kw) 3HP (2.24Kw) 3HP (2.24Kw) Electrical: Circuit Breaker/Running Amps/Wire Size -10 (120/60/1) 20amp / 13amp / provided --- --- --- --- -12 (208-240/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 4amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 -12 (208-240/60/3 - 3 wire + ground) 15amp / 4amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 15amp / 6.2amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 20amp / 8.4amp / #12 -59 (230/50/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 4amp / 3.5mm2 15amp / 6.2amp / 3.5mm 15amp / 6.2amp / 3.5mm2 20amp / 8.4amp / 3.5mm2 20amp / 8.4amp / 3.5mm2 Installation Recommendations: Clearance Between Machines - in (cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) 1/2” (1.3cm) Clearance Behind Machines - in (cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) 24” (61.0cm) Concrete Thickness - in (cm) 6” (15.2cm) 6” (15.2cm) 6” (15.2cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm) Net Weight 309lbs (140.2kg) 433lbs (196.4kg) 558lbs (253.1kg) 961lbs (435.9kg) 1060lbs (480.8kg) Shipping Weight 337lbs (152.9kg) 456lbs (206.8kg) 587lbs (266.3kg) 994lbs (450.9kg) 1099lbs (498.5kg) Shipping Dimensions: Height - in (cm) 50” (53.5cm) 53.5” (136.5cm) 54.75” (150.2cm) 60.75” (154.3cm) 63” (160.0cm) Width - in (cm) 27.25” (69.2cm) 31.5” (80.0cm) 31.5” (80.1cm) 36” (91.44cm) 36” (91.4cm) Depth - in (cm) 30.5” (77.4cm) 33.5” (85.1cm) 41” (104.1cm) 45.25” (114.9cm) 52.14” (132.7cm) Approvals** UL / CE UL / CE UL / CE UL / CE UL / CE * 3 Bath cycles, 22 minutes total ** Agency approvals may vary depending on configuration. Consult factory for details. For the most accurate information, please consult machine installation guide for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change.nearest you, please visit us online at 25
  26. 26. Commercial Family of Dryers T-30 Pound Dryer T-55 Pound Dryer T-80 Pound Dryer T-30x2 Stack Dryer T-50x2 Stack DryerCapacity Model DCTD30KC _-_ _ Model DCWD55KC _-_ _ Model DCWD80KC _-_ _ Model DDAD30KC _-_ _ Model DDBD50KC _-_ _Dry Weight Capacity - lb (kg) 30lb (13.6kg) 55lb (24.9kg) 80lb (36.3kg) 2 @ 30lb (13.6kg) 2 @ 50lb (22.6kg)Cabinet Height - in (cm) 72.63” (184.8cm) 72.88” (182.6cm) 75.5” (191.2cm) 76.25” (193.7cm) 79.63” (202.3cm)Cabinet Width - in (cm) 31.5” (80.0cm) 34.13” (86.7cm) 38.44” (97.0cm) 31.5” (80.0cm) 34.5” (87.7cm)Overall Depth - in (cm) 43.38” (110.2cm) 51.13” (130.0cm) 51.13” (130.0cm) 50” (127.0cm) 56” (142.2cm)Door Opening - in (cm) 22.69” (57.6cm) 26.54” (64.9cm) 26” (64.9cm) 22.69” (57.6cm) 25.69” (64.9cm)Cylinder Diameter - in (cm) 30” (76.2cm) 32.5” (82.6cm) 36.5” (92.7cm) 30” (76.2cm) 32.5” (82.6cm)Cylinder Depth - in (cm) 29.66” (75.3cm) 38” (96.5cm) 38” (96.5cm) 27.22” (69.1cm) 33” (76.9cm)Cylinder Volume - cu.ft. (liters) 12.1cu.ft. (341.8l) 18.2cu.ft. (516.5l) 23.0cu.ft. (651.3l) 11.1cu.ft. (314l) each 15.84cu.ft. (448l) eachTumbler Speed 47 RPM 45 RPM 40 RPM 47 RPM 45 RPMLint Screen Area 708 ( 823 ( 823 ( 453 ( 544 ( - cfm (M3/min) 60Hz - 830 (23.5M3/min) 60Hz - 910 (25.8M3/min) 60Hz - 1200 (34.0M3/min) 60Hz - 600 each (17.0M3/min) 60Hz - 600 each (17.0M3/min) 50Hz - 690 (19.5M3/min) 50Hz - 760 (21.5M3/min) 50Hz - 1000 (28.3M3/min) 50Hz - 500 each (14.2M3/min) ---Gas Supply Connection - 0.5” (12.7mm) 0.5” (12.7mm) 0.5” (12.7mm) 0.5” (12.7mm) 0.5” (12.7mm)Natural Gas Supply - (water column) 5 - 10” (12.7 - 25.4cm) 5 - 10” (12.7 - 25.4cm) 5 - 10” (12.7 - 25.4cm) 4 - 10” (10.2 - 25.4cm) 4 - 10” (10.2 - 25.4cm)LP Gas Supply - (water column) 11 - 13.5” (27.9 - 34.3cm) 11 - 13.5” (27.9 - 34.3cm) 11 - 13.5” (27.9 - 34.3cm) 11.5 - 14” (29.2 - 35.5cm) 11.5 - 14” (29.2 - 35.5cm)Energy Data Gas Models 60Hz - 90,000BTU/hr (26.4kW) 60Hz - 160,000BTU/hr (46.9kW) 60Hz - 215,000BTU/hr (63.0kW) 60Hz - 90,000BTU/hr (26.4kW)/pocket 60Hz - 108,000BTU/hr (31.7kW)/pocket 50Hz - 90,000BTU/hr (26.4kW) 50Hz - 130,000BTU/hr (38.1kW) 50Hz - 195,000BTU/hr (57.1kW) 50Hz - 72,000BTU/hr (21.1kW)/pocket ---Electric Models See Below See Below See Below See Below See BelowCircuit Breaker / Running Amps / Wire SizeGas -10 (120/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 9.6amp / #12 15amp / 9.6amp / #12 --- --- --- -15 (120/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) --- --- 15amp / 10.4amp / #12 --- --- -15 (208-240/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) --- --- 15amp / 5.2amp / #14 --- --- -59 (230/50/1 - 2 wire + ground) 10amp / 5.1amp / #14 10amp / 5.1amp / #14 10amp / 5.2amp / #14 15amp / 10.0amp / #12 --- -65 (120/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) --- --- --- 30amp / 19.6amp / #10 30amp / 24.0amp / #10 -65 (208-240/60/1 - 3 wire + ground) --- --- --- 15amp / 10.0amp / #12 20amp / 12.0amp / #12Electric -16FC (208/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 24kW 90 amp / 85amp / #2 90 amp / 85amp / #2 --- 90 amp / 85amp / #2 --- -16FE (208/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 30kW 100 amp / 100 amp / #1 100 amp / 100 amp / #1 100 amp / 100 amp / #1 --- --- -16FH (208/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 35kW --- --- 125 amp / 120 amp / #1/0 --- --- -18FD (240/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 24kW 80 amp / 75amp / #3 80 amp / 75amp / #3 --- 80 amp / 75amp / #3 --- -18FG (240/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 30kW 90 amp / 90 amp / #2 90 amp / 90 amp / #2 90 amp / 90 amp / #2 --- --- -18FJ (240/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 36kW --- --- 110 amp / 105 amp / #1/0 --- --- -60FA (208/60/1 - 3 wire + ground) - 20kW 125 amp / 120 amp / # 1/0 --- --- 125 amp / 120 amp / # 1/0 --- -61FB (240/60/1 - 3 wire + ground) - 20kW 110 amp / 105 amp / #1/0 --- --- 110 amp / 105 amp / #1/0 --- -64FN (400/50/3 - 4wire + ground) - 24kW 50amp / 45 amp / #6 --- --- 50amp / 44 amp / #6 --- -64FP (400/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 30kW --- 63 amp / 55 amp / # 4 --- --- --- -64FQ (400/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 36kW --- --- 80 amp / 64 amp / # 3 --- ---Installation RecommendationsClearance Behind Machines 18” (45.7cm) 18” (45.7cm) 18” (45.7cm) 18” (45.7cm) 18” (45.7cm)Make-up Air Req. 1.0sq.ft. ( 1.25sq.ft. ( 1.5sq.ft. ( 1.5sq.ft. ( 1.5sq.ft. ( Size - in (cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm) 8” (20.3cm)Net Weight - lb (kg) 448lbs (203.2kg) 579lbs (262.6kg) 642lbs (291.2kg) 699lbs (317.1kg) 857lbs (388.7kg)Shipping Weight 498lbs (225.9kg) 631lbs (286.2kg) 699lbs (317.1kg) 750lbs (340.2kg) 917lbs (415.9kg)Shipping Dimensions:Height - in (cm) 76.75” (194.95cm) 76.75” (194.95cm) 80.75” (206.38cm) 81.25” (206.386cm) 84” (213.36cm)Width - in (cm) 32.75” (83.19cm) 36” (91.44cm) 40.25” (83.82cm) 33” (83.22cm) 36” (91.11cm)Depth - in (cm) 51.75” (131.45cm) 55.5” (55.5cm) 55.75” (132.08cm) 56” (142.2cm) 61.5” (156.2cm)Approvals UL / CSA / CE UL / CSA / CE UL / CSA / CE UL / CSA / CE UL / CSA ** Agency approvals may vary depending on configuration. Consult factory for details. For the most accurate information, please consult machine installation guide for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change. 26 18 22 A A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  27. 27. Commercial Stack Washer Dryer Washer SCAD60KCB - _ _ Dryer Dry Weight Capacity 30 lbs (13.6 kg) Dry Weight Capacity 30 lbs (13.6 kg) Cylinder Diameter 25” (63.5 cm) Cylinder Diameter 27.22” (76.21cm) Cylinder Depth 14.13” (35.9 cm) Cylinder Depth 27.5” (69.1 cm) Cylinder Volume 4 cu ft (113.4 l) Cylinder Volume 11.1 cu ft (314 l) Floor to Door Bottom 16” (40.61 cm) Floor to Door Bottom 48” (115.2 cm) Door Opening 15.25” (38.71 cm) Door Opening 22.6875” (57.63 cm) Energy Data Speeds G-Force (RPM) Gas Models 60Hz - 80,000 BTU/hr (26.4kW)/pocket High Extract Speed 200 G 750 RPM 50Hz - 80,000 BTU/hr (26.4kW)/pocket Intermed. Extract Speed 60 G 411 RPM Electric Models See Below Washing Speed .96 50 RPM Motor Size 2 HP 1.5 kw Electrical Spec: Circuit Breaker / Running Amps / Wire Size Gas Electrical -21 (230/50/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 5.0amp / #12 Electrical Phase Single or Three -10 (120/60/1 - 2 wire + ground) 15amp / 9.8 amp /#12 Electrical Voltage (60 Hz) 208-240 Electrical Running (Amps) 6.2 Electric Circuit Protection (Amps) 15 amp -16FC (208/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 24kW 90 amp / 85amp / #2 Electrical Wire Size 12 gauge -18FD (240/60/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 24kW 80 amp / 75amp / #3 Electrical Service (Single) 2 wire + ground -60FA (208/60/1 - 3 wire + ground)) - 20kW 125 amp /120 amp /#1/0 Electrical Service (Three) 3 wire + ground -61FB (240/60/1 - 3 wire + ground) - 20kW 110 amp /105 amp /#1/0 -29FN (380/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 22kW 50 amp / 45 amp /# 6 Water -27FL (220/50/1 - 2 wire + ground) - 20kW 110 amp / 105 amp /#1/0 Water Inlet Size 3/4” (19mm) -29FN (400/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 24kW 50 amp / 45 amp /# 6 Flow Rate (per min) 9 gal (34.1 L) -29FN (415/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 26kW 50 amp / 45 amp /# 6 Pressure (min/max) 30-120 psi (207-827 Kpa) -66FW (415/50/3 - 4 wire + ground) - 15kW 32 amp / 30 amp /# 8 Drain Diameter (O.D.) 3” (7.61 cm) Tumble Speed 47 RPM Floor to Center of Drain 4.5” (11.23 cm) Air flow - cfm (M3/min) 60HZ-500 14.16 m3/min Approximate Water Usage 28.0 gal (106.0 l) Gas Supply Connection 0.5” (12.7mm) Installation Recommendations Natural Gas (water column) 4-10” (10.2 - 25.4cm) Clearance Between Machines 1/2 (min) (1.31 cm) Clearance Behind Machines 24” (min) (61.0 cm) L.P. Gas Supply (water column) 11.5 - 14” (29.2 - 35.5cm) Concete Thickness 6” (min) (15.24 cm) Operating (water column) 3.5” inches Net Weight 1039 lbs (471.3 kg) Shipping Weight 1090 lbs (494.4 kg) Make-Up Air 1.0 sq ft (1394 sq cm) Approvals** UL/CSA Exhaust Size - in (cm) 6” (20.3cm) Shipping Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions Height - in (cm) 83.25” (211.5cm) Height - in (cm) 78.75” (200.0cm) Width - in (cm) 33.0” (83.2cm) Width - in (cm) 31.5” (80.0cm) Depth - in (cm) 54.0” (137.2cm) Depth - in (cm) 48” (115.2 cm)** Agency approvals may vary depending on configuration. Consult factory for details.For the most accurate information, please consult machine installation guide for all design and construction purposes. Due to continuous product improvements, design and specifications subject to change.A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 27
  28. 28. Parts Designed & Built to Exact Dexter SpecificationsDexter Laundry is proud to offer While an imitation component Your Dexter Authorized Distributora complete line of replacement might be slightly lower in price, can not only help you withparts and accessories for all of our only Genuine Dexter Parts have purchasing your Genuine Dexterlaundry equipment and encourages been tested for performance and Parts, but they also offer youyou to use only Genuine Dexter durability, and specifically designed service assistance and repairParts when making repairs. Each and built to Dexter specifications. advice for your laundry equipment.of our genuine Dexter components Imposter pieces have a shorter When making repairs, be sureis engineered specifically for lifespan and can often cause to ask your Dexter Authorizedcompatibility with Dexter Laundry damages to other components. Distributor for Genuine Dexterequipment and tested repeatedly Parts and about available Dexterfor reliable quality. service schools in your area. Dexter Genuine Parts & Products are sold through our Authorized Distributor Network. Call us today at 1-800-524-2954 and we’ll help you find a Dexter Distributor near you or visit us online at and click on our distributor locator. 28 18 24 18 26 For more information or to find the Dexter Authorized Distributor
  29. 29. We Stand Behind Our Products Real People With Strong Warranties still answer our Dexter Laundry’s limited warranty covers all parts that fail during normal telephones and if you use under the limitations further described below. Dexter’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or exchanging any ever have questions part of said product that, in the judgement of Dexter, shows evidence of premature failure. A failed part shall be returned to Dexter Laundry about your purchase, through an Authorized Dexter Distributor within 2 months from the our technical support expiration of the specific parts warranty period listed below. or advice is available Lifetime Technical Support • Dexter provides complimentary technical support, available during regular business for the life of our hours, for the life of our products. relationship. We’re 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty here to help! • Dexter brand Washers have a 10 year warranty on the frame, tub, cylinder, shaft, seals, bearings, and bearing housing. 5 Year Limited Parts Warranty • Dexter brand Dryers have a 5 year warranty on the trunion, bearings, and bearing housing. 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty • Dexter brand Washers and Dryers have a 3 year warranty on all parts not listed under the five or ten year limited warranty. See for more warranty details and to register your Dexter Equipment.nearest you, please visit us online at 29
  30. 30. Worldwide Your Dexter AuthorizedService on a Distributor and YouLocal Level Dexter Authorized Distributors have built thousands of profitable, efficient laundries worldwide and you can benefitAll Dexter washers and from their many years of experience. A valuable resource,dryers are American Made your Dexter Authorized Distributor and can help you throughwith Union labor and the planning, purchasing, installation and long-term supportmanufactured exclusively of your Fairfield, Iowa, in ourstate of the art facility. We Free Professional factory guidelines.partner with distributors Laundry Analysis Is your laundry as profitable as it Service After the Salethroughout the United can be? Are there ways you could be Your Dexter Authorized DistributorStates and from around cutting costs that you aren’t utilizing? can help you with regular machinethe world to provide world Can updating your equipment make maintenance and service, as well asclass service and support a difference in your utility bill? If you with ordering any parts you mighton a local level. don’t know the answers to these need. Their factory trained service questions then you may want to technicians know Dexter equipment consider a free professional laundry inside and out and will be able to analysis. keep your new machines running strong for many years to come. Laundry Planning, Design, Sales and Installation Ask your Dexter Authorized Opening, remodeling or upgrading a Distributor about upcoming service laundry involves a lot more than just schools and seminars in your area. purchasing the equipment. There are Taught by Dexter factory experts, many more aspects to consider! Not these schools are your chance to only do you need to make sure that learn from the industry experts on you have the right equipment for you how to best maintain and service and your business, but you also need your Dexter Equipment. to make sure that the equipment you purchase works with your store Visit us online to find design and technical requirements. Your Dexter Authorized Distributor the Dexter AuthorizedDexter can help you with every aspect of this Distributor NearestAuthorized process from initial laundry planningDistributor You or Call us TodayExpress Lab & and design, to purchasing yourShowroom in equipment, to proper installation per at 1-800-524-2954.Cerritos, CA301826 A A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954
  31. 31. Competitive Financing Availableon Dexter ProductsDexter Financial Services, Inc. offers a multitude of financing solutions, including; lease, fixed-ratenote, and variable-rate note options. You will find our rates among the lowest and payment plansamong the best in the industry. We encourage you to contact our helpful, dedicated staff anddetermine which financing solution is right for you.Convenience Attractive Options For Dexter equipment customers,Our programs require only an Our finance programs have your finance amount may includeapplication, equipment purchase competitive monthly payments. ancillary equipment (i.e., top loadagreement, and most recent 3 You may choose a variable rate washers, bill changers, etc.) not tomonths business and personal bank promissory note, fixed rate exceed 25% of finance amount.statements for established operators promissory note, or fixed monthlyseeking financing for less than payment lease agreement. Our Industry Knowledge$75,000. programs allow for terms of up Our specialization in the self-service to seven years in duration. Our laundry industry allows us to be veryQuick Credit Decisions programs also offer a 90-day familiar with the equipment yourMost credit underwriting decisions deferred payment option. We operation requires.are made within 2 business days frequently offer special financingof receiving a complete application options. Applicationspackage. For established operators For more information please contactseeking less than $75,000, most credit Favorable Terms Dexter Financial today at 1-800-926-decisions are made the same day we You may qualify for financing up to 8230 or learn more at our financingreceive the application. 100% of manufacturer list price. website at A Proud Past & A Future You Can Count On... Dexter Laundry, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial and on- premise laundry industries since the company was founded more than a century ago. Today, our employee owned company offers a complete line of front loading washers, dryers, and laundromat management systems helping commercial laundry owners experience greater success.A New Generation of Laundry Equipment • 1-800-524-2954 31
  32. 32. A Tradition of Excellence Since 1894. Over a Century of Service & Success.Dexter Laundry, Inc. has provided high quality laundry equipment forover 100 years. Today, our employee owned company offers a completeline of front loading washers, dryers, and store management systemshelping self service laundry owners experience greater success. 5612 Mitchelldale, Houston, Tx. 77092 800-321-7268 Serving Texas and Louisiana since 1967.We build every machine in the heartland of the United States of America,and our heritage is built on delivering value. Unmatched productperformance provides store owners maximum profits while minimizing Dexter Laundry, Inc.operating expenses. Our technologies deliver energy efficiencies, our 2211 West Grimes Avenuerobust designs deliver lasting quality, and Dexter Financial Services helps Fairfield, Iowa 52556, U.S.A 1-800-524-2954make investing in our equipment affordable. www.dexterlaundry.comAuthorized Dexter Distributors are experienced in building profitableself service laundry businesses. They can answer your questions, provideyou with guidance, and show you how using Dexter laundry equipment Dexter reserves the right to change part numbers and specifications without notice. © 7/2012can help your business become more profitable. Contact us today at Dexter Laundry, Inc. All Rights Reserved.1-800-524-2954 to find a Dexter Authorized Distributor near you. Reproduction without permission is forbidden. Part #0995-075-001 Rev. 10.0 - 07/12