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Hill keynote University of Delaware Summer Faculty Institute


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These are the keynote slides and workshop slide used at #sfi2013. For video archive:

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  • Soy autor de una ayuda didáctica con la que podemos febricar GENIOS apartir de niños normales. El TABLERO LÚDICO YUPANA KIPU-AYUDA permitirá que la humanidad no espere por siglos a que nazca un genio para resolver sus problemas acuciantes, está en nuestras manos transformar nuestro niños en seres con una personalidad plenamente desarrollada, como sonó el gran mítico rey egipcio THAMUS.
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  • For those interested, the recorded sessions and links are located at
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Hill keynote University of Delaware Summer Faculty Institute

  1. What can MOOCs teach us aboutonline learning?May 29, 2013Presented by: Phil Hill@PhilOnEdTechMindWires Consulting and e-Literate blog
  2. @PhilOnEdTechScale
  3. @PhilOnEdTechI, Sailkoc. 1383
  4. @PhilOnEdTech
  5. @PhilOnEdTech
  6. @PhilOnEdTechHistory of Online
  7. @PhilOnEdTechIf history of universities werecompressed to 15-week term . . .First university - 15 weeks agoFirst textbook in US - 6 weeks agoFirst public US university - 4.5 weeks agoFirst distance learning course - 3 weeks agoCarnegie hour - 2 weeks agoFirst online course - 2.5 days agoApproval of competencies - 1 day agoFirst cMOOC - 16 hours agoFirst xMOOC - 6 hours ago
  8. @PhilOnEdTechRise of Online Learning
  9. @PhilOnEdTechAnd yet . . .Only 43% of campus presidentssurveyed said that increasingonline education programs wasimportant or very importantover next 2 - 3 yearsInside Higher Ed survey 2012
  10. From an organizationalchange perspective, we are juststarting with online educationin the mainstream
  11. @PhilOnEdTechWe’re not going back toold status quo
  12. @PhilOnEdTech
  13. @PhilOnEdTechUsed by permissionfrom Chronicle ofHigher EducationSources: Nat’l VentureCapital Association &Thompson Reuters
  14. @PhilOnEdTech
  15. @PhilOnEdTechPunctuated Equilibrium
  16. @PhilOnEdTech
  17. @PhilOnEdTech
  18. @PhilOnEdTech
  19. @PhilOnEdTech
  20. @PhilOnEdTech
  21. "Theres a tsunami coming. [But] I cant tell youexactly how its going to break."John Hennessy, Stanford"We are at the beginning of a technology-ledrevolution in pedagogy: Our innovation is not theblackboard, but instead an evolving suite oftools that allows interactive learning online"Drew Faust, HarvardL. Rafael Reif, MIT
  22. @PhilOnEdTechA View of the Landscape:Where are we?
  23. @PhilOnEdTech
  24. @PhilOnEdTechMOOCs - the foreign
  25. @PhilOnEdTechMOOCs - the foreign
  26. @PhilOnEdTech
  27. @PhilOnEdTech
  28. @PhilOnEdTech
  29. @PhilOnEdTechBlurring of boundaries:Enter the Courseware
  30. @PhilOnEdTech
  31. @PhilOnEdTechThe Course as a Product: Then and NowMarketMid 2000s
  32. @PhilOnEdTechThe Course as a Product: Then and NowMarketMid 2000sEnter TheCourseware
  33. @PhilOnEdTechThe Course as a Product: Then and NowEnter theof Courseware
  34. @PhilOnEdTechThe Course as a Product: Then and NowEnter theof CoursewareAnd theMOOC
  35. @PhilOnEdTechBarriersFaculty Pushback on MOOCsState AuthorizationLack of Data, EvidenceCompletion RatesCulture & Mindset
  36. @PhilOnEdTechLet’s see some MOOCsCoursera IHTS,MicroEcon, Writing,SignupUdacity Physics, SJSU,SignupedX Greek, SignupcMOOC List,MOOCMOOC, LAK13,etMOOCCanvas.Net Gender, MOOCMOOC,LAK13,CourseSites Login, Bonk, OER,CatalogDesire2Learn Home, CFHEDS106 - Not really a MOOCKhan Calculus
  37. The Bottom LineThere is a whole world of options beyond MOOCs(and even between MOOCs)Start by clarifying your goals and aligning themwith your missionStudy the full range of optionsMake sure the strategies you pick fit your goalsMind the detailsExperiment boldly, but also purposefully
  38. What to expectLots of experimentation and mutationwill happen as people begin to recognizethat MOOCs have to serve someparticular purpose for students and(often, but not always) institutions.The scale that MOOCs have brought tothe conversation will be appliedselectively and in new ways.
  39. @PhilOnEdTech
  40. @PhilOnEdTechPhil Hill: Site: Blog: