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Building with linked_in_api


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Building with linked_in_api

  1. 1. BUILDING WITH LINKEDIN API Pains, constraints and data
  2. 2. JUST READ THE http://
  3. 3. BORING STUFFRequest API Keys (You want 2
  4. 4. 2 APISJavascript and Rest
  5. 5. JAVASCRIPT API • Easier to respect• Good the TOS ;-)• Comeswithtemplates and • Less goodtags • Client-side
  6. 6. REST API• Good • Less good• Server-side • Need to know the API • Need to build everything
  7. 7. BEST OF BOTHYou can exchange token from an API to the other says Sarah.
  8. 8. REQUIRES USER AUTHYou can only call the API through an
  9. 9. POWER TO THE API• Profile API: Standard vs Public• Profile fields: So many it’s insane.• Connections API: Usually way enough info.• People Search: The Power of facets.• Groups API, Social stream, Invitation (friend-only)• Jobs API: Bookmarks and suggestions.
  10. 10. NO EMAILSE-mail addresses are never exposed
  11. 11. PLAY BY THE HOFFMAN RULES• NoLinkedIn data can be stored (except profiles if explicit)• Data from one users LinkedIn account/network may not be exposed to another user• Youcannot use the APIs in conjunction with data scraped by you or other third parties from LinkedIn
  12. 12. FACETS,buckets:(code,name)))?facets=location <people-search> <facets total="1"> <facet> <name>Location</name> <code>location</code> <buckets total="5"> <bucket> <name>United States</name> <code>us:0</code> </bucket> <bucket> <name>San Francisco Bay Area</name> <code>us:84</code> </bucket> <bucket> <name>France</name> <code>fr:0</code> </bucket> ... </buckets> </facet>
  13. 13. LIST OF FACETS• Location• Industry• Network• Language• Current company• Past company• School
  14. 14. FACETED SEARCH•,buckets: (code,name,count)))? facets=location,network&facet=location,us: 84&facet=network,F
  15. 15. CONSOLES••
  16. 16. TIPS• Read the TOS• Read the docs• Expect weird return type (private??)• Expect undocumented errors• Monitor your usage
  17. 17. ANY QUESTIONS? My email is