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Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremonies


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Discussion of Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremonies with specific details on new BSA guidelines with regards to Native American regalia.

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Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremonies

  1. 1. Arrow of Light ceremony: Celebrates the achievement of Arrow of Light award Crossover ceremony: Celebrates a Scout crossing over into a new troop Sometimes ceremonies are combined---Pros and Cons Ceremonies can also be done back to back, or on separate days Ceremonies can be done by: Order of the Arrow, Pack, Troop, different Troops Ceremony can be whatever you want it to be.
  2. 2. New BSA Policy for Order of the Arrow chapters: • Beginning January 1, 2019 lodges and chapters that are asked to conduct Arrow of Light or crossover ceremonies for Cub Scout packs will only be permitted to conduct them using the new approved official ceremonies which can be found in the OA Inductions Portal. • These ceremonies are to be conducted in a Scout uniform and are no longer permitted to be done in American Indian regalia. • What does this mean for non-OA groups?
  3. 3. 2017 Guide to Advancement: • The recognition for Cub Scouts who earn the Arrow of Light Award “should be presented during an impressive ceremony involving Scouts from a local Scout troop.” These ceremonies are REALLY important!! They are one of the first experiences with Scouts BSA. It’s necessary for the new troop and Scouts to be involved.
  4. 4. Links to Ceremonies: Arrow of Light: Boy Scout Trail: Order of the Arrow link: Boy Scout Trail Ceremony: 1264.asp Retired Scouter: Crossover: BSA Troop Program resources(three Crossover ceremonies listed): US Scouting Service Project (USSP):
  5. 5. Simple Arrow of Light Ceremony Props: One 3 foot length of rope for each boy, Arrow of Light Awards Cubmaster: Our Cub Scouts are guided to Cub Scouting's highest rank by the Arrow of Light. The seven rays of the Arrow of Light represent wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love. Will these boys and their parents please come forward. The Arrow of Light is important. It is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform. But more important than the badge itself is what you have learned, the work you have done to help others and the fun you have had earning it. (Hand the Arrow of Light card and rope to the parents.) Parents will you please place the Arrow of Light on our son's uniform and hand him the rope. (When all the parents are done, excuse them to sit down) (Ask each boy to share a memorable event or activity they have participated in as a Cub Scout or for any advise they would give younger boys. After each boy replies, tie his rope to the rope of the boy before him. The first boy will tie his rope to the last boy's rope to make a circle. The boys should be standing on the outside. Tell them that this represents the circle of brotherhood which is Scouting. Cubmaster: Congratulations. You have now completed your journey in our pack. As you continue your journey through Boy Scouting strive to serve as the shining example your Arrow of Light represents. Example of an Arrow of Light Ceremony
  6. 6. Example of a Crossover Ceremony Simple Crossing The Bridge Ceremony In attendance : Webelos den leader, Scoutmaster, Scouts representing the troop, graduating Webelos Scout(s) and parents. The bridge is placed up front, house lights are dimmed, and a bright LED flashlight directs its beam on each end. The Webelos den leader, with the graduating Webelos Scout(s) and parents, stand on one end of the bridge. On the other end is the Scoutmaster and troop representatives holding a rolled troop neckerchief(s). ---Webelos Den Leader: During the years you have been in Cub Scouting, we have had numerous opportunities to work together along the trail. Now [name(s) Webelos Scout(s)] is leaving the pack to enter Boy Scouting where I am sure you are going to make many new discoveries and experience a wide variety of new adventures. – To symbolize your growth and entrance into Boy Scouting, your Webelos Scout neckerchief will now be removed. (Neckerchief(s) removed and handed to parents.) Now, please carefully cross over the bridge into Boy Scouting, and be welcomed by the Scoutmaster of Troop (number). ---Scoutmaster: (Greets Webelos Scout with the Boy Scout handshake.) As Scoutmaster of Troop (number), it is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you into the troop. We meet each week at (time) at (place). We shall look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. And now I present to you this Boy Scout neckerchief (Rolled neckerchief is placed around the Webelos neck.) May you wear it with pride. It’s colors are those of Troop (number), which welcomes you as its newest member(s).
  7. 7. Scouting Magazine: "Ten Commandments" for Successful Ceremonies ( 1. Have a clear plan and goal. 2. Pick the location carefully. 3. Make sure all participants know what to do. 4. Practice the "hard stuff" thoroughly. 5. Use variety. 6. Keep it simple, dignified, and sincere. 7. Keep a smooth flow. 8. Remember the purpose. 9. Never underestimate the value of props. 10. Have everything you need on hand.
  8. 8. Additional Thoughts It’s important to make the ceremonies very special for the Cubs (and their parents). Some parts of the Ceremony may require the Cubmaster and the Scoutmaster, but try to involve the boy (and in the future, girl) Scouts. • The Cub Scouts really look up to the older youth • Adults see the future of their children Scouts can make there own arrows for the Arrow of Light Ceremony Crossover Bridge with points of the Scout Law –powerful You can use elements of the Native American Ceremony without Native American dress, or any reference to Native American terms. Make and “indoor campfire” using wood, lights, maybe dry ice. Other thoughts or suggestions?