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How to increase your business' online testimonials, reviews & sales


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A strategy to maximize your business' online testimonials and reviews that people search for online and which Google rewards you for with increased search ranking, leading to increased sales for you.

Get more online reviews & sales for your business with 5 Star. For more info or email at I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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How to increase your business' online testimonials, reviews & sales

  1. 1. Who Would YOU Choose?
  2. 2. Who Would YOU Choose? Likely the one with the most stars (i.e. reviews)
  3. 3. You’re Also Likely Part of This Trend 70% now research businesses online before buying, a continuing yearly upward trend Implication? The more positive online reviews you have, the more sales for your business 88% say they are influenced by online reviews in their buying decisions Source: Brightlocal Local Consumer Survey, April 2011 & Dynamic Research, April 2013
  4. 4. Trouble is it’s Hard to Get Positive Reviews in Practice People more likely to share negative reviews online than positive ones Only takes a few negative reviews online to sink your online reputation and sales That’s why you need a way to get as many positive reviews as possible to counter any negative ones. Source: Dynamic Research, April 2013
  5. 5. Ways to Get Many Positive Online Reviews Provide excellent customer service and specials List your business on as many social media, directories, & review sites as possible so people can review you Monitor your sites for negative reviews & follow up with ones you can convert into positive ones Make it easy for customers to leave you reviews on the above sites and on your website
  6. 6. Specific Ways to Achieve This List your business/create a page on key sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Hotfrog, etc. Have a feedback form & links to key sites on your website for customers to leave you reviews Place links to your feedback form & key sites on your marketing materials & get customers to visit these links to leave reviews (Note: achieving a 10%+ review rate is considered very good)
  7. 7. Specific Ways to Achieve This Use tools like Google Alerts, to monitor mentions/reviews of your business Ask customers after each sale to leave a review on your site or via your marketing materials Consider offering discounts on next purchase if customers show proof left you a review---good or bad---to maximize customers leaving you reviews (Note: achieving a 10%+ review rate is considered very good)
  8. 8. It automates getting more positive reviews & thus more sales for you! Our 5 Star “App” Solution
  9. 9. What is 5 Star? It’s also software for your website that enables customers to submit reviews onto your website It’s a website you login to manage your reviews (you do not have to have a website to use 5 Star) It collects customer emails & emails them asking for reviews for your website & online review sites Continued….
  10. 10. What is 5 Star? It tells you when you receive a bad review for you to follow up to convert into a good one It only “asks” happy customers to leave reviews on online review sites that you selected It creates a link to your feedback page. Add this link to your marketing materials for customers to later leave you reviews It’s feature rich, e.g. has a report feature, etc.
  11. 11. 5 Star is Easy to Use It’s customizable, can run automatically or manually Just point and click options, enter text to operate:
  12. 12. See how the following businesses use 5 Star to get more customer ratings, online reviews & sales, too…. 5 Star in Action
  13. 13. They offer incentives to get customer emails to maximize customer feedback & repeat business. 1. Uses 5 Star
  14. 14. - They enter emails & 5 Star emails customers asking for feedback. - TIP: Consider offering an incentive like 10% off next visit for good and bad feedback to maximize your customer feedback rate. Customer clicks to provide feedback
  15. 15. Customers Provide Feedback Screen
  16. 16. The Positive Feedback Thank You Page 5 Star prompts happy customers to leave reviews on online review sites like Google+, Yelp, Urban Spoon, etc. that you choose.
  17. 17. E.g. their 2014 Super Bowl party collected 217 emails to email future specials to & 10 testimonials for their site. Result? More testimonials & potential repeat business
  18. 18. 2. Uses 5 Star to Get a “Feed” of Customers Reviews on Their Site…
  19. 19. Result? KiteboardingCairns is #1 in Google with 5 Star’s Help! Popular local search term
  20. 20. Why? Local Search Ranking Factors Source: Importance of reviews
  21. 21. 5 Star Benefits For Your Business Catch Negative Reviews Get More Positive Reviews Capture & Publish Testimonials More Repeat Business and Referrals Better Search Rankings 85% of consumers say they read online reviews for local businesses & 79% trust online reviews, where there are 6-10+ reviews, as much as personal recommendations. Source: Brightlocal Local Consumer Survey 2013 (As shown in these business examples)
  22. 22. What Said About Having a Feed of Reviews on Their Site
  23. 23. Try 5 Star FREE For 40 Days ReviewAbility Or email at Support is included with 5 Star. Sign up at: online-reputation-marketing Pay a $30 Set Up Fee & get a FREE brand name tablet mailed to you set up to take your customers’ testimonials and reviews. After 40 days, pay $42 monthly per business or business location. Cancel anytime and keep the tablet, a $100+ value.
  24. 24. Thanks for Watching This Presentation! Phil Chow, Owner Box 413, 8060 Jones Rd Richmond, BC V6Y 4K5 Canada (604) 417-1020