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Extended Version: How to Increase Your Business' Online Testimonials, Positive Reviews & Sales


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A strategy to maximize your business' online testimonials and reviews that people search for online and which Google rewards you for with increased search ranking, leading to increased sales for you.

Get more online reviews & sales for your business with 5 Star. For more info or email at I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Extended Version: How to Increase Your Business' Online Testimonials, Positive Reviews & Sales

  1. 1. How to Get Chosen from the Crowd
  2. 2. The Problem with SEO It’s obvious that you need to be at the top of the Search Engines when people look for you Problem is, getting to the top isn’t easy these days and it’s not cheap either It’s Time To Stop Chasing Search Results...
  3. 3. The Problem with SEO But here’s the real problem, and what most marketing companies are not telling you: Being at the top is still not enough to guarantee leads and sales for your business.
  4. 4. Even If You’re At the Top of Search Engines, You’re Still Competing With the Other 10 There’s nothing that makes you standout & no reason for a customer to choose you over the other 10 The following slide illustrates the above point & shows the power of reviews…
  5. 5. So, Who Would YOUchoose? 1. 3. 2. 4. Based on 3 reviews Based on 12 reviews Based On 16 reviews Based On 24 reviews
  6. 6. 4. Based On 24 reviews Why? #4 has lots of positive reviews Potential customers tend to chose listings with lots of reviews (If #1 had few reviews, it might not even be chosen) You & Your Customers Are Likely Going to Shortlist at Least
  7. 7. What Customers Are Looking For They scan each listing for any reviews. They want to see what other people are saying on each listing They’re looking for what’s know as Social Signals: What other customers are saying about your business online …& #4 had most Social Signals out of the listed
  8. 8. The Power of Positive Reviews: A Study Showed… Over halfsurveyed say that positive online reviews make them more likely to choose a local business Do you have a minimum of 6-10 positive reviews to help a potential customer choose you? Source: BrightlocalLocal Consumer Survey, 2013 79% trust online reviews, where there are 6-10+ reviews, as much as personal recommendations
  9. 9. The Power of Reviews Also, the more reviews you have, the more likely your are to improve your overall search engine rankings… …all while increasing the chances of making the chances of making a sale
  10. 10. Why? Local Search Ranking Factors Source: Importance of reviews
  11. 11. Why do Search Engines Care About How Many ReviewsYou Have? They want to deliver the best results for users…So who do you think they’re going to favor... …a company with no reviews? ... Or a company with dozens of glowing ones?
  12. 12. Also, People Are Researching Businesses Online Before Buying 70% now research businesses online before buying Implication? The more positiveonline reviews you have, the more potential sales for your business 88% say they are influenced by online reviews in their buying decisions Source: BrightlocalLocal Consumer Survey, April 2011 & Dynamic Research, April 2013
  13. 13. More Reviews = More Money “ “ = $$$ Bad reviews cost you money A Harvard Business School study (Oct. 2011) found a one star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10% So it literally pays you to stay on top of all reviews that are posted about your business
  14. 14. As well, Smart Phone Users Are Looking For You While About 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local information 1/3 of all searches for a local business are now made on a mobile device Source: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Googeand Other Reported Studies
  15. 15. Aftera Search... 61%of mobile searchers call a business 59%visit the actual location 90%of these people take action within 24 hours! Source: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Googeand Other Reported Studies
  16. 16. Your Goal Then Is To… Get the best reviews you can And get as many reviews you can
  17. 17. Trouble is it’s Hard to Get Positive Reviews in Practice People more likely to post & share negative online reviews than positive ones Only takes a few negative reviews online to sink your online reputation and sales Source: Dynamic Research, April 2013
  18. 18. Best Ways to Deal With Negative ReviewsCatch them before they’re published & then convert them into positive ones Monitor for published ones, follow up with ones you can convert into positive ones
  19. 19. Best Ways to Deal With Negative Reviews Have ways to get as many positive reviews as possible to drown out the few negative ones you’re bound to get (can’t please everyone all the time!) Let some negative reviews get published! People doubt a business’ reviews authenticity if they’re all 5 stars.
  20. 20. Ways to Get Many Positive Online Reviews Provide excellent customer service and specials List your business on as many social media, directories, & review sites as possible so people can review you Monitor your sites for negative reviews & follow up with ones you can convert into positive ones Make it easy for customers to leave you reviews on the above sites and on your website
  21. 21. Specific Ways to Achieve This List your business/create a page on key sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Hotfrog, etc. Have a feedback form & links to key sites on your website for customers to leave you reviews Place links to your feedback form & key sites on your marketing materials & get customers to visit these links to leave reviews (Note: achieving a 10%+ review rate is considered very good)
  22. 22. Specific Ways to Achieve This Use tools like Google Alerts, to monitor mentions/reviews of your business Ask everycustomers after each sale to leave a review on your site or via your marketing materials Consider offering discounts on next purchase if customers show proof left you a review---good or bad---to maximize customers leaving you reviews (Note: achieving a 10%+ review rate is considered very good)
  23. 23. It automates getting more positivereviews & thus more sales for you! 5 Star “App” Solution
  24. 24. What is 5 Star? It’s also software for your website that enables customers to submit reviews onto your website It’s a website you login to manage your reviews (you do not have to have a website to use 5 Star) It collects customer emails & emails them asking for reviews for your website & online review sites Continued….
  25. 25. What is 5 Star? It tells you when you receive a bad review for you to follow up to convert into a good one It only “asks” happy customers to leave reviews on online review sites that you selected It creates a link to your feedback page. Add this link to your marketing materials for customers to later leave you reviews It’s feature rich, e.g. has a report feature, etc.
  26. 26. 5 Star is Easy to Use It’s customizable, can run automatically or manually Just point and click options, enter text to operate:
  27. 27. See how the following businesses use 5 Star to get more customer ratings, online reviews & sales, too…. 5 Star in Action
  28. 28. They offer incentives to get customer emails to maximize customer feedback & repeat business. 1. Uses 5 Star
  29. 29. -They enter emails & 5 Star emails customers asking for feedback. -TIP: Consider offering an incentive like 10% off next visit for good andbad feedback to maximize your customer feedback rate. Customerclicks to provide feedback
  30. 30. Customers Provide Feedback Screen
  31. 31. The PositiveFeedback Thank You Page 5 Star prompts happy customers to leave reviews on online review sites like Google+, Yelp, Urban Spoon, etc. that you choose.
  32. 32. E.g. their 2014 Super Bowl party collected 217 emails to email future specials to & 10 testimonials for their site. Result? More testimonials & potential repeat business
  33. 33. 2. Uses 5 Star to Get a “Feed” of Customers Reviews on Their Site…
  34. 34. Result? KiteboardingCairnsis #1in Google with 5 Star’s Help! Popular local search term
  35. 35. Why? Local Search Ranking Factors Source: Importance of reviews
  36. 36. 5 Star BenefitsYour Business CatchNegative Reviews Get More Positive Reviews Capture & Publish TestimonialsMore Repeat Business and Referrals Better Search Rankings 85%of consumerssay they read online reviews for local businesses & 79%trust online reviews, wherethere are 6-10+ reviews, as much as personalrecommendations. Source: BrightlocalLocal Consumer Survey 2013 (As shown inthese business examples)
  37. 37. What Said About Having a Feed of Reviews on Their Site
  38. 38. Thank You for Watching This Presentation
  39. 39. For Any Questions of This Presentation Please Contact: Box 413, 8060 Jones Rd Richmond,BC V6Y 4K5 Canada (604)417-1020 Copyright 2014,
  40. 40. The 5 Star “App” Solution To find out more go to:> 5 Star Presentation It takes the workout of getting more positivereviews for you! Try 5Star for free &enter your membership at signup & also get a free QR code that links & markets your new testimonial feedback page to your customers.