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Girls inc

  1. 1. 2011 Community, Leadership, Academic SuccessMeeting youth where theyre
  2. 2. Program ComponentsIntentional Programming: Every activity will focus on the girlsneeds with the intent of making a difference in girls lives.Compensatory programming: Programming will strive tocompensate for gender discrimination girls encounter in society,enabling them to overcome barriers to reaching their full potential Health and Wellness Academic Achievement Arts and Culture Service Learning Media Literacy MERIT Bringing in experts in the COMMUNITY to enrich you!
  3. 3. Health and WellnessNatural Beauty: cosmetics, hair, skin, hygiene, tips & tricks,nature appreciationInner Beauty: self esteem, self love, finding purpose andmeaningNutrition: nutritionist, cooking lessons, buy loco edu., farmersmarketsFitnss: palates/yoga, dance, rent a bike, chiropractic, work outtrainingPositive Energy: meditation, positive people, practiceaffirmations, inspiring books, uplifting music
  4. 4. Health and WellnessNatural Beauty: Rebecca kendziorskiInner Beauty:Nutrition:Fitness:Positive Energy:Womans Health: (love notes)
  5. 5. Academic AchievementDedicate beginning of programming day toacademicsAdhere to girls inc academic requirements or beplaced on probation (strict enforcement)Extra time with studies will be designated if deemednecessaryWork with University to help staff girls inc tutors/mentorsBe in constant communication with teachers, tutorsand parents
  6. 6. Arts & CultureStudents will create and engage in community and Individual events. Visual arts: Community Murals Culture: Appreciate and better understand diverse cultures Performing art: Talent show to raise money for Girls inc Film/ literature: book club, mini documentaries Design Art: Interior design, fashion, web, graphic Music: learn to appreciate different kinds of music
  7. 7. Service Learning Semester long community Service Project based off of “Do Something”` Turning Ideas into Action Measuring Your Impact Building a Website Branding and Marketing: Visual Storytelling: How to find your voice and tell your story Individual Donors: How to pitch your program and manage donor relationships action-project
  8. 8. Media Literacy Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms Girls inc. provides a curriculum for youth to become Media Literate!
  9. 9. Example IdeasHave beauty specialist come in and teach naturalbeauty tipsLearn proper etiquette and treat girls to a fancydinner where they practice what they havelearnedPick a cause –food drive/bake sale/ walkEnd of the year showcaseCommunity MuralTalent show
  10. 10. Mother Daughter GroupAt least 3 meetings a yearCreate bonding and relationship buildingworkshops and activities with moms anddaughters.GraduationAwardsFamily fun Mother daughter spa day
  11. 11. Daily Schedule (Snack)1. Energy centering activity: Group dynamics determine activity 1. Energizing Activates: Zip zap zop, human machine, jigalo 2. Girl talk: address any frustrations, concerns, burdens excitement ect in a safe environment 3. Philosophy circle: pick a topic like love or truth and discuss what that means2. Academics: Daily work with tutors, mentors and teen center staff3. Announcements: Share upcoming/ important information (Dinner) (Before session starts all electronics must be stored away)4. Topic for the day: (depends on the day)5. Clean up/ wrap up: Group cleans up TOGETHER & scores how day was ***This provides structure and consistency on a day to day basis
  12. 12. Structure Proposal *Everyday is academic achievement *Schedules made a month in advanced with flexibility* Each school aged group plans activities off guidelines below Middle School High School 12ht Grade 6th, 7th, 8th 9th, 10th, 11th “Myself”: who am I? My Contribution: Who I want to Giving Back: Bettering be! me!Self esteem/self love Positive decision Networking skills College 101 making Mock interviews Mentors Team building College advising Resume workshops Self discovery Entrepreneurship Higher Education Goals and dreams Goals and dreams Goals and dreams
  13. 13. Community Connections
  14. 14. Recruitment/ Retention Random checks at school Big deal birthdays Weekly reports by teachers Holiday celebrations Visible presence at schools Extra curricular activity support Word of mouth Weekend gatherings
  15. 15. Notable ChangesMiddle (6th, 7th, 8th) _Self discovery so that they careabout themselves enough to make positive decisionsin lifeHigh school (9th, 10th, 11th) _ Self development sothat they are able to be valued contributors of society12th grade will be working on applying to college,career development, and mentoring younger girlsGirls inc academic requirementsDaily structureYouth have major voice in their programmingProgramming more then 1x a week
  16. 16. Girls Inc!